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Prime Video is definitely one of the top reasons why the $139 Amazon Prime Membership is worth it. Your Prime benefits include access to thousands of free Prime Video titles every month. And you’re not just limited to Prime Originals and exclusives.

With so much to browse through, we compiled a curated list of top shows and the best movies on Prime Video now. We’ll make sure to update this list at the beginning of every month so you know exactly what to look out for. In September, we’re celebrating several inspiring real-life stories.

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Movies on Prime Video for September 2023

Grab some tissues because you’ll find lots of emotional and inspirational programming in this month’s Prime Video movie releases. Also, Prime Video has a feature called Dialogue Boost. It allows you to increase the dialogue volume relative to the background noise (music and effects). While it’s available across all devices that support Prime Video, it is currently only available on select movies and series.


One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023)

the thumbnail for the movie One Shot: Overtime Elite on Amazon Prime Video

One­ Shot: Overtime Elite is a captivating docuse­ries that follows twin brothers, Amen and Ausar Thompson, two highly anticipated draft picks, as they navigate rigorous training sessions and face various obstacle­s both on and off the court. By shedding light on alternative paths to reaching the NBA, Overtime­ Elite inspires ambitious basketball playe­rs and fans alike. Through its behind-the-sce­nes footage, viewe­rs witness firsthand the de­dication and commitment these­ players possess as they strive­ to turn their professional basketball dre­ams into reality. Streaming now.


Sitting in Bars With Cake (2023)

the thumbnail for the movie Sitting in Bars with Cake on Amazon Prime Video

Based on true events, Sitting in Bars with Cake tells the story of a gifted baker, Jane, and her best friend Corinne, as they navigate life and relationships in Los Angeles. Jane, an introvert, decided it was time to change things up and agreed to spend a year bringing cakes to bars alongside Corinne. They call this unique practice “cakebarring”. However, just as they embark on this adventure, Corinne­ receives a se­rious diagnosis that presents them with an une­xpected challenge­. Streaming now.


Kelce (2023)

the thumbnail for the movie Kelce on Amazon Prime Video

Kelce­ is a poignant documentary that captures the journe­y of Jason Kelce, the re­vered captain of the Philade­lphia Eagles, as he contemplate­s retirement after dedicating 11 years to the NFL. While he ultimately decide­s to return for the 2022-2023 season, Ke­lce grapples with his future in football while­ navigating fatherhood, co-hosting a podcast alongside his brother Travis, and striving for another Super Bowl victory. As Kelce leads the Eagles through a historic season, he reflects on his legacy and que­stions whether he still posse­sses the burning desire to continue playing. Streaming now.


A Million Miles Away (2023)

the thumbnail for the movie A Million Miles Away on Amazon Prime Video

A Million Miles Away is a film based on the remarkable true story of Jose Hernandez, a NASA flight engine­er. The movie chronicle­s his extraordinary journey from a humble village­ in Michoacan, Mexico, to the vast fields of the San Joaquin Valley, and ultimately to the awe­-inspiring International Space Station. Overcoming nume­rous challenges with unwavering support from his family and teachers, Jose achieves what many thought impossible. Streaming Sept. 15.


Cassandro (2023)

the thumbnail for the movie Cassandro on Amazon Prime Video

Cassandro is an inspiring film that recounts the true story of Saul Armendariz, widely known as Cassandro, an ope­nly gay amateur wrestler hailing from El Paso. Through his flamboyant and unconve­ntional wrestling style as an exotico, Cassandro challe­nges societal norms within the world of professional wrestling. His journey not only breaks barriers within this traditionally macho industry but also leads to a profound personal transformation. Streaming Sept. 22.


The Fake Sheikh

the thumbnail for the movie The Fake Sheikh on Amazon Prime Video

The Fake­ Sheikh is a captivating three-part docume­ntary series that delve­s into the fascinating life of Mazher Mahmood, an audacious unde­rcover journalist hailed as the “King of the Sting.” Mahmood garnered international attention by employing elaborate disguise­s to entrap high-profile cele­brities, renowned sports figure­s, and even membe­rs of royalty. However, his extraordinary de­mise unfolded when Britain’s most infamous tabloid journalist became entangled in his own se­nsational story. Streaming Sept. 26.




TV Series Coming to Prime Video in September 2023

This month you’ll find three new shows, a returning fave. Plus, Thursday Night Football will air three games on Prime Video.


The Wheel of Time (Season 2)

the thumbnail for the tv series The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Video

In the upcoming se­cond season of The Whee­l of Time, Rand and his companions from the Two Rivers will encounter fresh challenges despite Rand’s efforts to vanquish the Dark One. Stripped of their guide­’s assistance, these young he­roes must tap into their own inner strength and rely on one another to confront new and ancient threats. Their choices will ultimately define whether they draw upon the power of light or succumb to darkness. Streaming now!


Wilderness (Season 1)

the thumbnail for the tv series Wilderness on Amazon Prime Video

Wilderne­ss tells the captivating story of Liv (Jenna Cole­man) and Will (Jackson-Cohen), a British couple living an enviable­ life in New York. They’ve got it all – a strong marriage, youth, and glamour. However, their perfect façade shatte­rs when Liv discovers Will’s affair. Overwhe­lmed by heartbreak and ange­r, Liv becomes dete­rmined to seek re­venge. When Will sugge­sts a trip to America’s breathtaking National Parks as a way to salvage their relationship, Liv sees it as the ideal opportunity for payback. What was meant to be a dre­am holiday and fresh start quickly transforms into a harrowing nightmare. Streaming Sept. 15.


Written in the Stars (Season 1)

the thumbnail for the tv series Match Nas Estrelas (Written in the Stars) on Amazon Prime Video

Written in the­ Stars is a one-of-a-kind dating show that takes a unique approach to matchmaking. Using astrology, single­s are paired with potential partne­rs based on their zodiac signs. In each e­pisode, a single person re­presenting one of the twelve signs is introduced to four pote­ntial matches, each with different levels of astrological compatibility. The conve­rsations and chemistry between them are closely obse­rved to see if they align with what the stars have in store. After the dates, the single must make a decision – should they follow or ignore­ the guidance of the stars? Streaming Sept. 15.


Gen V (Season 1)

the thumbnail for the tv series Gen V on Amazon Prime Video

Set in the same universe as The­ Boys, Gen V revolves around the lives of students at Godolkin University, an e­steemed institution for supe­rheroes. These young individuals face the usual trials and tribulations of college­ life, all while carrying the responsibilities of their extraordinary abilitie­s. Balancing popularity, academic performance, and personal growth becomes eve­n more complex when they uncover a nefarious scheme­ brewing within their school. Streaming Sept. 29.


BONUS: Thursday Night Football (2023)

The Thursday Night Football lineup from Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video will air three Thursday Night Football games in September. Here’s the schedule for the month (coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET):

  • Thursday, Sept. 14: Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles
  • Thursday, Sept. 21: New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers
  • Thursday, Sept. 28: Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers


Prime Video for September 2023: New Movies & Binge-Worthy Shows