I love free samples as much as the next person. But you know what I don’t like? Sifting through all the surveys and junk offers to get my freebies.

If you’re new to finding free stuff online, you’ll encounter spam in the form of junk offers. Here’s what you need to know to avoid it:

  • Never submit your card info. Junk offers will send you multiple samples to get you to pay for something.
  • Avoid questionable links. If the sample offer link redirects you to a sign-up page that’s not connected to a bigger website, it’s probably a junk offer.
  • Be careful with emails. Some free sample ops will land in your spam folder, which is expected. If an address or link looks suspicious, though, it’s best to just avoid it.

Ready to rack up on free stuff? Check out these sites to get free samples by mail (and be sure to download the KCL app to get the latest updates on free stuff!)


1. Get free samples organized by category from Free Stuff.

Free Stuff offers free samples by mail organized into categories like baby samples, beauty samples, cosmetic samples etc.

To avoid surveys, look at the participation requirements under the sample before you spend time chasing it down. If you see “…can include taking surveys” or “purchasing products” in the details, then just skip it.


2. Order straight-forward samples from I Love Free Things.

I Love Free Things has been featured by Fox and ABC TV and has been called “the link between companies and consumers.”

What I like about ILFT’s site is that they regularly update samples so you don’t waste time signing up for expired deals. Be sure to check the comments section, too; their community will tell you what’s really free and what’s not.

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3. Take advantage of a monthly box of free samples from PINCHme.

PINCHme requires you to fill out a questionnaire before you can get access to free samples. Don’t skip this one! The questionnaire is a one-time requirement that works as a filter so you only see samples that interest you.

After completing your profile, pick the free samples you want to receive, and — after 4-5 weeks shipping time — enjoy the benefits in a box chock-full of freebies!

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4. Get free samples and free stuff with My Free Product Samples.

My Free Product Samples connects you with fresh, free samples with no strings attached. Not all the samples are by mail, but it does a good job of showing you absolutely free stuff, which we all can appreciate.

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5. Sign up for The Republic of Tea’s newsletter and catalogue for free tea.

I signed up for The Republic of Tea’s free newsletter and catalogue subscription and got a free Honeybush Vanilla Turmeric Super Digest Organic Tea sample a week later.


6. Find free samples through social media with Free Stuff Times.

The Free Stuff Times is easy to navigate and comes equipped with social media options so you can check for deals on the go.

You can also shop for free movie screening tickets, books, music, coupons that make purchases free, contests and other free samples.

I just ordered a free 2-year subscription to SHAPE magazine, a $20 value, just by signing up with my email.

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7. Join SampleThat for more free stuff online.

SampleThat has tons of free samples by mail that you can take advantage of. I ordered my Breathe Right Nasal Strips and got them delivered a few weeks later.



Free samples by snail mail I’m still waiting for…

…but I will let you know when I get them and update this post!

8. TrySpree.com

TrySpree is super easy to use. Just click “Tryspree it!” on the free samples you want to try and it will send it to the shipping address saved in your profile.

Some offers require you to visit the sampler site, which is how I ordered a free Emergen-C sample pack (I’m still waiting on this one to arrive!).

9. Freeflys

Freeflys has been featured on the Today show, The Doctors and Fox News. You can browse deals or subscribe to receive daily email alerts when new freebies are posted. You can even search for the exact freebie you want.

I just signed up for some free Zignature dog food samples, but will let you know when they arrive!

10. HomeTesterClub

Home Tester Club lets you try free samples delivered to your door (no shipping) in exchange for an honest review later. The goal is to help other shoppers shop smarter, which KCL can get behind!

I just signed up and am waiting to be contacted for a review, but I’ll let you know what products I get to try as they arrive!

11. MySavings.com

MySavings.com shows you time-sensitive freebies. You can sign up for their free samples and coupons newsletter, but skimming their homepage for one-off freebies is also a great idea.

I recently ordered a free Koia drink and can’t wait to try it!

12. Social Media Groups

I joined Best FREE Samples and Freebies on FB and found a sign up sheet for free Stila Stay mascara seconds later. Still waiting for my free makeup, though.

13. Daily Sample

Daily Sample to try out new products delivered to your door. I signed up for a free sample of apple chips from Appleseed Food. Still waiting for this one to come in.


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