Video streaming is in, and traditional cable plans are out. But in a rapidly changing industry previously dominated by Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime Video is making a compelling case for your viewership.

In my opinion, Amazon has already surpassed Hulu based on content and cost, and it’s gaining rapidly on Netflix. Here’s what Amazon Prime Video has that the competition doesn’t.

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1. Amazon Prime Video is free for 30 days versus only 7 days with Hulu.

Right now, Amazon wants to get you hooked, so, like Netflix, they’re giving you 30 days of Prime membership for free! This is a great way to check out Prime’s TV and movie streaming service. Hulu only has a seven-day free pass. That’s like speed dating for TV watching.

During the 30-day free trial, if you’re not using Prime enough to justify spending the $119, cancel! If you don’t cancel (or forget to before the 30 days is up), congratulations; you’re now a proud Prime member. Amazon automatically charges after the free trial. With Hulu, you have to cancel by day seven.


2. Netflix costs $49 more and Hulu costs $25 more than Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon charges you $119 up front for a year membership, where both Netflix and Hulu charge a monthly fee to stream content. So while the $119 up-front feels more expensive, Netflix is actually about 30% more expensive than Prime. Hulu’s recommended plan is 17% more expensive:

  • Amazon Prime: $119 per year
  • Netflix Standard Membership: $168 per year
  • Hulu Commercial-Free Membership: $144 per year


3. Users have the option to cancel Amazon Prime immediately and still enjoy the full, free trial.

Worried you’ll forget to cancel and get charged for your Amazon Prime membership? Cancel right away, and you still get to enjoy the benefits of the full, free trial.

TIP: Prime Video is still one of the best values out there when it comes to streaming services. Learn how to maximize all the current Amazon Prime benefits, including Prime Video!


4. Amazon offers you seven days of Showtime for free.

While your Amazon Prime account includes older Showtime content, sign up to receive a seven-day trial with the latest content like “Homeland” and “Penny Dreadful.”

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5. …or, a free week of Starz.

Love current programming? Join Amazon Prime with the Starz channel option and get your “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and “Outlander”on with a seven-day free trial of Starz.



6. Viacom’s partnership with Amazon Prime means more children’s Nickelodeon content.

While Netflix has a lot of Disney and PBS Kids, Amazon Prime’s relationship with Viacom (which controls Nickelodeon), means you expect a large collection of great children’s programming, like “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Blues Clues,” and more!


7. Pausing some Amazon Prime videos means bonus content.

When I pause a movie or show, extra info clips pop up. This can be stuff like facts about the actors, trivia, or other related content—much like added DVD content, but without the DVDs.


8. Amazon Prime members also get free, two-day shipping, and more.

Where Netflix and Hulu are just TV streaming services, Prime offers added incentives like free two-day shipping, free unlimited photo storage, and other added discounts only a mega-retailer like Amazon can. These added bonuses are so cool, you might just do a little jig. And that’s okay.


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