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Bath & Body Works’ Black Friday sale is a good sale that can be a great sale, if you shop it the right way. Black Friday is the first of three major Bath & Body Works’ winter sales including Candle Day and the Semi-Annual Sale.

Here’s how to take Bath & Body Works’ Black Friday from drab to fab: get your hands on a stackable coupon, or pick up a limited-edition Black Friday Box set. If you’re into the sound of either or both, read on. I’ll break it all down.


1. Bath & Body Works’ Black Friday sale is buy 3, get 3 free in store and online.

Every year, Black Friday at Bath & Body Works is the same: Buy 3, Get 3 free on everything in the store.

Bath & Body Works runs this Buy 3, Get 3 free sale five or six times a year, so Black Friday might not jump out as being very exciting. A few things to keep in mind though: during other BOGO sales, often only select categories are included. The Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale is unique in that nothing is excluded, not even the hardware like candleholders and such. It can be a good time to save on items that don’t usually go on sale.

But there are ways to boost your savings up above 50% during Black Friday, and that’s really what we’re here to talk about.


2. The 2021 Black Friday sale starts the Monday before Thanksgiving in store.

Two thousand twenty was the first year Bath & Body Works started their Black Friday sales before Thanksgiving day, exclusively in store. The Buy 3, Get 3 sale went live on Monday.

When it comes to early Black Friday starts, Bath & Body Works was actually late to the game. Most of the big retailers have moved to a Sunday start to Black Friday week in 2019.

So when does Bath & Body Works Black Friday start this year?

As we predicted, the Bath & Body Works’ Black Friday sale began on Monday, November 22, 2021.

For the first time, in 2021 the sale began in-store and online.

One important note is that gift boxes don’t become available in all stores until the day before Thanksgiving, so Monday and Tuesday shoppers missed the best part of the Black Friday sale.



3. The online Black Friday sale began on Monday as well.

In the past, the online sale has lagged behind in stores. But this year, the sale dropped both in-store and online. Now, I never get too excited about online sales because of the lack of Bath & Body Works free shipping. Even on Black Friday, customers must pay $5.99 shipping, no matter how large the order.

The only work-around is buying online and picking up in store. Bath & Body Works store pickup is only available at select locations. If you have a participating store in your area, you’re in luck.

After your purchase, you’ll have two days to pick up your order. That means you can shop online Thursday and not go into the store until Saturday. Just keep in mind, the only items available for pickup are those that are in stock. There is no ship-to-store option.

Black Friday Flash Sales
The best part of online Black Friday shopping at BathandBodyWorks.com happens Thursday morning, when the retailer holds an online-only flash sale with items priced at $3.25. The flash sale only lasts a few hours (ended at noon EST last year), so make sure to start Thanksgiving with a quick check-in at KCL.


4. Bath & Body Works Black Friday Hours

Store hours can vary by location, so always check before you go in to shop, but here is what you can likely expect.

Stores will open with Black Friday deals at 9 a.m. on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

On Black Friday, Bath & Body Works stores will open at 6 a.m.


5. Historically, Bath & Body Works Black Friday totes get all the hype.

It’s madness. As I type, there are 2017 Bath & Body Works totes going for $20 on eBay when they didn’t even cost that four years ago. I cannot make sense of the hysteria around the tote bag itself, but suffice it to say, people love them.

I can, however, make a case for the value of what’s inside.

The limited-edition tote packs over $100 in merchandise and used to sell for $30. That’s 70% savings, and now I’m excited. The only catch was, you had to spend $30 in order to buy the bag. Now the numbers are $40 cost requiring a $40 spend. Here’s an example of how it might go:

  • Buy 6 items that cost $13.50 each and your subtotal will be $40.50 after the Buy 3 Get 3 sale.
  • Buy 1 box worth $110+ for only $40

You’ll walk out of the store having paid $80 for $190 of stuff — 58% total savings

I’m here for that.


