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Free Amazon credits come in handy. If you’re like me, you’re grocery shopping, buying entertainment, and even buying cat food on Amazon. Any chance to save money on that website is a big freaking deal.

And if you know where to look, you can scoop up a lot of free Amazon money. I did the legwork for you, and now all you have to do is try out these different options for free Amazon credits. Good luck!


1. Get $5 off a $10 purchase when you use the Amazon app for the first time.

Two women sitting next to each other on a sofa while looking at their cell phones.

Amazon wants you to buy using their app on your mobile device, and they’ll take $5 off a $10 purchase to sweeten the deal.

The catch is that it must be your first mobile app download and purchase. If you’ve already downloaded the app, no dice.

Check right now to see if you’re eligible for the Amazon app coupon.


2. Share your receipts with Amazon for a $10 credit every month.

Amazon app graphic

Amazon is always trying to get smarter, which is both exciting and terrifying, since they already own so much of the online retail market. Nevertheless, they want to know where else you’re shopping in order to “create a better Amazon experience for you” a.k.a. analyze your shopping habits.

The Amazon Shopper Panel is a voluntary program where you submit 10 non-Amazon receipts per month in exchange for a maximum of $10 in Amazon credit. You can earn even more by completing surveys. (So far, the surveys have been one question long, and each worth $0.50.)

It’s invite-only, but you can join the waitlist (and I only had to wait a day to be approved). Download the Amazon Shopper Panel app (iOS / Android) to get started.



3. Choose “No Rush” shipping to get an Amazon digital credit.

Free No-Rush Shipping Credit screenshot

Not in a huge hurry? (Sometimes this can take up to six days.) You can earn Amazon credits for selecting No-Rush Shipping. These credits sit in your Amazon account, waiting to be applied to your next purchase.

I’ve seen straight Amazon Balance credits and specific digital purchase credits — you get what you get.


4. Send $50 in gift cards by text message and get $5 in Amazon promotional credit.

An amazon gift card held next a cell phone and amazon box

Of course you should send the gift cards to yourself! Clearly.

You’ll need to see if you qualify for this Amazon promotional credit, first thing. (Only select accounts are eligible.) Then buy at least $50 in Amazon gift cards and select “text message” as the delivery method during checkout.

You can buy multiple gift cards, but they all have to total $50, combined. Enter SMSUS2021 at checkout.



5. Reload your Amazon balance with at least $100 and get a $10 credit.

A woman holding an Amazon gift card in front of a computer screen with the Amazon gift card reload page up on it.

Have you ever reloaded an Amazon Balance before? If not, now’s the time.

If you’re a first timer, reload your Amazon balance with at least $100 and they’ll give you a $10 credit. This is a one and done, so it only works the first time you use Amazon Reload.


6. Trade in your dusty old tech to get up to $30 in free Amazon credits.

An amazon fire tablet held over an amazon box

Using Amazon Trade-In is a great way to get Amazon gift cards. Of course, these gift cards are digital, so they’re basically free credits that will go toward whatever you purchase next on Amazon.

The amount of your gift card depends on your item. You’ll also get access to a promo code (20% off) whatever type of device you sent in. So, I sent in an Echo and got a code for 20% off a new Echo. Here are some examples of common trade-in values:

  • Echo Show: 1st Generation Black, $30 Amazon gift card
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, $15 Amazon gift card
  • All Amazon Fire TV devices & Fire TV Sticks, $0.99 Amazon gift card (even in bad condition with no accessories)
  • Echo (3rd Gen), $25 Amazon gift card

Learn more about how Amazon Trade-In works.



7. Earn free Amazon credit by using the Shopkick app.

A person holding a bag of starbucks coffee next to a cell phone with the shopkick app on it.

Shopkick is a rebate app that offers “kicks” (or points) when you take certain actions either at a store or from home. Actions include walking into stores, scanning items, or making select purchases.

Once you earn enough kicks, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards.

Get more details about how Shopkick works.


8. Sign up for Paribus to get free Amazon credits when your guaranteed delivery is late.

A person holding an iphone with the Paribus app next to an Amazon box.

When you sign up for Paribus, they’ll monitor your email inbox to track your Amazon purchases and help score you compensation from Amazon if your shipment arrives late.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


BONUS: Watch for free $3-5 Kindle credits when you buy a qualifying Kindle book.

Amazon Kindle credit book screenshot

This isn’t a sure thing, because it’s by invitation only and you never really know when it’s coming. But every now and then, you might stumble upon free Amazon credits when you buy certain Kindle books. I bought a Kindle book and six weeks later, I received an email informing me I had a $5 Kindle credit to spend.

These credits only apply to another Kindle purchase (minimum price: $10) and usually a purchase by the same author. So, since I bought a William Faulkner book, I was able to choose from six Faulkner titles when I tapped “Shop Now.”

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