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You’re not imagining it — grocery prices are steadily on the rise. The U.S. Consumer Price Index shows that grocery prices have increased by 10% in the last year.

While buying in bulk may save you more overall, big-box warehouse stores are not immune to the price increases we’re seeing elsewhere. At Sam’s Club, expect to pay between 5% to 20% more than you paid a year ago for your household staples. In fact, we spotted increases of up to 57%. I do have good news, though — the cost of pizza has stayed the same. Talk about amore.

Don’t fret. There are still plenty of ways to save money as food prices rise, and we’ll show you how. Bookmark our Sam’s Club page for all the best deals.


1. Sam’s Club’s 18-count container of eggs is now $4.84, a massive 57.14% increase over this time last year.


Let’s just get the most shocking price increase out of the way first. The 18-count container of Eggland’s Best eggs was just $3.08 at Sam’s Club last spring. The price has jumped up to $4.84, which is a massive 57.14% increase.


2. Sam’s Club’s chicken breast is up nearly $1 per pound, a shocking 52.38% more than last year.


Chicken breast at Sam’s Club is up nearly $1 per pound since last year, which is an increase of more than 52%. Just $1.89 per pound last March, chicken breast is now $2.88 per pound.


3. Sam’s Club’s Wright Brand Bacon has increased in price by over $6, a whopping 33.46%.


Sam’s Club is making it really difficult to bring home the bacon. The four-pound packages of Wright Brand bacon are now $25.33, which is over $6 more than they were this time last year. Yikes.


4. Sam’s Club’s ground beef is now $3.98 per pound, 6.42% more than last summer.


Ground beef is up as well, but not by nearly as much. Expect to pay $3.98 per pound, which is 6.42% more than just last summer.


5. Sam’s Club’s cake prices have gone up to $3.91 per pound, a 6.54% increase over last year.


If you’re looking to celebrate with a cake from the Sam’s Club bakery, expect to pay $3.91 per pound. That’s a 6.54% increase over the $3.67 price just last March.

6. Sam’s Club’s milk is now $2.98 per gallon, which is 13.74% more than last year.


Another grocery staple you’ll be paying more for is milk. Although the price has only gone up by $0.36 per gallon, that works out to a 13.74% increase over this time last year.


7. Sam’s Club’s Folgers price is now $10.62, an 18.26% increase since last year.


The best part of waking up is supposedly Folgers in your cup. The worst part? You’ll be paying nearly $2 more for a container than you did last year. That’s an 18.26% increase.


8. Sam’s Club’s McCafe K-Cups are currently $36.18, 5.72% more than they were last summer.


If you prefer your caffeine fix by way of McCafe K-Cups, you’ll see a small increase as well. The 94-count boxes are $36.98, which is nearly 6% more than they were last summer. That’s $0.39 per K-Cup, which is still considered a stock-up price. Learn more ways to save money on coffee.


9. Sam’s Club’s Premier Protein shakes have gone up to $24.16, an 11.13% increase since just last summer.


Protein shakes aren’t known to be cheap, but Sam’s Club is actually a great place to buy Premier Protein. Although you’ll be paying about $0.16 more per shake than you would’ve last June, the Sam’s Club price even beats Amazon.


10. Sam’s Club’s Ball Park Franks are $1 more than they were a year ago, a 16.72% increase.


Be prepared to pay more for your favorite barbecue essentials this summer. Packages of Ball Park Franks are now $6.98, which is a 16.72% increase over this time last year.


11. Sam’s Club’s Frito-Lay Classic Mix boxes are now $15.98, an 18.55% increase over last year.


Another summertime staple you’ll be paying more for this year are chips. Frito-Lay Classic Mix boxes are $2.50 more than they were last year, which is an 18.55% increase.


12. Sam’s Club’s Bush’s Baked Beans are currently $11.22, 25.08% more than May 2021.


The price increases don’t stop with hot dogs and chips, unfortunately. Rounding out the list of more expensive summer barbecue items are Bush’s Baked Beans. The eight-count packages are now $11.22, which is 25.08% more than they were just a year ago.


13. Sam’s Club’s Huggies diaper boxes are currently $46.98, a 14.64% increase since last February.


Huggies diaper boxes are currently $46.98, which is a 14.64% increase over early last year. Warehouse stores are a good place to stock up on baby diapers. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use Huggies manufacturer coupons at Sam’s Club.


14. Sam’s Club’s Pampers diaper boxes are now $44.48, a 5.96% increase since the end of 2020.


If you prefer Pampers, expect to pay $2.50 more per box than you did at the end of 2020. That’s nearly a 6% increase. Like with Huggies, you won’t be able to use Pampers manufacturer coupons at Sam’s Club either. Sam’s Club only accepts their own store coupons.


15. Sam’s Club’s Tide Pods’ price has gone up nearly $3, an 8.67% increase over last year.


If there’s one thing you should be saving money on, it’s laundry detergent. At $32.58, you’ll be paying $0.19 per Tide Pod at Sam’s Club, which is not considered a stock-up price for Tide. Funnily enough, it wasn’t a stock-up price before the increase either. You’re paying for convenience here — look elsewhere if you’re really hoping to save money.


16. Sam’s Club’s All Mighty Pacs have gone up to $18.48, an 8.83% increase since early 2021.


If All is your preferred brand, you’ll be paying $1.50 more than you did in February 2021. That works out to $0.15 per pac, which is not considered a stock-up price for All. Again, you’re paying for the convenience of the bigger container, which means less trips to the store. Check out more tips for how to save on laundry detergent.


17. Sam’s Club’s Quilted Northern bath tissue is up to $21.18 per package, a 6.01% increase.


The good news — we survived the great toilet paper shortage of spring 2020. The bad news — toilet paper prices are still on the rise. Quilted Northern bath tissue is now $21.18 at Sam’s Club, which is a relatively small increase compared to the other household staples.


18. Sam’s Club’s Dawn Platinum is now $1 more than it was last summer, a 10.12% increase.


Although $1 doesn’t seem like a huge increase for Dawn Platinum, it does work out to 10.12% more than it was just last summer.


19. Sam’s Club’s Cascade Platinum Action Pacs are $21.98, 10.01% more than last year.


The 92-count containers of Cascade Platinum Action Pacs are $2 more than they were last year, which is a 10.01% increase. That’s about $0.02 more per load.


20. Sam’s Club’s Ziploc bags are up to $12.87, an 11.14% increase over last summer.


Last summer, you could purchase a 580-count box of Ziploc bags for $11.58. The price has increased over 11% in just a matter of months. You’ll now pay $12.87, which is still only $0.02 per bag.


21. Sam’s Club’s Hefty trash bags are now $18.12, a 10.62% increase.


The 90-count packages of Hefty trash bags are now $18.12, which is a 10.62% increase over last year’s price of $16.38. If you’re really looking to save on trash bags at Sam’s Club, our top pick is the Member’s Mark store brand.

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