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Expecting? Or already have a new baby at home? You’ll probably start needing some baby freebies and baby coupons ASAP.

I’ve spent the last few weeks researching all the best online baby freebies and comparing them with this handy newborn checklist. It includes finding the best baby deals, diaper coupons, and baby wipe coupons. Plus I’ve sifted through all the “free” offers that aren’t actually free after you factor in shipping costs. This helps you have no out-of-pocket costs at all.

You can get most of this free baby stuff by mail and delivered right to you. However, for some, I had to go into a store or arrange for curbside pickup. Here’s the full report on what’s actually free, and what’s pretending to be free but is still worth the hassle. I’ve marked the best baby freebies with three golden ⭐s so you can scan the list quickly if you like.

Download the KCL app for more ways to save, and then check out this baby freebies list — I’ll start with my favorites:


1. Sign up with Enfamil to get baby freebies including formula, discounts, and coupons worth up to $400. ⭐⭐⭐

The Wonder Box, enfamil formula baby sample freebie box, sitting on a counter next to its contents.

I signed up online for a free program called Enfamil Family Beginnings. This got me over $50 in free baby formula, baby freebies, and coupons shipped to my house — for free! To sign up, just go to their homepage, click “Join Enfamil Family Beginnings” at the top, and you’re set.

What you get may vary depending on their supply, but here’s exactly what I got in my Enfamil Family Beginnings kit:

  • 2 2-oz bottles of Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula (reg. $2.66)
  • 10-oz can of Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Infant Formula milk powder (reg. $12.10)
  • 10-oz can of Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive Infant Formula milk powder (reg. $14.74)
  • 10-oz tub of Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula milk powder (reg. $11.70)
  • $80 in Enfamil coupons
  • One bottle nipple (reg. $3.98)
Shipping: Free
$48 value!

2. Grab a free sample of Enfamil’s Enfagrow Toddler Nutritional Drink. ⭐⭐

A person holding up a container of Enfagrow toddler nutritional drink in a kitchen.

After signing up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings program on their website, I clicked on the “Offers & Savings” tab. Then I clicked on “Enfagrow Free Sample,” and got a free sample packet of Enfagrow Toddler Nutritional Drink Formula.


3. Get a free gift worth over $52 with Similac Rewards. ⭐⭐⭐

A woman standing in a kitchen, holding products above a Little Gift Similac formula box.

For more goodies, I joined a free program called Similac Rewards (it used to be called Similac StrongMoms Rewards). Through this I received the following as my welcome gift:

  • 4 bottles of 2-oz Similac Pro-Sensitive infant formula (reg. $5.97)
  • 7.5-oz container of Similac Pro-Total Comfort infant formula (reg. $9.68)
  • 7.5-oz container of Similac Pro-Sensitive infant formula (reg. $9.68)
  • 4 6-oz tubes of Similac Pro-Advance infant formula (reg. $18)
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste sample
  • One slow-flow bottle nipple (reg. $3.98)
  • Similac $5 off coupons
  • Bonus coupon book

To join, head to the Similac website and click “Sign Up.” It’s super simple!

Please note, the contents of the welcome gift could be anything, especially if supplies are limited. Three of the ladies at my office joined, and we all got something a little different. For example, $10 in Similac checks redeemable for products in any store, instead of free samples.

Join for free gift! Plus, get score coupons and more!

4. Start a Target Baby Registry and get a $100 welcome kit. ⭐⭐⭐

a target baby registry welcome bag with the contents layed out on a counter

I created a Target baby registry online and got a free welcome kit! Just set up a quick registry using an email address and the baby’s due date. Here’s a peek at some of the goodies we’ve seen in these bags:

  • 10 WaterWipes baby wipes sample (reg. $1.06)
  • 1.7-oz bottle of Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo
  • 0.68-oz bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks
  • 1-ct pack of Boogie Wipes
  • One Honest Diaper
  • Philips Avent baby bottle
  • One single-use Dreft Stage 1: Newborn detergent
  • Pacifier
  • Lansinoh breastfeeding samples

I got even more stuff than I mention in the list, like Aquaphor and Johnson’s samples! This Target baby bag is definitely worth your time.

To get your baby freebies, print off the welcome kit barcode and show it to customer service on your next visit to Target.

Call ahead to make sure your freebies are in stock (welcome kits and contents are subject to store availability) and enjoy your free Target welcome kit!

In-Store or ONLINE Deal
Must pickup in-store
Pickup: Free
over $100 value!

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5. Get your Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box for free after signing up. ⭐⭐⭐

Baby products laid out with an Amazon baby registry free welcome bag.

This is another baby registry incentive, like Target’s above. To get your Amazon baby freebies, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Create an Amazon Baby Registry online
  2. Complete the registry checklist recommended by Amazon
  3. Be a Prime member, or sign up for your free 30-day Prime membership
  4. Purchase a registry item from your list for $10+
  5. Claim your free baby Welcome Box!