6. Beginning in 2020, the tote was replaced by Bath & Body Works’ Black Friday Box.

And no, it was not a fancy reusable box. While it was certainly pretty enough to put under the Christmas tree, in no way was it an equal value with the former years’ totes. You can’t flip this box on eBay in a few years to get your money back.

Still, last year’s box contained eight products worth over $100 in value and the 2021 box has nine items worth even more.



7. Bath & Body Works’ 2021 Black Friday Box has 9 items worth over $105.

The best part of the Black Friday sale at Bath & Body Works is the gift box worth over $100. Here’s what was just announced will be in this year’s box:

Pure Wonder shower gel, 10 oz $15.50, reg price
Pure Wonder body lotion, 8 oz $15.50, reg price
Pure Wonder body mist, 8 oz $17.50, reg price
Tis the Season foaming hand soap, 8.75 oz $7.50, reg price
The Perfect Christmas 3-wick candle $25.50, reg price
Merry Cookie Shea Butter Hand Cream, 1 oz $7.50, reg price
Merry Cookie single-wick candle $14.50, reg price
Merry Cookie Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer $1.95, reg price
Shea-infused lounge socks

That’s a subtotal of $105.45 in retail value, plus the exclusive cozy socks.


8. The Black Friday Box costs $40 this year — a $10 price hike.

Since 2017, customers could get the Bath & Body Works Black Friday tote/box for $30 after a $30 spend — so $60 total out of pocket.

This year, the box is going to cost $40 and require a $40 purchase. That’s a big price jump from last year (33%!), likely related to the rise in manufacturing costs. This isn’t the first sign of the times. The average cost of handsoaps during 2021 sales has risen from $2.75 to $3.25, an 18% increase over 2020. That’s just one example of many key items being more expensive this year.


9. If you don’t like the scents in your tote, exchange them for ones you do.

Don’t forget that you can exchange the fragrances from the limited-edition tote/box for ANY OTHER scent in the store.

Bath & Body Works’ return policy is the actual best. You can always bring any item back for any reason without proof of purchase. That means even if you burn your holiday candle before deciding you don’t love it, you can swap it out for a new one. More on the return policy tips and tricks in our Bath & Body Works Sale Hacks.

Some shoppers even report their store associates will allow them to swap out items in the tote/box AT TIME OF PURCHASE. While that’s certainly not a company policy, and on a busy shopping day seems a bit of a long shot, it’s always worth asking. If not, no sweat. Come back literally anytime.


10. And bring your coupons to the Black Friday sale.

Bath & Body Works coupons don’t have any blackout dates, so if you’ve got a valid coupon, you can use it on Black Friday.

  • To get coupons in the mail, fill out this form online and select topic “mailing address add/update” to begin receiving coupons.
  • This year’s Bath & Body works holiday coupons have a $10 off $40 purchase coupon that will stack with any day of the Black Friday sale
  • Based on the past few years, digital coupons or promo codes are not likely to be available during the Black Friday sale.
  • Another good bet for a coupon code on Black Friday is the $10 off $30 coupon you can get for joining My Bath & Body Works Rewards.

The Bath & Body Works Rewards program is available only in select areas. If you’re eligible to join, (or if you simply alter your zip code to one from the participating list), you’ll receive a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. The coupon code is valid in stores and online for those in participating areas. For the rest of us, it’s only valid online.

Because of the 30-day from sign-up expiration date, don’t take the steps to get this coupon until the week before Black Friday. If you already have an account, sign up your partner or your mom or the mail carrier or anyone willing to share that code with you once they receive it.


11. Get text reminders from KCL for every Bath & Body Works sale.

If you want in on our free Bath & Body Works alerts, text “BBW” to +1 (208) 266-4466 and be the first to know about the hottest deals each day, like reminders of the Bath & Body Works Black Friday Sale and more.


12. Download the KCL app for Bath & Body Works deals and sale reminders.

Be sure to download the KCL app for the latest Bath & Body Works coupons and deals. You can also visit the KCL Bath & Body Works coupons & deals page on your phone or desktop.



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