Did you land here after searching for Target Cartwheel? Oops! Target Cartwheel is now Circle, and while Circle offers are comparable to Cartwheel offers, there are some notable differences, like the ability to earn 1% cash back on every purchase. We’ve written something more in depth than this older article, if you want to Learn how Target Circle works.

You can also check out the latest Target deals from KCL and see our post on How to Coupon at Target.


1. Save up to 50% without coupons.

Target Circle was made for mobile, but you don’t have to have a smart phone to access the savings. You can browse through and add offers to your unique bar code online as well. Then, just pull up the bar code on your phone or print it out and present it as you would a coupon. All the offers you’ve added will come off in one scan.


2. Stack Circle with a 5% RedCard discount, a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and a rebate offer.

Along with store and manufacturer coupons, Circle discounts can also be stacked with rebate offers (like those from Checkout 51 and Ibotta), as well as your Target RedCard!

Tip: Having a Target RedCard doesn’t mean having another credit card—you can use the free debit card version at any Target store and online for extra savings and exclusive cardholder perks.


3. New Circle offers and coupons come out on Sundays.

Every Circle user has access to the same offers, and most get released on Sunday alongside the Weekly Ad. Personally, I check every time before I shop, since some high-value offers get released randomly.

Circle also has manufacturer coupons in their app! Any time you see “MFR single-use coupon” under an offer, you can save it like any other offer and shop accordingly.


4. Circle offers are deducted after Target RedCard 5% off and before manufacturer coupons.

Most cashiers have been trained to scan your bar code after all coupons have been handed over; however, Circle offers don’t come off last—they come off after a Target coupon and before a manufacturer coupon discount. The 5% RedCard discount, on the other hand, does come off last (see example above). To redeem rebate offers, just upload your receipt into a rebate app when you get home.


5. Check if a product has an offer by using the built-in bar code scanner.

Check if there’s a Circle offer available on something by scanning the product barcode in the app. Just open up the Target app, tap the barcode in the search bar, and scan the product. If there’s a Circle offer available, it’ll get added to your account immediately.


6. Use the free Target guest Wi-Fi to add offers while you shop.

Every time I head into Target for a store run, I make sure to connect the WiFi first. It’s always fast and lets me save my mobile data so I can scroll through Circle offers while shopping without a worry.

Maybe it’s because I go in so often, but Target WiFi automatically connects to my iPhone every time I go in.


7. Use Circle at self checkout.

You can use coupons, receive gift cards on your app, and use Circle at self-checkout without a cashier. It’s super simple and convenient. Just be aware, some cashiers may direct you to a register if they see that you have coupons.


8. Get a special 5% off Circle deal for your birthday.

Since your Target account has your birthday information included, you’ll get a special birthday Circle offer on your birthday for 5% off any item. This can be combined with the RedCard 5% off and a manufacturer coupon, but not with any other Circle offers.


9. Use Circle offers to grab free Target gift cards.

One of my favorite ways to grab free Target gift cards is through Target Circle offers. They’re on the app every single time I check. Here’s a few I’ve seen recently:

  • $5 Target gift card when you buy four soaps/deodorants
  • $10 Target gift card when you spend $40 on household essentials
  • $15 Target gift card when you buy two giant diaper packs


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