Did you know that Target and Target.com will match their prices to just about every major retailer in the U.S.? Walmart and Amazon don’t even do this, which means you can get the same price at Target that you’d find almost anywhere else.

Seriously, Target’s Price Matching policy is awesome! It’s easy, flexible, and you can even save more on top of price matching, giving Target the lowest prices around if you shop smart. Plus, if you find a lower price after you buy something at Target, you’ve still got two weeks to do a price match.

Check out some of these awesome price matches I’ve been able to do at Target. Keep in mind the numbers will vary a bit since online prices tend to fluctuate.

Let’s look at how easy it is to price match at Target and compare Amazon and Walmart prices along the way.

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1. All you need is your phone to price match right at the register at Target.

When it comes to Target price matching, all you need to do is show proof of the lower price to the cashier at checkout. While standing in line, I Google any high-priced items I’m buying, click on the links if the products are cheaper, and show the cashier my phone. They adjust the price immediately. No manager, no forms, no nothing.

You can also bring in a printed local ad and show it to the cashier, but why go through all of that?

I just show the cashier my phone. Easy Peasy.


2. Target and Target.com price match with competing websites.

If you’re shopping online at Target.com and see a better price for the same exact item on another website, call (800) 440-0680 or use the Target customer service chat. They’ll have you place the order and make sure you get the difference refunded to you.

Here are the biggest online retailers Target price matches with:


3. You can price match 14 days after your purchase both in store and online.

This is crazy, but true. If you buy something at Target and see it go on sale at for example Walmart, within 14 days of your purchase, you can go back into Target’s customer service and show them the lower price. They’ll refund the difference back.

If you don’t want to go in store, you can also call (800) 591-3869 or use the customer service chat within 14 days.


4. Target also price matches with Target.com.

If I’m shopping in the store, I scan anything I want to buy in the Target app for two reasons: 1. To see if there is a Circle offer that I can tap and get the item for cheaper, and 2. To see if the item is cheaper at Target.com. If it’s cheaper at Target.com, I show the cashier and get that price matched.


5. Stack your price-matched item with your RedCard 5% savings and create magic.

Even after you’ve price matched an item from a competitor, you can still use your Target RedCard to save an extra 5% on top of the price match! Woo hoo! Here’s an example of how you can save 34% on a Google Nest Mini:

Buy 1 Google Nest Mini $49, regular price
Price match Walmart.com ($33.99)
Use RedCard for 5% off
Final price: $32.29


6. Yes! You can even price match during Black Friday. AND price adjust.

Target’s price match policy becomes the Target Holiday Price Match Guarantee from Target Deal Days all the way up to Christmas (from Oct. 10 – Dec. 24 in 2021!) Technically they should call it the Holiday Price Adjustment Guarantee, but hey, we won’t quibble. The point is; it’s rad.

Target will adjust the price for almost anything you buy in store or online at Target during the designated time period. In other words, if you buy something the second week of October at Target and it goes on sale for even less a day before Christmas online or in store, Target will refund you the difference! Then, on top of that, they will Price Match with any competitor for 14 days, even during Black Friday!


7. Save 50% on video games with Target price matching.

There are plenty of ways to save on Target video games, but price matching might be the best. You can take advantage of lower video game prices at other stores, plus add the extra 5% off with RedCard.

Here’s one of the best examples I’ve seen:


8. Price match Walmart Rollback electronics for over 50% off.

One awesome way to get a much lower price is price matching Walmart Rollback prices and using the Target RedCard for major discounts on electronics. Check out how you can save 52% on some Beats headphones:

Buy 1 Beats Solo Pro $299.99, regular price
Price match Walmart.com ($149)
Use RedCard for 5% off
Final price: $141.99


9. Save over 20% on popular toys like LEGO with price matching.

Name brand toys from LEGO and Barbie will see some discounts during the Semi-Annual Target Toy Sale, but they fly off the shelf super quick. Here’s how you can combine price matching and RedCard to get lower toy prices year-round:


10. There’s no price matching limit at Target.

Unlike Walmart, who only allows one price match a day online at Walmart.com (not in the physical store), there’s no limit at Target. Price match online or in store as many times as you want per day!


11. You can’t price match alcohol, clearance, and some other things.

There are also a few other price match exclusions you should keep in mind. Here are some things they won’t price match, ever:

  • Alcohol (depending on the state)
  • Clearance, damaged, closeout, or opened items
  • Pre-owned or refurbished items
  • Gift card offers and lightning sales
  • Third-party marketplace sellers


Target Price Matching Is Taking Down Walmart & Amazon