Want to get even more Bath & Body Works sale prices? I get up to 75% off retail price on candles, shower gel, hand soap and more — and I’m going to teach you how to do the same.

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1. Get $9.95 candles during Bath & Body Works’ candles sale (Candle Day) in December.

The Bath & Body Works Candle Sale happens every year in early December. It used to be one-day only but in 2020, the sale was one day online and three days in stores.

During the Candle Sale, three-wick candles are marked down to $9.50 (reg. $24.50). If you’re shopping candles online, use a code like CANDLEDAY to get the lowest price. (You’ll pay for shipping.)


2. Use expired coupons at Bath & Body Works for up to three days after the expiration date.

All coupons come with a three-day grace period. This means you can use them in stores for up to three days after they expire — based on your store manager’s discretion (you won’t find this sweet coupon hack in Bath & Body Works’ coupon policy.

Sometimes coupons you receive in the mail won’t be valid until a certain date. But you can use them up to three days before the “start date” of the coupon, too.

Also, be sure to bookmark KCL’s Bath & Body Works coupons page to find great deals on all your favorite Bath & Body Works products.


3. Use Bath & Body Works coupons on sale items to get the deepest discounts.

Always use a coupon when you see a Bath & Body Works sale!

Here are a few rules for using coupons at Bath & Body Works in order to get massive savings:

  • Sign up for Bath & Body Works emails and you’ll receive a couple new coupons every month.
  • Percent-off coupons like “20% off your purchase,” “Free-Item-With-Purchase,” or dollar-discount coupons like “$10 off a $40 purchase” are the main types of coupons you’ll see.
  • You cannot “stack” coupons together in a single transaction. “Stacking” is a term we use for combining multiple coupons together with sales in order to get an even bigger discount.
  • To make it slightly more confusing, Bath & Body Works will actually break their own rule and allow coupon stacking in two different situations. Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about those two exceptions, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to stack coupons!

Check out these deal examples — get these prices by taking advantage of Bath & Body Works sales and email coupons (a 20% off coupon in this example):

4. Go ahead and stack Bath & Body Works coupons on top of Black Friday sale prices.

Black Friday is one exception to the “no stacking coupons” rule at Bath & Body Works.

For Bath & Body Works Black Friday, not only can you use coupons, but you can stack one of each type of coupon in a single transaction! Here’s the order the cashier will use to apply your discounts:

  • $ off ($10 off your $40 purchase)
  • Free stuff (Free item with a $10 purchase)
  • % off (20% off your entire purchase)

PRO TIP: On Black Friday at Bath & Body Works, they usually give out a “Black Friday tote,” but in 2020, they changed it up with the “Exclusive Black Friday Box,” which included three scents, two candles, hand soap, lotion and more. Look for a similar deal for Black Friday 2021!


5. Get on the snail mail list for even more Bath & Body Works coupons.

The second exception to Bath & Body Works coupon policy which doesn’t allow coupon stacking is physical snail-mail coupons, attached to each other by a perforated line (pictured above). You can use these together in a single transaction as long as they’re valid during the same time frame.

Call customer service (800) 756-5005 and ask them to add you to the mailing list. It generally takes 60-90 days to get your first snail-mail coupons, but if you can channel all the patience, it’ll be worth it. (And check out KCL’s freebie deals while you’re waiting.)



6. Take advantage of Bath & Body Works’ free shipping trick when you shop online.

You’ll always run up against a flat-rate shipping fee of $5.99 when you spend $10 or more at Bath & Body Works online. But check this out: if you spend less than $10, it’s $9.99 for shipping! So if you must shop online, spend more than $10 or they tack an extra $4 on.

But Bath & Body Works offers a free shipping trick you can use if you absolutely must shop online. A few times a month, you’ll get an email with a Bath & Body Works free shipping promo code. It’s usually “Free Shipping on orders over $25” (or $30). That’s when you should shop online.

The catch here is that you can’t use other coupon codes along with the free shipping promo when you’re shopping BathandBodyWorks.com. This means no coupon savings if you want free shipping — it’s one or the other. This is why you’ll save more money if you shop in stores.

If only there was such a thing as Bath & Body Works free in-store pickup, right? Are you listening, Bath & Body Works gods?


7. Watch for coupons for a free gift, no strings attached.

When you’re on the snail-mail list, sometimes you’ll get coupons for a free item with no purchase necessary (usually up to $14 in value).

