Amazon Prime Day 2021 is June 21 – 22, back to its usual summer time frame after the pandemic forced it to take a 2020 vacation until fall. I’m sure you remember how Amazon offered Prime Day deals starting in October during 2020? That was weird, but now we’re back to the normal summer schedule. So let the fun begin! Phew.

If you want all the Amazon Prime Day shopping tips, you’re in the right spot. Check out my best tips for saving money on Prime Day deals.

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1. Not a Prime member? You can still shop on Prime Day with this hack.

OK, OK, Prime Day is technically for Amazon Prime members, but if you’re not a member, just sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime (right now!) and you’ll get access.

Remember to cancel your membership if you don’t want to keep it beyond Prime Day, but honestly, why would you cancel?


2. Amazon Prime Day 2021 will start at 12:00 midnight PT on June 21.

As I mentioned in the intro, Prime Day will run from June 21 – 22 this year. As a Prime member, you can plan to access the deals as early as 3 p.m. the day prior!


3. Check for lowest prices from third-party sellers on Prime Day, but read this tip carefully!

Third-party sellers on Amazon are the boss of their products, since they package and ship them to customers. They can set their own prices, they can charge for shipping, or they can drop their prices. On Prime Day, they cannot offer Lightning deals or coupons, but they can adjust pricing to be competitive.

This means third parties may have better deals on Prime Day than direct sellers (big brands) or FBAs (smaller vendors who send their products to Amazon for shipping to the customer).

Both direct sellers and FBAs can still offer Lightning Deals and coupons.

To check for a lower, third-party price on something, tap the “Also available from” section of the product page to see the list of who is selling it. It’s not unusual for a legitimate third-party seller with great reviews to sell an identical product for a lower price than Amazon is selling it.

Third-party sellers can’t be featured as the main seller or “win the Buy Box,” as it’s called, because they’re third party, but that doesn’t mean they’re more spendy. (“Winning the Buy Box” is a term for being the featured seller of a specific item.)

One caveat though! Make sure you read the reviews and you’re sure the third-party vendor is offering a legit product before you get too excited.



4. Expect free shipping on Prime Day from third parties who normally make you pay for shipping.

Third-party sellers know Prime Day is a huge opportunity to sell large volumes due to the increase in traffic to Amazon’s site. But since they can’t offer Lightning Deals or coupons, they have to stay competitive. In addition to dropping the price, they’ll usually offer free shipping, too.


5. Get $25 in Amazon credits to spend during Prime Day.

Not everyone will qualify for these free Amazon credit offers, but it’s worth checking to see if you do. You can do this by checking on Amazon or by trying to enter the code at checkout. Use your free credits on Prime Day finds!


6. Place your order two days early through your Alexa device.

In 2020 you could ask Alexa: “Alexa, what are my Prime Day deals?” and from there you could make purchases before the deals were officially live. I anticipate we’ll see this again in 2021.


7. Plan to shop Amazon every day during Prime Day.

Because Prime Day deals crop up every day, it’s worth paying attention the entire time, especially if you’ve got a list of items you’re hoping to buy.

In addition to actual Prime Day deals, expect to see Daily Deals leading up to the event, typically a week or so before Prime Day starts.



8. Or just set a KCL deal alert for specific items you want to see on Prime Day.

Sure, you can stare at Amazon all day, or just use KCL Deal Alerts. If there’s something you’ve needed that you’d like to find a deal on, set up a deal alert inside the free KCL app and then watch for a notification on Prime Day.

You might be one of the first ones to find out about a crazy low price!

Here’s more about how to set a KCL deal alert.


9. Watch for great prices on TVs.

Buying your TV on Amazon Prime Day is one of the most legit Amazon Prime Day shopping tips. Last year I saw over 40% savings on Fire TVs.

Buy 1 All-New Insignia 24-Inch Smart HD Fire TV Edition (reg. $149.99) $79.99, sale price
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or on orders of $25+
Final Price: $79.99

TIP: Want a new TV today? Stop by Best Buy and ask them to match Amazon’s sale price on identical TVs.


10. Score super low prices on Fire Tablets and Echo devices.

Plan to get better-than-Black-Friday prices on Fire Tablets and Echo Shows and Dots.

Here’s what I saw in 2020:

Buy 1 Fire HD 10 Tablet 32GB (reg. $149.99) $79.99, sale price
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or on orders of $25+
Final Price: $79.99
Buy 1 Echo Show 2nd Gen (reg. $229.99) $149.99, sale price
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or on orders of $25+
Final Price: $149.99
Buy 1 Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa (reg. $49.99) $18.99, sale price
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or on orders of $25+
Final Price: $18.99


11. Or look for bundle deals to save money on products like smart plugs.

On Prime Day, expect to see bundle deals where you get a low price on an item like smart plugs when you buy an Amazon device.

Sure, you could get an Amazon Dot for $18.99 in 2020 as I mentioned above. But for $5 more, you could also get a smart plug bundled with it. Totally worth it.

Buy 1 Echo Dot Bundle with Amazon Smart Plug (reg. $74.98) $23.99, sale price
Free shipping with Amazon Prime or on orders of $25+
Final Price: $23.99



12. Keep your eyes on competitors during Amazon Prime Day because of MAP pricing.

What the heck is MAP pricing? Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) is an agreement between retailers (like Amazon or Walmart) and direct sellers or vendors (think: Purina or GoPro) which keeps prices at a certain minimum amount. This pricing is in place across the board between vendors and Amazon, Walmart, whatever. It basically tells vendors if they go lower than the agreed upon pricing, they won’t be able to do business with that retailer anymore.

Amazon Prime Day (and other holidays like Black Friday) are considered “MAP holidays.” When these roll around, Amazon will allow vendors to drop their prices by a certain price point, not a huge drop, but let’s say 10-15%. This means vendors will have sales and deals on Amazon on Prime Day, but so will their competitors.

For this reason, check with Walmart, Target, Kohl’s or any other retailer offering the same product you’re eyeing on Amazon! Go with whatever has the best offer. Maybe Target has a Circle offer you can combine, or Walmart has it for same-day pickup?


13. Prime Day prices are probably low, but check CamelCamelCamel to be sure.

Don’t buy anything on Prime Day without first making sure it’s the lowest price Amazon offers. tracks Amazon prices and maps them out so you can see price changes in your item.

This information is gold if you’re trying to decide what time of year to buy something.

Of course, we’d like to think Prime Day is actually the best time of year to buy from Amazon (Amazon definitely wants us to think this), but enter the Amazon URL of your item on to be sure.


14. Add Amazon Lightning Deals to your cart before the sale is live.

They’re called “Lightning Deals” for a reason. Hundreds of thousands of Amazon Lightning Deals are watchable 24 hours ahead but only run for a limited time, and when they’re sold out, they’re gone.

New Lightning Deals launch as often as every five minutes. This is why I recommend you click on the item that’s “Upcoming” and then add it to your cart when you see it.

Once the deal is live, check out with 1-Click.

If you miss a Lightning Deal, join the waitlist in case more items become available.

TIP: Make sure your credit card information and shipping info is accurate in order to avoid wasting time during checkout.


15. Earn an Amazon Prime digital credit when you choose free No-Rush Shipping.

Don’t care when your item arrives? Amazon Prime Day shopping tips include choosing free No-Rush Shipping. Amazon will automatically apply a digital credit you can spend on a future Amazon order once your order ships.

Good luck getting all the best deals on Prime Day! Let us know what you got by dropping a comment.

How to Shop Amazon Prime Day: 15 Tips to Score Great Deals