Smart Shopper's Guide to Rising Grocery Prices
Smart Shopper's Guide to Rising Grocery Prices
Inflation? Yep. Panic? No way. We'll help you know what's getting more expensive — and more importantly, how to actually save money.

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Save Your Way Through Inflation

In case you missed it, the U.S. hit its highest rate of inflation in four decades this year. Food and fuel prices are up pretty much everywhere. But before you freak out, don't.
This guide is designed to get you out of the inflation funk. We dug through the data so you can cut costs on groceries, fuel up for less, and keep calm when prices feel wrong.
If your grocery costs seem super high lately, you're not insane. Food prices have gone up 10% in the past year, as if avocados weren't expensive enough already.
We did the math and gathered everything you need to navigate rising food prices — including a list of items with the biggest price bumps and proven ways to save.
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The bad news? Things are more expensive at some of your favorite stores. The good news? You can beat those pesky price bumps by knowing what to look for and where.
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How Much Does a Cow Cost?
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When price tags are trending up, saving on common household items adds breathing room to your budget. Everything you need to find the cheapest products, compare prices, and cut through the clutter is right here:
Gas prices are a huge part of the inflation problem, but you don't have to stop driving to dodge the bullet. Take these money-saving tips on the road with you when fuel costs are through the roof.
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