Due to the pandemic, you can still snag these puppies online. For example, Bath & Body Works’ Free Gift coupon in August 2020 came in the form of the promo code: HARVEST, which you could apply after adding any merchandise to your cart and get a free gift automatically added to your purchase.

Read coupons closely, though, because some free gift coupons will require a $10 purchase.


8. Exchange new or used items for a different scent.

As long as there’s at least half of the product in the container, you can exchange it for a different scent.

According to Bath & Body Works’ Return Policy, you don’t need a receipt because Bath & Body Works has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — they want you to be happy with your item.

If you are trying to exchange a scent Bath & Body Works doesn’t have in stock anymore, they’ll give you a markdown price as a store credit (for example, 75% off the regular price).

PRO TIP: You can even do this with the scents in your Black Friday tote!


9. It’s free to exchange broken Wallflower plug-ins for new ones.

I had my Wallflower plug-ins for about four years before they stopped diffusing the oil.

Then I found out I can bring my burned-out Wallflower plug back to the store and exchange it for a new one anytime for free. No strings attached. They’ll give you a new one from the basic line — it may not be as fancy as your original plug, but it’s free.

Some people say Bath & Body Works only does this for up to six months after you buy a Wallflower plug. But this hasn’t been my experience. If your store manager won’t allow you to exchange your Wallflower plug, just call Customer Service at (800) 756-5005, and they’ll do the exchange over the phone and ship you a new one.


10. The best time to shop is during the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale.

Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale runs every winter and spring, usually June and December.

Plan to save up to 75% during the Semi-Annual Sale — you might be able to save even more than that if you find a clearance price and you have a coupon.

Also, Bath & Body Works doesn’t do traditional seasonal clearance markdowns. Instead of trying to offload seasonal items at the end of a season, they box up whatever inventory is left in the store and put it in the back room the day after the season ends. When the Semi-Annual Sale starts, employees roll out that box of sweater-weather scented candles, hand soaps, and wallflower refills they have on hand. These random odds and ends will be marked down to 75% off. First come, first served.



11. Shop the Semi-Annual Sale up to two weeks before it happens.

Bath & Body Works offers a 14-day price adjustment period.This means if you buy something at regular price and later return to the store with your receipt within that time frame, you can ask for the sale price and the store will give you the difference between the sale price and what you paid.

Use this tip to get the best selection before the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale begins and inventory gets low!

Once you find out Semi-Annual sale dates (because you’re on the Bath & Body Works email list), time it so you’re no more than 14 days ahead of the sale and then go hog wild.


12. Create your own sale on rarely-discounted Aromatherapy.

Bath & Body Works sales rarely include Aromatherapy, making it one of the worst things to buy at Bath & Body Works. Unless you know these tricks to save on Aromatherapy:

  • Use “free item” coupons like “Free Gift (up to $14 value)” or “Free with a $10 purchase” coupons and grab an Aromatherapy item as your freebie
  • Stack multiple coupons for a single Aromatherapy product on Black Friday
  • Spend your My Bath & Body Works $16.50 reward on Aromatherapy (The Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub is exactly $16.50, giving you the best value out of your reward)

However, you can also find Aromatherapy items for less than $16 — just scroll through the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy and Essential Oils page to see the goods yourself!


13. Learn the secret language of product expiration dates.

Unopened lotions, washes, candles, and such have a three-year shelf life.

Beyond that point, I toss items that contain rice or milk. Of course, it’s up to your own discretion.

How do you know when your item’s three-year life is over?

Like most places, Bath & Body Works prints their manufacturing dates in code, but with a little know-how, you can learn to decipher them.

First, find the date. It’s usually printed directly on the bottle or crimped end of tubes. Sometimes you have to peel price tags away to see it. On candles it may be printed directly on the label.

Once you find the printed number, you only need to look at the first four digits to find the manufacturing date. Look:

  • First digit: Year (9 = 2019)
  • Next three digits: Day (308 = 308th day of the year)

Take the manufacturing date and add three years to get the approximate expiration date.


14. Download the KCL app to find out about Bath & Body Works sales.

When you download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app, we’ll tell you when to shop Bath & Body Works to get the most bang for your buck.

Inside the app, select Bath & Body Works as one of your favorite stores, and you’ll see all Bath & Body Works deals in your feed.

