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Joining a membership club can have its ups and downs, but taking advantage of the best membership deals is one way to make the decision a little easier. When there are so many to choose from — you can join memberships for places like Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Club — you have to pick the one your family is going to use the most. And of course, if you’re going to sign up anyway, let’s find a deal to save money.

My best advice is to sign up for whichever one has the best membership deal happening at the time — and to use store promotions to make the deal even sweeter. And never, ever pay full price for a membership. There will always be at least one membership that has a deal going on. After all, that’s the goal of being a Krazy Coupon Lady, right?

We researched all the top memberships to find their current deals. With this guide, you can make the best decision for you, your family, and your wallet. And if you’re just looking to join one with the best rotisserie chicken, we have the scoop on that, too.

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Costco Membership Deals

a woman holding a costco membership card in front of costco

If you’ve ever asked yourself, is a Costco Membership worth it? — the answer is always yes. Especially when you can find a Costco membership deal. Currently, you can get a $10 or $20 Shop Card for free (it’s their version of a Costco gift card) when you sign up for a Costco membership.

Signing up for a Costco membership is more than just getting $1.50 hot dogs. Being a member gives you access to the Costco Coupon Book every month. And no — you don’t have to clip the coupons to use them. The Costco coupons are automatically applied when you check out. Plus, there are many sales that happen at Costco, too.

Costco offers two membership levels: Gold Star and Executive. (Well, technically they have three if you count the Business membership.)

Only choose the Executive Membership if you spend more than $500 a month at Costco. That way, your annual reward voucher will pay for your membership. You get 2% back in rewards on purchases at the Executive level.

TIP: Did you know you can return your Costco membership if you’re not happy with it, thanks to the Costco Return Policy? When we upgraded to the Executive Membership level, my location even promised that if we didn’t get at least $60 back in our annual reward voucher, we could downgrade to Gold Star and get a refund back for the difference between the two memberships.

If there’s not an active Costco membership deal happening when you’re ready to join, there’s always the Costco military discount and Costco teacher discounts.

$50.00 $60.00 (17% Off)
New members receive $10 shop card with membership
Pay $60.00, get $10 Shop Card
$100.00 $120.00 (17% Off)
New members receive $20 shop card with membership
Pay $120.00, get $20 Shop Card

Spoiler alert: Costco has one of the best rotisserie chickens out of all the stores on this list.


Sam’s Club Membership Deals

Two sams club membership cards held up in store

Sam’s Club is one store where you’ll always find some sort of membership deal happening throughout the year. Almost monthly, there’s a new Sam’s Club membership deal available. Currently, you can get up to 50% off the Basic Membership at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club will offer membership deals on both their Basic Membership and their Plus Membership. A Plus membership gets you everything that comes with Basic, but you get a few extra perks like free shipping, cash rewards, and Sam’s Club early hours that let you do your shopping before everyone else.

You can find out all the details in our Sam’s Club membership guide. Once you become a member, you gotta make sure you know all about the Sam’s Club products and prices so you don’t overspend. While you can’t use coupons at Sam’s, look for Instant Savings that come out once a month. And you can always get cash back when you redeem Ibotta offers using your Sam’s receipt.

Plus, being a member gives you access to Sam’s Club online shopping perks.

$24.99 $50.00 (50% Off)
EXPIRED JAN 22, 2023
$70.00 $110.00 (36% Off)
Expires Jan 31, 2023

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BJ’s Membership Deals

Person with curly hair holding a BJ's membership card infront of the BJ's store

BJ’s is another one like Sam’s where there’s always a deal if you know where to look. If you’re lucky, you might even find a BJ’s membership deal that makes it 100% free!

Right now, you can get a BJ’s membership for 100% off! Just pay $30 for the membership, and a $30 award will be added to the primary membership account 24 hours after enrollment to be used by 30 days from the date of membership enrollment.

In addition, you can get a BJ’s membership discount for 55% off, making it just $25 for a full year. Teachers and service members can get a BJ’s membership deal year-round. The current deal for a regular BJ’s membership is better than the offer for service members, though. And if you’re on the fence about joining … try out BJ’s with a free 1-day pass.

Shopping at BJ’s will save you more than the other big-box stores because BJ’s accepts manufacturer coupons. Yup, you read that right. You can also save through BJ’s Tires and BJ’s Travel services.

$0.00 $55.00 (100% Off)
First time members get a $30 award added to the primary membership account 24 hours after enrollment
Pay $30.00, Get a $30 award added within 24 hours.
$25.00 $55.00 (55% Off)
$15.00 $55.00 (73% Off)
Get a $10 welcome bonus loaded to your membership card
Pay $25.00, get a $10 welcome bonus loaded to your card


Amazon Prime Membership Deals

person surrounded by amazon delivery boxes on front porch

It feels like just about everyone has an Amazon Prime membership these days. If you’ve never had a Prime membership before, you should know there are a few Amazon Prime discounts up for grabs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a jaw-dropping deal for Amazon Prime like the other memberships mentioned above. And just about every year, Amazon membership prices increase — like they’re expected to do again in February 2023. Currently, Amazon Prime is $139 for the year or $14.99 per month — unless you’re eligible for a discounted membership. You can always try it out for 30 days for free.

Since Amazon Prime membership deals are like a unicorn, check to see if you qualify for a lower-cost Prime membership like the Amazon Prime Student discount or Amazon Access memberships.

Even with a discounted Amazon Prime membership, you’ll still get access to all of the best Amazon Prime member benefits. And Amazon is always loaded with stuff under $5 that ships for free!

or $14.99 per month
$6.99 $14.00 (50% Off)
30-day free trial
SNAP, Medicaid, or other qualifying government assistance
$69.50 $139.00 (50% Off)
6-month free trial
or $7.49 per month

Walmart Plus Membership Deals

walmart plus sign in store on employee basket advertising free delivery and free trial of Walmart plus

Walmart Plus is the newest of all these membership programs. You’ll pay $98 for a year of Walmart Plus, or $12.95 per month, but you can try it out for free for 30 days. Walmart Plus lets you plan a Walmart shopping spree without leaving your house or paying a shipping fee. If you make a weekly order through Walmart Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. My favorite part of being a Walmart Plus member is getting returns picked up from my home with the Walmart return policy.

Walmart Plus members are also eligible to earn Walmart Rewards. So not only are you getting orders shipped to your house for free, but you’re also earning money on your orders. If you want to save even more, we can teach you how to coupon at Walmart.

30-day free trial
or $12.95 per month


Best Membership Deals for 2023 — We Compared Them All