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Ready to learn how to coupon at Target? It’s easy thanks to the Target coupon policy.

And I have answers to your top questions too: how to find Target coupons, what to look for in the Target weekly ad, what’s so special about Target RedCard, and what are the secrets behind Target clearance? I’ll show you how to save money using coupons and how to get extra discounts when you create a Target registry. We’ve also got the info you need for Target’s return policy and Target’s price match policy.

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1. Download the Target app for exclusive deals and coupons.

A person holding a bottle of Hand in Hand hand sanitizer next to a cell phone displaying Target app with a 30% coupon for the hand sanitizer.

If you want the keys to the Target kingdom, the first thing you gotta do is download the Target app and sign up for a Target Circle account. This gives you access to all of the exclusive savings and coupons, 1% cash back on all of your Target purchases, and an additional 5% off your entire purchase for your birthday.

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2. Sign up for a Target RedCard and save 5% on Target purchases.

A Target RedCard held next to a credit card reader at Target checkout.

This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s just my best advice. The Target RedCard saves you 5% on every Target purchase, in stores or online. Plus, you get an extra 30 days for returns and 5% off in-store Starbucks purchases through Target.

Wait for an offer to sign up for a RedCard; when I signed up I got a coupon for $50 off a purchase of $100. It came in the mail along with my physical RedCard and expired in 30 days.

You have the option to either link your checking account to a debit card or get a store credit card, but I definitely recommend the debit option since it has all the same benefits.

You can’t use the RedCard discount for Target Optical eye exams, pharmacy prescriptions, or Target gift cards. And when you pay with your RedCard, you’ll get the 5% off but won’t get the measly 1% Circle cash back mentioned in the tip above.

PRO TIP: Load your physical RedCard to your Target app’s wallet. Then all you have to do to pay is show the cashier your barcode when you check out.


3. Use The Krazy Coupon Lady app and website to stack Target coupons and deals.

A woman wearing a mask, holding up a phone displaying the KCL app's Target page.

The Krazy Coupon Lady app and TheKrazyCouponLady.com are both great resources to keep up on all the deals without having to spend hours on the internet. We’ll not only alert you to the deals through the app, but also let you know what kinds of Target offers and coupons you’ll need to stack to get them, with handy links to everything.

Every Saturday, we comb through the Target weekly ad. If you set Target as a favorite store in the KCL app, we’ll send you an email alert with the best deals and how to maximize savings through stacking special offers, coupons, and rebate apps. Of course, we’ll also send you deal alerts throughout the week:

In-Store Deal
2 Cheez-It Snap’d Crackers, 7.5 oz
$3.00 $5.98 (50% Off)
$2.50 each, when you buy 2
Pay $5.00
Exp 06/01/24
Follow the KCL Target deals page for coupons, rebates, sales, and more.


4. Load your RedCard to your Target Wallet, and with one scan of your barcode…

A person standing at the Target checkout, holding up their phone displaying their Target app barcode, and another person using the hand scanner to scan the phone.

No need to wait for your Target RedCard to arrive in the mail. You can use your RedCard before receiving the physical card by adding it to your Wallet in the Target app. Why do you want to do this? Well, because one scan of your Target Wallet barcode will automatically redeem all the coupons and offers that you clipped or added to your list in the app, pay for your items, and automatically get you 5% cash back on all your purchases.

You can, of course, enter your phone number at checkout to have your offers come off your total, but then you’d have to get your RedCard out and run it through the machine. Using your Wallet barcode does everything with one beep.

And, you need to pay out of the Wallet in the Target app if you want to take advantage of the next tip, which you do. Believe me, you do.


5. Look for Target Circle offers, manufacturer coupons, and special promos in the app.

A person taking a bottle of Downy Bliss fabric softener off of a shelf next to a cell phone displaying a manufacturers coupon on the Target circle app.

If you’re a Target Circle member, you’ll have access to exclusive “Circle offers” — really, coupons — in the Target app. You’ll see two types: percent-off store coupons and dollar-off manufacturer coupons. To use a coupon or offer, just click on the plus sign to add it to your list.

  • Percent-off store coupons may be redeemed up to four times per transaction. They are multi-use offers and apply to a range of products, like 15% off dog and cat food and 10% off Starbucks chilled coffee.
  • Dollar-off manufacturer coupons are single-use and can only be redeemed in stores. Dollar-off coupons can be used once per item.