Important: The price for the box will be listed as $35. But once you add it to your cart, and your other items have shipped, you’ll see a little box for a $35 credit to click, making it free at checkout.

You’ll also receive a coupon worth 15% off any one order of items from your registry. View step-by-step instructions on how to get your Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box of freebies.

Here’s what I got inside:

  • 30-diaper-count Munchkin Disposable Portable Diaper Pail (reg. $3.49)
  • Pampers Changing Pad (reg. $6)
  • Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket (reg. $9.59)
  • Single-use Dreft 1 Stage 1: Newborn detergent
  • One 3-6 months Amazon Essentials Onesie (reg. $3)
  • 10-ct pack of Seventh Generation Wipes (reg. $0.97)
  • 1-oz bottle of Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (reg. $1.50)
  • 4-oz Phillips/Avent Natural baby bottle (reg. $4.14)


6. Sign up for a free Walmart Baby Registry Box. ⭐⭐⭐

An open Walmart Registry baby welcome box with baby products inside and on the table next to it.

Start a registry online at Walmart and you can get their Walmart Baby Registry Box for free — no strings attached. Here’s what to do:

  1. Create a Walmart baby registry.
  2. Fill out the prompts with the chatbot (arrival date, gender, etc.).
  3. Copy your registry page URL (Look for “[Your Name’s] Registry” and “X days to arrival” on the page).
  4. Go back to the Baby Registry homepage, scroll down, and click on “Free Welcome Box.”
  5. Fill out the form and paste the registry page URL into the top box.

Here’s a look at what came in my box:

  • 1.78-oz packet of All Stainlifters detergent (reg. $0.22)
  • 1.7-oz bottle of Johnson’s Cotton Touch Newborn Lotion (reg. $5.99)
  • 0.85-oz bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (reg. $0.21)
  • 10 WaterWipes baby wipes sample (reg. $1.06)
  • Pampers Swaddlers diaper (reg. $0.29)
  • 3-ct Huggies Special Delivery diapers (reg. $0.99)
  • 4-oz Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic baby bottle (reg. $3.75)
  • 0-12-month Milestone Photo Prop Baby Cards (reg. $9.99)
  • MAM Pacifier (reg. $3.40)

That’s it. You don’t have to purchase anything at all — just wait for your free baby welcome box to arrive.


7. Order a “free” baby car seat cover from Canopy Couture. ⭐⭐

A woman sitting on a sofa with a carseat in front of her covered in a car seat canopy.

While this one has a shipping cost, it’s too cute and practical to pass up. I used coupon code FREECANOPY1 at CarseatCanopy.com and got a $49.95 car seat cover for free! The catch? I had to pay $14.97 in shipping.

Obviously, the shipping is high, no doubt to make up for the “free” product. But, in the end, $14.97 is cheaper than any other car seat cover I’ve seen, and the quality of this cover is excellent.

Use promo code FREECANOPY1
Shipping: $14.97

8. Score two free onesies from Custom Snappies for free. ⭐⭐

Two onesies, one with "baby smith" on it. The other with a gaming system controller and words, "future gaming buddy

Custom Snappies lets you customize your baby onesies, and they’re pretty cute to boot. You can choose your own graphic and text at no additional cost. Each onesie normally goes for $24.95. But if you use the code BATHANKS17 at checkout, you can get $49.90 off your order, which takes your total down to $0.98 to cover shipping protection (in case your item gets lost).

The downside is you have to pay a $14.98 shipping fee, but that’s still only $14.98 for two custom onesies.

Use promo code BATHANKS17
Shipping: $14.98

9. Download free Kindle children’s books for your child. ⭐⭐⭐

A small boy sitting with a woman on a sofa, looking at a tablet displaying free Amazon Kindle books for kids.

I bookmarked the landing page for free Kindle edition children’s books from Amazon. You have to have a Prime membership for this perk.

I’ve downloaded dozens of books, many of which are appropriate read-aloud books for toddlers. You can shop the best-selling kids’ eBooks and sort by categories like Animals, History, Sports & Outdoors, Early Learning, and Action & Adventure.

$4.99 $23.98 (79% Off)
After trial offer the monthly price reverts to $11.99/month.

10. Get a quality nursing cover “free” at Udder Cover. ⭐⭐

A person holding a nursing cover and card from Udder Covers.

I bought a 100% cotton nursing cover from UdderCover.com. The retail price is $34.95, but I used coupon code FREEUCOVER1 to drop the price to $0.98 for shipping protection (in case your item gets lost).

This one isn’t completely free, as there is a $14.97 shipping cost. Each cover features a rigid neckline bow that allows you to make direct eye contact with your baby while providing maximum coverage.

Use promo code FREEUCOVER1
Shipping: $14.97


11. Get free Amazon gift cards, Pampers coupons, and photo prints from Pampers Rewards. ⭐

A person sitting at a table on their laptop, looking at the code on a package of Pampers wipes to enter into the Pampers website.

