College students get plenty of free stuff, but you just have to know where to look. So, I created a list of college student discounts and freebies that will save you loads!

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1. Get 6 months of Amazon Prime for free with Amazon Student.

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Amazon Prime is a service where you get free two-day shipping on millions of Amazon products. You also get free access to TV shows and movies to stream. The problem? It’s $119 a year. For a student, that can be a little steep.

Instead, get Amazon Prime free for six months through Amazon Student.

NOTE: After six months, you’ll automatically be upgraded to Amazon Prime at 50% off, but you can cancel at any time.

Amazon also offersAmazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month as a student exclusive from time-to-time, so jump on the student freebies while you can!

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2. Get free AirPods when you buy a Mac or iPad.

You’ll need a workhorse laptop for college, and a Mac or iPad is the perfect solution for students. Before every new school year Apple has special offers for students.

In 2019 students who purchased a new laptop or desktop got a free pair of Beats by Dre wireless headphones. In 2020, students get free AirPods with the same purchase, plus save 20% on AppleCare.


3. Enjoy a New York Times subscription for just $4 a month with the student basic plan.


The New York Time’s student basic plan gives college students unlimited access to the publication’s content on any device for just $1 a week. That’s a small price to pay to be informed.

PRO TIP: Want unbiased reporting for free? Subscribe to the Flip Side. Their journalists curate and summarize “the most thoughtful points from the left, right and in-between” across 30+ news sources so you see all sides of the story — and it only takes five minutes a day!


4. Receive student discounts when you shop at these retailers.

Many retailers offer discounts specifically for college students. If only I’d had these when I was in college…sigh.



5. Get Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for free from Microsoft.

What student doesn’t need Microsoft Office 365? With its steep price point of $69.99 a year, it can be a pretty big hit for college students.

The good news? Microsoft offers this for FREE to college students. All you need is a valid school email address! You’ll also receive 1 TB of free online storage.


6. Beef up your slide presentations with Prezi for free.

Prezi’s software gives you the resources you need to create and share impressive data visualizations, be it making your own charts and graphs or adding animations to slide decks.

For students that can verify their student status, you can get a Prezi basic student plan for free (usually $7 a month), or a premium plan for just $3 a month with a free trial!


7. Manage your budget for free with You Need a Budget.

It can be hard to manage your money when you’re on your own and still trying to figure out the ropes. Luckily, You Need a Budget offers their software to students for free for a year.

YNAB syncs with your bank account and is available online and for iOS and Android. All you need to do is email, send them proof of your registration, and they’ll send you a license key good ’til the end of the school year.

You can also manage your budget with free apps like Mint and PocketSmith.

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8. Find jobs and internships relevant to your major with Handshake.

Look no further than Handshake if you’re not sure where to look for internships or positions in your field of study.

Just fill out a profile for free and check for who’s hiring on their job boards, or wait until a recruiter gets in touch with you!


9. Get 12 months of LinkedIn’s Premium Essentials plan for free and save $360.

LinkedIn’s Premium Essentials plan has the same benefits as a regular premium account, but you’ll save that $29.99 fee for 12 months if you’re a college or grad student.

The best part is that once your trial ends, your account goes back to the free basic plan, so why not give it a whirl?


10. Submit your resume to Ladders and get a free analysis from career experts.

The job market can be cut throat, so it’s important to make sure your resume shines the best light on you. Rather than throw away tons of money for resume services, just submit it to Ladders.

The Ladders resume review service is free and offers pointers so you can improve your resume and increase your chances of landing a job.


11. Save on electronics with ‘College Student Deals’ at Best Buy.

There’s nothing that will make you cringe more than needing to buy a new laptop for school, but have no fear. Best Buy offers a service called ‘College Student Deals’ where college students get unique coupon codes delivered straight to their inbox! Not only will the student discounts save you money on laptops, they’ll also save you on Insignia TVs, LG microwaves, even Keurigs!

Don’t forget about Best Buy’s price matching policy. If you find something cheaper at one of their local competitors or on some sites like, Best Buy will price match for you!



12. Save time by using LastPass as your password manager for free.

Juggling personal passwords and school passwords can be a hassle. LastPass is a software program that remembers your passwords for you by creating a master password. It also has an auto-fill function for forms you need to complete online as well.

There is a free version and a premium version, but students get six months of LastPass Premium for free (an $18 value)! With Premium, members get two-step authentication, sharing features to family and friends and no limit to how many devices are linked.


13. See if you qualify for free tuition reimbursement through your employer.

Did you know that some employers (like Best Buy) will reimburse some college tuition costs? Starbucks will even pay for all of it!

Talk to your employer to see if there’s a policy in place for students so you can save money and cut down that student loan debt!

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14. Use one of these banks to score a free checking account.


There’s absolutely no need to pay a monthly fee for a checking account if you’re a student. Thanks to the following banks, students have no monthly fee for opening a checking account with them:


15. Gain access to free 3D design software with Autodesk.

If you’re a college student studying engineering, architecture or simply want to get into 3D design, you can get over 50 different types of software downloads for free through Autodesk.

You will need to be a student or educator in order to register.


16. Earn points toward free food with Pocket Points.

Download the Pocket Points app and sign up to start earning credits like a free Chick-fil-A sandwich or 25% off Papa John’s!

To earn these rewards, all you have to do is stay off your phone during class and while driving. You’ll earn points based on the amount of time you stay off your phone and redeem them for coupons and freebies.

If you get your teacher to register, he or she can create their own rewards. For example if you stay off your phone for 10 hours of class, they could give you 10 bonus points or drop your lowest assignment grade.


17. Get professional memberships for free.

Students can join professional societies for free like the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Planning Association, the Society of Petroleum Engineers and American Institute of Physics (plus you get to join two additional physics societies for free).

These are awesome for students because they offer great networking opportunities, access to mentors and further education in your field.


18. Some areas let students ride public transport for free.

Check your university for public transportation student discounts, or see what discounts you can get through the transportation provider. For example, in California, Amtrak offers student discounts on monthly passes, but Metrolink’s monthly student pass is cheaper and you can use it on Amtrak trains.

Not to mention most California universities offer a credit towards your monthly student pass, like Chapman University, which gives students $100 a month, bringing a pass to under $100 per month, which can be used to go anywhere in the state on weekends.

Sometimes their passes are free, like at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tons of colleges also offer some kind of free shuttle service for students from campus to residential areas.


19. Get the Spotify student discount and save up to $21.98 a month.

The Spotify student discount allows you access to Spotify Premium (regularly $9.99/month), Hulu (regularly $5.99/month) and SHOWTIME (regularly $10.99/month) for just $4.99 a month. That means music with no commercials, downloadable music and all the shows you could need!


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