Amazon secret deals aren’t exactly a cinch to find, but once you know what to look for, savings will be your reward.

The best way to save money on Amazon is through Subscribe & Save. I didn’t mention it below, since it’s not a secret or a hidden trick. But if you’re looking for a consistent way to save up to 15% (20% on diapers), that’s it.

I will help you learn how to stack Amazon promotions with Subscribe & Save deals here, so read on for that and more hidden tricks for finding Amazon codes and deals.

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1. Buy when you see Amazon promotions.

I regularly see three types of Amazon promotions, none of which require a code.

Spend Thresholds

These are savings you get when you spend a minimum amount of money. For example you might see an offer like Spend $50, Save $10 instantly.

Purchase Thresholds

These are savings you can get when you buy a certain quantity of items. For example, Buy 1, Get 1 25% off. You’d buy two and get 25% off one of them. Another example of this is a promotion where you save a dollar amount when you buy the listed quantity. Like Buy 2, Save $5 instantly.

Buy 1, Get 1

These promotions offer a free item when you buy a certain quantity of items like Buy 2, Get 1 Free. You’ll recognize this promotion because it’s offering an entire product for free with a purchase.

Learn how to stack Amazon Promotions with Subscribe & Save deals.



2. Follow Target gift card deals to find Amazon copycat promotions.

Some of the best Amazon deals show up on Sunday afternoons, to coincide (compete) with Target’s weekly gift card deals. If you see a Target gift card deal, check the identical item on Amazon, because there’s usually a promotion. (This can be a great way to find the Amazon promotions listed in the tip above.)

Here are a few deals I’ve seen recently:

  • Buy 3, Save $5: Head & Shoulders
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off: Pet Toys
  • Spend $100, Save $20: Baby
  • Spend $75, Save $15: Beauty & Personal Care
  • Buy 2, Save $5: L’Oreal
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Makeup
  • Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off: Skin Care
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off: Personal Care
  • Spend $75+, Save 5%: Beauty & Health


3. Check out Amazon Open Box Deals to find hidden savings.

Open Box Deals are pre-owned or used items. Sometimes it’s just the item’s packaging that’s damaged! Find these deals in the Amazon Warehouse.

You can typically save up to 25%. For example, I saw a previously opened slow cooker marked down to $24.33. Normally, it sells for $31.49.

TIP: On big shopping days like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, look for an additional 20% discount on Amazon Warehouse items.


4. Sort by “Discount — High to Low” on Today’s Deals.

Sorting items by discount shows you the highest percent off you can get. It’s an easy way to see the best deals possible.

Amazon doesn’t offer this option in every view. For example, if you simply go to a category like “Electronics,” you won’t find a dropdown menu with “Discount — High to Low” as a sort option.

But when you shop Today’s Deals on Amazon, this sort option exists. I found items up to 97% off!



5. Sort through the very best Subscribe & Save deals. (They’re hidden!)

Not all Subscribe & Save deals are created equal. But you can find the best ones when you know the trick. Most of the best deals are located under “Most Popular.” Look for deals that offer up to 15% off and a coupon. Any time you can stack savings, it’s a good deal. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Go to the Subscribe & Save tab at the top of Amazon.
  2. Scroll down to the “Most Popular” subscriptions.
  3. Sort by category (Beauty, Grocery, Home, etc.) until you find what you need.

6. Check for Amazon secret deals. is basically a price checker for a few big box stores (and Amazon). You can also use it to find secret Amazon deals!

  1. Go to Brickseek and tap “Deals” in the top hamburger menu.
  2. Select “” as your store.
  3. Sort by “Trending” and “Newest” in the middle dropdown menu for the best results.
  4. You’ll see discounts of up to 80% on regular retail prices.


7. Sort by “Top Price Drops” on CamelCamelCamel. tracks all Amazon pricing and gives you a price history. This is helpful, because you can see if your item is at a low price compared to its recent past or if the price is high. With all the dynamic pricing Amazon uses, it’s a good way to get visibility into how much items fluctuate in price.

  1. Tap “Top Price Drops” on
  2. Enter the category you’re shopping (e.g., “Clothing” or “Electronics”).
  3. Enter what kind of discount you’re hoping for (e.g., “biggest Amazon price drop” or “most recent Amazon price drop”).
  4. Select your date range (anything between one and seven days).
  5. Tap “Update List” to see your results.


8. Let Amazon coupons tell you what to buy.

Instead of waiting for an Amazon coupon to show up on something you want to buy, try the proactive approach and comb through the coupons to see if there’s an offer on something you’ll need in the near future.

You can select a category and go directly there, like choosing “Baby” if you just want a diaper coupon. But you can also scroll through the most popular coupons instead of selecting a category.



9. Master the art of sorting on Amazon.

You’ll find two of the best ways to sort through the noise and find deals on Amazon is by “Best Sellers” and by “Movers and Shakers.”

Updated hourly, “Best Sellers” gives you insight into what other people are buying. It’s not a leap to expect people are buying something because it’s a decent price. Also, if you’re paying close attention, you can snap up items that are selling out quickly.

“Movers and Shakers” are items with increased popularity and sales in the past 24 hours. It’s common to see books for pre-order on this list, many with a discount. A book about to be released may have a discount of up to 30% on the list price.

Select the category you want to see and then browse for deals.


10. Look for an Amazon Shopping app coupon — you might luck out!

While this isn’t a sure thing, because all coupons aren’t available to all Amazon shoppers, it’s worth checking to see if you have any. The coupon is most reliable for first-time app purchases. Download the Amazon Shopping app.


10 Hidden Ways to Find Amazon Secret Deals