I’ve long been a member of Pampers Club, which you can sign up for online or by downloading the Pampers Club app (iOS / Android). Every few months, I dutifully enter codes from my diaper and baby wipes to earn Pampers Cash, coupons, Amazon gift cards, and photo cards.

I’ve found the easiest way to do this is by taking a pic of the code on each package before I toss it in the recycle bin.

Then, every few months, I scroll through my photostream and upload my codes

After my first three scans, I got a $5 Pampers coupon.

Join for coupons, rewards, and more!

12. Order “free” nursing pads from BreastPads.com. ⭐

A person holding a Breast Pad above three more Breast pads in their packaging on a wooden table.

I got 20 free reusable cotton breast pads from BreastPads.com. After adding five sets with four pads each (reg. $7 each) to my cart, I used code 10FORFREE to drop the price to $0.98 for shipping protection (in case your item gets damaged or lost).

But, like with all of the other “free” offers, I had to pay a whopping $14.96 for shipping. Even with the shipping cost, you get 20 pads for just $1.75 each. Quality was fine, but the price didn’t feel like a red hot deal.

Use promo code 10FORFREE
Shipping: $14.96

13. Get five “free” pairs of Baby Leggings. ⭐⭐

A toddler girl wearing white and black baby leggings while sitting on some pavement outside.

I got five sets of BabyLeggings for free plus $14.72 shipping using the code GIVEME5FREE at checkout. It dropped the $50 total to $0.98 for shipping protection (in case your item gets lost or damaged). That’s like paying $2.94 per pair, which feels like an okay price, but not a screaming deal. However, these are pretty darn cute.

Use promo code GIVEME5FREE
Shipping: $14.72


14. Get a “free” nursing pillow from NursingPillow.com. ⭐

A woman in sweatpants holding up a lime green nursing pillow.

This feels like a necessity so I ordered a free nursing pillow with the code GIVEME1FREE at NursingPillow.com. These handy pillows are valued as low as $39.95 and the promo code will offer you a $40 savings towards any pillow of your choice. I just paid the difference plus the $14.97 shipping fee.

The verdict: I did not care for this pillow. It is far too soft to give the right support for a nursing baby. I actually didn’t think it was worth the $14.97 shipping price.

Use promo code GIVEME1FREE
Shipping: $14.97

15. Get a free pregnancy sample box from Hey, Milestone. ⭐⭐⭐

hey, milestone pregnancy sample box

I got a free pregnancy box from Hey, Milestone and it was super simple. Just click on “Pregnancy Sample Box” and fill out the form. You do have to pay $12.95 for shipping. But, here’s the deal: Pregnancy Sample Box promises one free baby box per mom-to-be per year. They switch up the box periodically and let you know what’s in it.

Here’s a sample list of what came in mine:

  • 6.67-oz Bioderma Intensive Baume (reg. $9.94)
  • 2-ct pack of Prevail Daily Pads (reg. $2.14)
  • UpSpring Milkflow Lactation Supplement Drink Mix (reg. $2.33)
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy (reg. $0.42)
  • Root’d Prenatal Multivitamin Fizzy Health Drink Mix Gift Card ($10)
  • Lansinoh breastfeeding samples (reg. $0.58)
  • Chicco PhysioForma Silicone Pacifier (reg. $5.99)
  • 5 Cuties Complete Care Diapers (reg. $0.85)
  • 10 WaterWipes baby wipes sample (reg. $1.06)
  • 6 0.04-oz Purell Singles Advanced Hand Sanitizer packets (reg. $0.01)

Note that box contents can vary by month. There also may be some substitutions from time to time based on available inventory.

Shipping: $12.95

16. Claim a three-pack diaper sample from Dyper. ⭐

A woman holding up a Dyper bamboo diaper sample package.

Dyper‘s free sample comes with three diapers. They make their sustainable diapers from bamboo, plus you can compost your diapers through their REDYPER program.

Keep in mind Dyper is a subscription service that will run you $89 a month, but you only have to pay a $5 shipping fee to try out their product. Plus, you will receive a $5 coupon good towards your first purchase. So it’s a win-win if you decide to order from them.


17. And one more — get free baby formula from Nature’s One. ⭐

A person holding a canister of Baby's Only toddler organic formula in front of a Nature's One Direct box..

The Nature’s One sample program offers your choice of either Baby’s Only Organic or PediaSmart formulas, while supplies last. I went with Baby’s Only, but I did have to pay a $5.95 shipping fee.

Even with the shipping cost, I still saved 58% (Baby’s Only sells for $14.45 on Amazon, and PediaSmart sells for $12.99 on Amazon).

Bonus freebie offer if you’re expecting: Score a sample of Mom’s Only Prenatal Shake mix with purchase. Only one sample per household. Orders are monitored so if you order more than one sample per address, it may be canceled.

Shipping: $5.95
Shipping: $5.95
Do you know of any site that has freebies for new and expecting moms? Leave a comment below.


17 Ways to Score Baby Freebies and Samples for New and Expecting Moms