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Netflix and Disney Plus Price Increases: Here's How Much More They'll Cost

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The big streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus are spending more money on content in order to get more subscribers, and they’re passing that increased cost to us in the form of higher monthly subscription fees.

Everybody’s doing it. Netflix just announced that once the SAG-AFTRA performers’ strike ends, they’re going to be raising rates a seventh time — outdoing their 10% price hike back in January 2022. Disney also just announced some additional increases. And they’re hardly alone.

So now what? We have all the information on the Netflix price, Disney Plus price, and Hulu price so you can make a decision based on your needs.

Here’s what you need to know:

Netflix is preparing their seventh price hike — expect to pay between $1-$2 more per month.

Netflix streaming service on a wall mounted tv

Netflix prices have increased six times since they introduced streaming, and they just announced that after the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike is resolved, they’ll be raising their prices. But only the Netflix Basic and Netflix Premium accounts will be affected — and they’re pretty big jumps, bigger than the last increase of 10%. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Netflix Basic (1 screen, no HD): Currently $9.99/month, will be $11.99/month — a 20% price increase.

  • Netflix Premium, which lets you stream up to 4 screens at a time in Ultra HD: Currently $19.99/month, will be $22.99/month — a 15% price increase.

Note: Netflix ad-supported will stay $6.99/month, and Netflix Standard (2 screens and regular HD) will stay at the current $15.49/month price.

Want to split an account? Netflix charges extra for that if they’re outside the home.

TV screen showing the Netflix app open on the profiles page asking "Who's watching Netflix?

To curb shrinking subscriber numbers, Netflix cracked down on account sharing outside of the home, and introduced a new type of subscription called “Netflix Paid Sharing“, which charges those outsiders $8.99/month to access the account.

Despite the upcoming price increase, Paid Sharing isn’t expected to change from the $8.99/month price point.

Disney Plus prices have jumped $1 since launching in 2020.

Disney+ streaming service on a computer screen

You’re probably looking for ways to save on the Disney Plus cost, because the streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars has steadily increased its monthly fee since its introductory price of $6.99/month back in 2020.

On Oct. 12, 2023, Disney Plus’s price increases look like this:

  • Disney+ Basic (with ads): $7.99/month

  • Disney+ Premium (no ads): $13.99/month

  • Hulu (no ads): $17.99/month

  • Bundled Disney+ and Hulu “Duo” Basic (ads): $9.99/month

Disney Plus bundle prices have increased by $2-$5/month.

someone looking at laptop with Disney plus hulu and espn

The Disney Plus Trio no-ads bundle price, which includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, has also increased from $19.99/month to $24.99/month. The basic (ad-supported) “Trio” Bundle has risen from $12.99/month to $14.99/month.

Existing subscribers who pay $14.99 for Disney Plus (with no ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ (with ads) have seen their bundle increase to $18.99/month. (This bundle is no longer available for new subscribers.)

Note: On its own, ESPN Plus has jumped in price from $6.99/month to $9.99 per month.

Hulu’s price increased by $1-2 per month.

someone holding phone with hulu app

Hulu’s price increased by $1 for both their premium and basic subscriptions. Hulu’s basic cost went from $6.99 to $7.99 per month, and Hulu’s premium cost went from $12.99 to $14.99 per month.

If you’re a student, you can get a basic Hulu subscription for only $1.99 (71.5% discount), which hasn’t changed. And it’s one of many great discounts you get for being a student.

Amazon Prime Video jumped $20/year on Feb. 18 — plus you’ll pay $3/month to skip ads.

A person's hand holding an Amazon Fire remote, aiming it at a TV displaying Prime Video's Amazon Originals.

Amazon Prime Video — which houses popular shows like The Boys, Man in the High Castle, Marvelous Miss Maisel and many others — costs more, too. Prime Video is included with a Prime membership, and that Prime membership has increased from $119 to $139, as of Feb. 18, 2022.

That’s not all, though. Amazon will start running ads on Prime Video starting in early 2024 — unless you pay for an ad-free version. You’ll pay an extra $2.99/month to get ad-free Prime Video — and that’s on top of your $139/year Prime membership.

The standalone price for Prime Video was $8.99/month, and although that price will still be available, it will be for the ad-supported Prime Video. You’ll pay the extra $2.99/month fee to get ad-free Prime Video.

Learn all about the Amazon Prime price increase (and how to specifically beat it) here.

Hulu Live TV costs increased $7-$14/month — but it includes the Disney bundle.

someone looking at tv with hulu

Since December 2021, Hulu Live TV costs $69.99 per month, and the ad-free version has been $75.99. As of Oct. 12, 2023, the ad-supported version will jump to $76.99, and the ad-free version will cost $89.99.

You’ll also get full access to the Disney Plus Bundle, which includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, at no additional cost.

This affects all new and existing subscribers.

Note: The ad-free version of Hulu Live TV will still have ads on all live programs. Only the Hulu content will be ad free.

Get a cell phone plan that has streaming services included.

someone holding cellphone with netflix

T-Mobile is known for their Netflix on Us program, which gives Magenta cell phone plan members free Netflix.

Magenta subscribers get free Basic Netflix, while Magenta Plus customers get free Standard Netflix.

Verizon Unlimited cell phone plans offer free Disney+ or the Disney bundle.

And HBO Max, which is going to be the home for a lot of brand-new movies in 2021, is included with select AT&T Unlimited plans.

Pay for your Hulu and Netflix membership with a discounted gift card.

someone holding hulu and netflix gift cards

One of the great perks of having a Target Circle Card is 5% off your gift card purchases, and Target has Netflix gift cards, Hulu gift cards, and Disney Plus gift cards. The Disney Plus gift cards will only work for first-time subscriptions, so don’t order them if you already have a subscription.

Every little bit helps, and the Target Circle Card is a great way to save on your shopping trips.

Note: does sell Netflix gift cards, but they are only offering a 0.5% discount.

The Netflix free trial has been discontinued.

netflix promo screenshot

In addition to the Netflix price increase, they’ve officially suspended their 30-day free trials for new subscribers. They used to have a “Watch Free” page, but even that doesn’t exist anymore.

Hulu on the other hand gives you a whole month.

Plus, we have 20 free streaming services you should try instead.

Other streamers have hiked up their subscription fees.

All the cool kids are doing it. Comcast’s Peacock recently got rid of their free plan, and increased prices for their ad-supported plan from $4.99 to $5.99 per month, and for their ad-free plan from $9.99 to $11.99 per month in August.

Paramount+ increased the ad-supported tier from $4.99 to $5.99 per month in June 2023, and Paramount+ with Showtime increased from $9.99 to $11.99 per month.

YouTube TV prices were $64.99 per month before they jumped up $8 per month in March 2023 to $72.99.

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