Yes, you can get free stuff on Amazon — even without a Prime membership! My most recent Amazon freebie hunt turned up free samples, audiobooks, cloud storage, and more goodness. Check it out!

Before you start, I should say that I think a Prime membership is worth it, but if you’re on the fence, I’ve included a few freebies you can get without Prime, too. This is a good way to take Prime for a mini test drive. So read on for free things you can get on Amazon, with or without Prime.

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Some Amazon freebies you can get without a Prime membership:

1. Get two free audiobooks when you sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial.

When you sign up for a free 30-day Audible trial, you’ll automatically get two free audiobooks.

Cancel your membership after 30 days or you’ll be charged up to $14.95 per month. But don’t worry — you still get to keep your free audiobook! You can listen to them on any device indefinitely.

Download the Audible app here.


2. Earn points you can cash in for freebies when you submit an Amazon review. offers the chance to get a freebie for a review (it doesn’t have to be a positive review). Just select the item you want and then tap “Request Now.” You’ll enter your email address and your Amazon profile URL (instructions on where to find this are included).

You’ll make the purchase on Amazon, and once you receive seller confirmation, you’ll receive a reimbursement via PayPal for the full amount of the item.

Basically, while in communication with the Amazon seller, you’ll buy the item and the seller will pay you back.

You’ll also earn points through that you can spend on freebies.

TIP: Another option is to try to become an Amazon Vine reviewer. Amazon Vine is picky about who they choose, and you’ll need to have a platform on social media or a large blog following to be selected, so it’s less of a sure thing.


3. Get free money in exchange for old electronics with Amazon Trade-In.

If you have eligible devices you no longer want to keep — Amazon Devices, electronics, books, video games, and more — you can send them to Amazon Trade-In for consideration.

I wouldn’t send in perfectly good tech I’m still using, but this could be a good way to make some cash on something you’d otherwise be dropping off at a donation center.

Here’s how it works: Send in your items using a prepaid UPS shipping label. You’ll get confirmation about the rejection or acceptance of your items within two business days of Amazon receiving them. If it’s a “no,” they won’t send it back — but they’ll properly recycle it for you.

If your device meets the criteria, you’ll receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Learn how to use Amazon Trade-In, including what you can and can’t trade.

TIP: You don’t need an Amazon free shipping code to get free shipping. If you don’t use Prime, you can still get Amazon free shipping when you spend $25 or more.


4. Get a free $5 credit when you add $20 to your Amazon Cash account.

Amazon Cash is basically a way for you to shop without a debit or credit card. With Amazon Cash, you can add balance to your account — it’s linked via barcode or phone number — at more than 45,000 participating stores.

The process is free and allows users to pay at stores like 7-11 and CVS without a debit or credit card.

Though this does involve spending money technically, the best part is that Amazon Cash is basically constantly running promotions, so if you don’t see one today, check back in a few days.

I’ve seen Amazon Cash promotions offering $5 in Amazon credits when you add at least $20 to your Amazon Cash account.


5. Get 5GB of free cloud storage through Amazon Drive.

Every Amazon customer — Prime subscriber or not — gets 5GB of complimentary free cloud storage.

In Amazon Drive, you can store photos, videos, and even files (like a Word doc).

With 5GB, you could store about 1,500 photos. For free.



6. Browse hundreds of free Kindle ebooks from Amazon.

You can download free Kindle ebooks from an impressive selection of genres including up-and-coming authors, romance, suspense, cookbooks, and classic tales like Little Women or Jane Eyre — for free!

If you have an Amazon device, you can download games and social apps for free. Amazon has a selection of free games and apps for you or your kids, including Peppa Pig Paintbox, Panda Lu & Friends, Colorfy. The only catch is that you need a Fire TV or tablet.


7. Download free songs and albums from Amazon Music.

Hate paying for music? You can download hundreds of free MP3 singles and albums from Amazon Music instead.

Sort by genre, artist, and new release. No Prime needed.


8. Get a free month of Prime.

Amazon Prime opens up a whole new world for freebies including Amazon Prime Video, free Amazon One-Day or Two-Day shipping, unlimited photo storage, early access to lightning deals, free returns, and more.

Anyone can try Prime free for 30 days, but students can get the same Prime perks with a free six-month trial of Amazon Student.



