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Prices at Sam's Club Are Rising — And Here Are 9 of the Worst Offenders

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You’re not imagining it — grocery prices are steadily on the rise. The U.S. Consumer Price Index shows that grocery prices have increased by 11.3% in the last year alone. While buying in bulk may save you more overall, big-box warehouse stores like Sam’s Club are not immune, as prices at Sam’s Club are rising, too.

At Sam’s Club, you can expect to pay 5% to almost 24% more than you paid a year ago for your household staples. I do have good news, though — the cost of the hot dog at the Sam’s Club food court actually went down!

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Note: Prices may vary based on your region and warehouse. The prices at Sam’s Club quoted in this post reflect prices in the Detroit area.


Is Sam’s Club raising prices this year?

The warehouse club raised their membership fees in October 2022, with the cost of a basic membership going up by 11% and the Plus membership up by 10%.

Before October, Sam’s Club membership prices hadn’t seen an increase since 2013. So we should be safe from a membership fee increase for a while.


What price increases can you anticipate this year?

Just like we’re seeing at other grocery stores and big box retailers, Sam’s Club food prices are rising for items like eggs, milk, and butter.

Also expect to pay a little more for household items like detergent, toilet paper, and trash bags than you did in 2022 (and especially more than you paid for them in 2021).


1. Sam’s Club’s 18-count container of eggs is now $5.98, a jump of 24% over 2022 (and 94% over 2021).

person holding egglands best 18-count carton from sams club

Let’s just get the most shocking price increase out of the way first. The 18-count container of Eggland’s Best eggs was just $4.84 at Sam’s Club in 2022. The price has jumped up to $5.98, which is a massive 23.55% increase.

And this same carton of eggs cost $3.08 in 2021, so the price is up 94.16% since then!

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2. Sam’s Club’s milk is now $3.23 per gallon, which is 8% more than last year (and 23% more than in 2021).

Milk stocked in a fridge at Sam's Club

Another grocery staple you’ll be paying more for is milk. Although the price of a gallon of skim milk has only gone up by $0.25 per gallon, that works out to an 8.39% increase since April of 2022.

And in March 2021, a gallon of milk at Sam’s Club was $2.62, so it’s up by 23.28% since then.


3. Sam’s Club’s McCafe K-Cups are currently $39.48 — 7% more than in 2022 (and 13% more than in 2021).

person grabbing mccafe k-cups box from sams club shelf

If you prefer your caffeine fix by way of McCafe K-Cups, you’ll see a small increase this year as well. The 94-count boxes are $39.48, which is 6.76% more than they were in April last year (back then they were $36.98). This is about the same increase we saw when we compared prices from 2021 to 2022 as well.

The current price comes out to $0.42 per K-Cup, which is still considered a stock-up price in our book.

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4. Sam’s Club’s Frito-Lay Classic Mix boxes are now $18.48, a 16% increase over last year (and a 37% increase over 2021).

Another summertime staple you’ll be paying more for this year are chips. Frito-Lay Classic Mix 50-count boxes at Sam’s Club are $18.48 now — $2.50 more than they were in 2022, which is a 15.64% increase.



5. Sam’s Club’s All Mighty Pacs have gone up to $21.98, a 19% increase since spring 2022 (and a 29% increase since 2021).

laptop showing all might pacs detergent on sams club website screenshot

If All is your preferred brand, you’ll be paying $3.50 more for their All Mighty Pacs 120-count packages this year than you did in April 2022, when it was only $18.48 for the same size.

The current price works out to $0.18 per Mighty Pac, which is NOT considered a stock-up price for All. But you’re paying for the convenience of the bigger container, which means fewer trips to the store.

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6. Sam’s Club’s Quilted Northern bath tissue is up to $22.28 per package, a 5% increase over 2022.

32 roll pack of quilted northern

The good news — we survived the great toilet paper shortage of spring 2020. The bad news — toilet paper prices at Sam’s Club are still on the rise. Quilted Northern bath tissue is now $22.28 at Sam’s Club vs. $21.17 in 2022, which is a relatively small increase compared to the other household staples on this list.


7. Sam’s Club’s Dawn Platinum is now $0.10 more than it was last summer, a 1% increase.

dawn powerwash set in a cart

Ten cents isn’t a huge increase for Dawn Platinum, but it is a 0.92% increase more than it was just last summer.


8. Sam’s Club’s Ziploc bags are up to $13.98, a 9% increase over last summer (and 21% more than the 2021 price).

person holding ziploc sandwich bags at sams club

Last summer, you could purchase a 580-count box of Ziploc bags for $12.87. The price has increased 8.63% since April 2022. You’ll now pay $13.98, which is still only $0.02 per bag.

Compared to the price in August 2021 ($11.58), the Ziploc bags are up 20.7%.


9. Sam’s Club’s Hefty trash bags are now $19.98, a 10% increase over 2022 (and 22% more than in 2021).

hand holding a box of hefty trash bags 90 ct

The 90-count packages of Hefty trash bags are now $19.98, which is a 10.26% increase over last year’s price of $18.12. If you’re really looking to save on trash bags at Sam’s Club, our top pick is the Member’s Mark store brand.

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