Plus you can set deal alerts and we’ll send you push notifications only when we see the best of the best deals. I’m talking prices so low, you should consider buying a three- to six-month supply to last you until you see another deal like it. We call that a “stock-up price.”


15. Memorize Bath & Body Works’ stock-up prices.

If you stock up when you can use a coupon on Bath & Body Works sale prices, you’ll never get caught candle-less or without Wallflowers again.

I routinely buy a six-month supply of Bath & Body Works products when I can get these prices:

  • Hand soap: $2.50 or less
  • Body lotion: $3.00 or less
  • Shower gel: $5.00 or less
  • Wallflowers: $3.00 or less
  • Candles: $8.95 or less



16. The more you shop Bath & Body Works, the better your coupons get.

Bath & Body Works tracks your shopping habits in their system and offers rewards in the form of better coupons, unique to you.

For example, here are two mailers from the same time period: the one on the left has better coupons because the recipient shops Bath & Body Works at least twice a year. The recipient whose coupons are on the right doesn’t shop Bath & Body Works that often, and her coupons aren’t as good (or as many!).

Plus, if you’re a frequent shopper and you tend to buy body care, you’ll get more coupons for lotion and shower gel. If you tend to buy home fragrance, you’ll get more coupons for Wallflower refills and candles.

Make sure you’re giving the cashier your phone number every time you shop, or sign in if you’re buying online so you get credit for the money you spend.


17. Sign up for My Bath & Body Works loyalty program to save up to 22%.

Yes, you read that correctly — 22% savings! — which is unheard of for a store loyalty program. Plus, you should get a 10% welcome coupon for joining and a free birthday gift, too

The Bath & Body Works rewards program is technically only available in California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia, but for the most part, anyone can join and earn points now. (But, you CAN trick the rewards signup into giving you a Bath & Body Works coupon even if you don’t live in an eligible area.)

PRO TIP: Rewards members get early access to Candle Day every year — 24 hours earlier than everyone else when you shop online!


18. Buy discounted Bath & Body Works gift cards from Raise.com.

You’ll save an average of 4% when you buy a discounted Bath & Body Works gift card through Raise.com.

Wait until after Christmas to look for a gift card and you might save even more. This time of year is when many people offload the unwanted cards they got for Christmas. The timing is perfect because you can turn around and use your discounted gift card during the Semi-Annual Sale.

PRO TIP: If you strike out on a high-value gift card, use Ibotta to check out and you can save 5%. It’s called Pay with Ibotta, and it’s linked to your debit or credit card.


19. You can use your Victoria’s Secret Angel Card at Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are owned by the same company, L Brands.

While you can use your Angel credit card at Bath & Body Works, you don’t earn Angel points. And you can’t use Victoria’s Secret gift cards at Bath & Body Works.

PRO TIP: If you work at Bath & Body Works, you’ll get an employee discount — 20% off for newbies, 30% off for part-timers after two months, and 40% off for full-time employees after two months. Your discount is only good on regular-priced items and it works at Victoria’s Secret, too.



20. Wrap your own gifts for free in store.

Giving your BFF her favorite Bath & Body Works candle? Grab a free cellophane bag and ribbon to wrap it up before you leave the store.

Heck, you could sit in the store and create your own gift sets right after you purchase lotion, candles, body wash, and hand soap for 75% off during the Semi-Annual Sale!

The cellophane bag and ribbon are also available online, but it costs $1. (Also, if you don’t have a gift-wrapping station in your store, just ask an associate for a cellophane bag and ribbon!)


21. Find retired Bath & Body Works fragrances online.

Missing Cucumber Melon or Almond Blossom? You can still get them and more online!

Bath & Body Works has a little corner of their website dedicated to the oldies but goodies. Just search for Bath & Body Works retired fragrances and you’ll find the scents you’re craving.

Also, Bath & Body Works has been known to bring back some retired scents during Semi-Annual sales.


22. Bath & Body Works won’t price match with their online site.

In fact, sometimes when there’s a Bath & Body Works sale online, that sale price won’t be available in store at all. But that’s ok, because if you shop online, you gotta pay for shipping or use a promo code, and can’t use any other promo codes. One more reason why it’s better to shop in store.

So, for this reason you need to download the KCL app to keep a pulse on all Bath & Body Works deals!

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