Some Amazon freebies you can get with a Prime membership:

9. Get free credits galore — they translate into free money!

Amazon offers so many ways to get free credits that I had to write a separate article about it! But here are some highlights for a quick-and-dirty rundown:

  • Get a $10 credit the first time you reload $100 to your gift card using a debit card through Amazon Reload.
  • Share your receipts with Amazon Shopper Panel to get $10 in free credits every month.
  • Choose “No-Rush Shipping” to get free digital credits.


10. Shop ’til you drop with Free One-Day or Same-Day shipping.

You probably know Amazon ships almost everything (including items from Amazon Pharmacy) to Prime members for free. It’s the most obvious freebie that comes with a Prime membership.

But did you know that as a Prime member you can also get free One-Day shipping on certain items? When you’re shopping, filter by “Get it Tomorrow” to see One-Day eligible items. You’ll receive a One-Day shipment by 9 p.m. the next day.

Plus, Amazon offers Same-Day delivery, but it’s currently only available in Philadelphia, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix. In these cities, place an order by 5 p.m. and you’ll get it within five hours. Items marked “Prime FREE Same-Day” are eligible.


11. Get access to thousands of Prime Video titles for free.

This one is about as obvious as free shipping for Prime members, but it’s one of the freebies I use most often. Between TV shows, movies, and Prime Originals, Prime Video is still going strong in my top three choices for streaming.


12. Get free Kindle books through Prime Reading.

Prime members get free, instant access to loads and loads of Kindle ebooks and audiobooks. Best part? You don’t need a Kindle device to read. This is what makes this freebie different from the one I already mentioned. Non-Prime members can read select titles for free, but only on a Kindle device.

If you’re a frequent reader, take advantage of Amazon First Reads, which offers once a month (free!) early access to select new titles.



13. Earn up to 5% cash back when you shop with your Amazon Rewards card.

Amazon offers a few options for credit cards. The first, the Amazon Rewards card, is a traditional credit card that you can use wherever you shop. The second, the Amazon Store card, is a credit card you can only use at Amazon.

Amazon Rewards cardholders who are also Prime members earn 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases in addition to 2% back at restaurants and gas stations and 1% everywhere else. Non-members don’t get the 5% back on Amazon purchases.

Now is a good time to sign up if you’re a rewards credit card person. You’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card instantly — oh hey, more free money from Amazon.

It’s a similar story with Amazon Store cardholders. Prime members get that extra 5% back on Amazon purchases, where non-members only get 5 –15% off certain items throughout the year.

New store cardholders can get an instant $60 Amazon gift card right now.

All rewards points can be used to make future Amazon purchases.


14. Get a free baby box of samples when you create an Amazon Registry.

When you create your Amazon Registry, expect to get all kinds of coupons and offers for baby-related items, including a free baby box as a welcome. The box will have trial and full-size samples of baby products.

You will need to make a $10 purchase from your registry in order to get access to the free Welcome Box. But you can add anything to your registry and buy it. I added dog food because we were out and when I bought it from my registry, I was able to get my free Welcome Box.

Learn more about Amazon’s Baby Registry.

Also, you’ll get a 15% off baby registration completion discount.


15. Rake in the Bonus Gifts when you create an Amazon Wedding Registry.

Amazon wants to be first in line to give you wedding gifts. Here’s what you can get with an Amazon Wedding Registry:

  • Free Pop and Serve Popcorn Maker after you add $150 worth of Cuisinart products to your registry. (Retail value: $12.99)
  • Free personalized skillet after you receive $800 worth of All-Clad products. (Retail value: $129)
  • Free Riedel polishing cloth after you register for $500 worth of Riedel products. (Retail value: $16)
  • Free Riedel champagne glasses (set of two) after you receive $500 worth of Riedel products. (Retail value: $59)

16. Drop off your Amazon returns at Kohl’s for free — you don’t even need a box.

Sure you can still drop your Amazon return off at UPS for free too, but you know what’s even easier? Take it into a Kohl’s store and don’t bother with boxing it up at all.

To make an Amazon return at Kohl’s, open the Amazon app and follow this process: My Orders → Return or Replace Items → Reason for Return → Select Kohl’s Dropoff.

Amazon will send a QR code to your email. The QR code is essential for processing your Kohl’s Amazon return — you’ll show it to the Kohl’s associate when you hand over your items.

Learn more about the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member.




16 Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon