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Amazon Prime Student is a bright spot for college students, in a world of otherwise ridiculously high college tuition bills and a whole lot of Hot Pockets. And possibly raising a kid or two while fulfilling lifelong dreams of a college degree. Some of you are doing all of this while working full time. (Bravo, you!)

So, take a breath, because while it’s not going to cover the full cost of your textbooks, signing up for Amazon Prime Student cuts your Prime membership bill in half. And you’ll find a few added perks to Prime Student, like free months of Prime and exclusive deals and offers (some are active right now!).

Here are all your questions answered, plus tips for making the most of Prime Student.


1. How much does Prime Student cost?

A screenshot of the monthly cost Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Student is $59 per year, coming out to $4.92 per month. Compare this with a regular Amazon Prime Membership, which is $119, or $9.92 per month. So, it’s a 50% discount overall.


2. Amazon Prime is free for students for six months.

In addition to half-price membership, you’ll also get six free months of Prime during your first year.


3. Get free shipping, Prime Video, exclusive student deals, and more.

Amazon Prime Student Perks screenshot

Your Prime Student membership includes everything a regular Amazon Prime membership offers (except Amazon Households, more on that in a minute). Expect the following perks:

  • Prime Delivery
  • Prime Video
  • Early Deal Access
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Reading
  • Amazon Warehouse
  • Prime Exclusives
  • Amazon Photos



4. Take advantage of limited-time Prime Student Exclusive offers.

Amazon fire tv stick pointed at a tv with programs out of focus in the background.

College students with a Prime Student account can get these deals for a limited time:

  • Grubhub+ Student: Free unlimited food delivery (must be off-campus orders over $12), 10% back on pickup orders, and other perks.
  • Calm: Three months of Calm for free, after that, you’ll pay $8.99 per year (regularly $69.99 per year).
  • StudentUniverse: Up to 10% off flights and hotels.
  • Course Hero: One month of Course Hero for free, after that, you’ll pay $9.95 per month (regularly $39.95 per month).
  • Prime Video Channels: Get channels like SHOWTIME, EPIX, ALLBLK, Sundance Now, and more for $0.99 per month each for up to 12 months (regularly $3.99 to $10.99 per month).
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: Upgrade from Prime Music to Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 per month to access more than 75 million songs.


5. If you want to share your Amazon account, you’ll have to share your log-in.

a woman teaches her son how to use an ipad while sitting on a couch

With a Student account, you don’t get access to Amazon Household, which means you can’t share your membership benefits the official way.

Of course, you can always share your Amazon account the “alternative” way. Just give your log-in info to your family members so they can use your Prime membership benefits. Amazon can’t police this, but be sure everyone double-checks before placing orders so credit cards and addresses don’t get mixed up.



6. Switch to Amazon Prime Student even if you’re already a Prime member.

Of course, you need to actually be a college student in order to do this. But you don’t have to be new to Prime.

Sign up for Prime Student, and once you qualify, you’ll get a refund for the remaining months of your regular Prime membership. This will begin your free six months of Prime too. After six months, you’ll be billed the annual Student rate.


7. Enjoy your discounted Prime membership for four years or until you graduate, whichever is first.

Woman in drivers seat of car, wearing a gradation cap and gown, holding two thumbs up.

You get access to Amazon Student’s lower membership price for four years or until you graduate. When your time is up, your account will roll over into a regular Amazon Prime account at the end of that membership year. (You get to keep your student discount for any extra months between when your four years is up and when your membership is up.)


8. Can I sign up for Amazon Student if I’ve had it before?

Yes. If you started college and got interrupted by life and now you’re starting again years later, you can still get Prime Student. However, you won’t get the free six-month trial.


9. Do I need to prove I’m a student in order to qualify for Prime Student?

A close up of a student ID

Yes. Amazon will send a link to your .edu address so that you can click through it to show the account is still active.

You don’t need to use your .edu address for your Amazon orders — you can enter a Gmail account or the like — but your .edu needs to be active.

Additionally, you may need to present one or more of the following forms of documentation. Even without an .edu address, you’ll still qualify for Prime Student if you can produce the documentation for your classes.

  • Your student ID (showing the current term or an expiration date). A student number alone won’t work.
  • Your transcript or class list with your name and the school’s name. It must be the current term.
  • Your tuition bill for — you guessed it — the current term. It must have your name and the school’s name listed.
  • An acceptance letter for the upcoming term, with matriculation date.

If your documentation doesn’t meet this criteria, Amazon will automatically upgrade you to a regular Prime membership.

All of Your Amazon Prime Student Questions, Answered