Update: Target Cartwheel is now Circle, and while Circle offers are comparable to Cartwheel offers, there are some notable differences, like the ability to earn 1% cash back on every purchase. Learn how Target Circle works.

If you’re not using the free Target app yet, you’re missing out on some of the easiest savings out there! Here’s what you need to know about Circle so you can take your savings to the next level:


1. Save up to 50% without coupons.

Target Circle was made for mobile, but you don’t have to have a smart phone to access the savings. You can browse through and add offers to your unique bar code online as well. Then, just pull up the bar code on your phone or print it out and present it as you would a coupon. All the offers you’ve added will come off in one scan.

Tip: If you don’t have a smart phone, you can tape your printed-out bar code to the back of your phone or wallet so you’ll always have it (your unique barcode never changes)!


2. Stack Circle with a 5% RedCard discount, a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and a rebate offer.


Along with store and manufacturer coupons, Circle discounts can also be stacked with rebate offers (like those from Checkout 51 and Ibotta), as well as your Target RedCard!

Tip: Having a Target RedCard doesn’t mean having another credit card—you can use the free debit card version at any Target store and online for extra savings and exclusive cardholder perks.


3. New Circle offers and coupons come out on Sundays.

Every Circle user has access to the same offers, and just like Target coupons, most new Circle offers are available on Sunday morning. But make sure you also check daily for any special offers as well. Many high-value, limited-time offers become available at random.

Circle now has manufacturer coupons in their app! Any offer that has a cents-off amount—versus a percentage-off amount—is a manufacturer coupon that can be clipped and added to your bar code. The in-app Circle coupons are the same as Coupons.com coupons, but not all Coupons.com coupons are available in the app.

4. Circle percent-off offers are deducted after a Target coupon and before a manufacturer coupon.

Most cashiers have been trained to scan your bar code after all coupons have been handed over; however, Circle offers don’t come off last—they come off after a Target coupon and before a manufacturer coupon discount. The 5% RedCard discount, on the other hand, does come off last (see example above). To redeem rebate offers, just upload your receipt into a rebate app when you get home.


5. Check if a product has an offer by using the built-in bar code scanner.

As you know, the temptation to buy something not already on your shopping list is high at Target. Let the built-in scanner help you determine whether something is worth the extra cash.

For more details, check out this video.


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6. Use the free guest Wi-Fi when you have poor signal.

Can’t pull up Circle because you have low signal? Don’t fret! Connect to Target’s free guest Wi-Fi to access offers. Or, if you’d rather not mess with Wi-Fi, just take a screenshot of your barcode before shopping (and after you’ve added all offers) and show the photo to the cashier.


7. Redeem more offers by unlocking badges.

Everyone who signs up for Circle is automatically given 10 offers to redeem per transaction. You can redeem more by unlocking badges. Basically, the more you use Cartwheel, the more you unlock.

To speed up the unlocking process, sign up through Facebook and interact with friends. When you have friends on Circle, you can see what deals are trending and add offers directly from your activity feed.


8. Use an offer up to 4 times per transaction and a bar code up to 6 times per day.


9. Find the biggest discounts in the Weekly Ad and Hot Deals collections.

Get extra savings on what’s already on sale with offers that are listed in the Weekly Ad collection. In the Hot Deals collection, you’ll find savings that range from 25% – 50% off. This is where you can save big by stacking these discounts with coupons, your RedCard, and rebate apps.

10. Use Circle at self checkout.

Photo Cred: Yelp

Now you can use coupons, receive gift cards, and use Circle at self-checkout without a cashier. It’s super simple and convenient. Just be aware, some cashiers may direct you to a register if they see that you have coupons.


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