6. Link your Ibotta app with your Target Wallet to get rebate money back.

A person holding up their phone, displaying the Ibotta app with a rebate for Band-Aid, next to a a box of Band-Aids at Target

If you’re not using rebate and cash-back apps to get money back on your shopping, you’re snoozing and losing. Of all the rebate apps out there, I really love the Ibotta app (sign up through this link and get up to $20 in bonuses!) — specifically for shopping at Target. That’s because you can link your Target and Ibotta accounts and skip the whole receipt-scanning thing.

Here are three things you must do to make this happen, (otherwise, you’ll have to manually scan your receipts for credit, and who’s got time for that?):

  1. Go into your Ibotta app, select “Grocery,” and then “Target.” Tap on the little green button that says, “Link your Target account” and do what it says.
  2. From there, select the offers you want to get cash rebates for in the Ibotta app before your trip to Target.
  3. Pay with your Target Wallet barcode.

Do these three things, and you’ll see the rebates go into your Ibotta account in a day or two at most.

There are tons of rebate apps out there, but a few others that work really well with Target are:


7. The Target coupon policy isn’t scary.

A woman standing in the diaper aisle at Target holding a box of Pampers diapers with some paper coupons.

A lot goes into the Target coupon policy. In a nutshell: you’re limited to combining only one manufacturer coupon, one Target store coupon, and one Circle deal for any individual product. You can also only use four identical coupons per day.

Before you head to Target, keep a link handy to the official Target coupon policy on your smartphone in case you have any issues at checkout.


8. Learn “Target Math” so there are no surprises at the register.

A person's hands holding up a Target gift card, a Target Red Card, and a receipt in front of the self-checkout scanner at Target.

The way your savings at Target subtracts is not as simple as the PEMDAS trick we learned in school. But we’ll help you figure it out, I promise.

Before we get into the math, here are a few rules to remember:

  • Target factors in gift card savings BEFORE applying any Circle discounts.
  • Manufacturer coupons are applied after any Circle discounts.

Order of savings:

Target circle math gift card


9. You can combine one Target Circle offer and one manufacturer coupon on an item.

A person taking a bag of RedVines from a shelf at Target, while holding their cellphone displaying a coupon for 15% off RedVines, and a paper manufacturer's coupon in their other hand.

You can stack your Target Circle offers and your manufacturer coupons when you shop at Target.

For example, if you have a 15% off Red Vines Circle offer and a $0.50 printable manufacturer Red Vines coupon, you’d pay only $0.34 for a $0.99 package of Red Vines.

The percent-off discount will be deducted first, followed by the manufacturer discount.

Exp 06/01/24

10. Stack a Circle offer and a manufacturer coupon with a Target gift card promotion.

A woman standing in the diaper aisle with a Target shopping cart, looking at boxes of Pampers diapers on the shelf at Target.

Take the stack one step further by using two coupons with a Target gift card promo. Use up to one percent-off Circle offer and one dollar-off manufacturer coupon for each qualifying item in a gift card promo. The coupons will lower your total and you’ll still get the gift card.

For example:

  • Two items for $10 each ($20 total)
  • 10% Circle discount on both items ($2 savings)
  • Gift card promo for $5

The math would work like this:

  • $20 total minus the $5 gift card (new total: $15)
  • Apply 10% Circle discount to $15 total ($1.50 savings)

So you’d save $1.50 rather than $2.

A calculation table showing the Target math for a deal. It reads, " Buy 2 Detergents, get $5 gift card, use 10% Target circle offer on detergent


11. Earn unlimited Target gift cards per transaction and roll them week to week.

A person's hand holding two Target gift cards in front of a sign advertising getting a free Target gift card when you spend $25 on sun care items.

Earn as many Target gift cards as you like per transaction and look out for Target gift card promos. I just saw this promo: buy two items and get a $5 gift card. I bought six items and received three $5 gift cards.

You could separate those six items into three transactions and use the gift card from the first to pay for the second, and you’d still get a new gift card each time. I just find it simpler to pocket the gift cards and use them on my next Target run.

PRO TIP: If you don’t tell the cashier that you have a physical Target gift card and that you’re paying through the app, your gift card will get kicked out. Load your gift cards onto your Wallet in the Target app, then toss them. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing the gift cards or in which order the cashier scans things.


12. Stack manufacturer and Target coupons on clearance items and get them for free.

A person holding their phone displaying a Target circle app coupon next to a bottle of Scope mouthwash with a clearance sticker in Target.

Check Target clearance and look for cheap items. I do this most frequently on household items like Febreze or Covergirl and Maybelline makeup. You can use manufacturer coupons on Target clearance items. You can even use Target Circle coupons unless the fine print says otherwise.


13. Use the Target app to place your grocery order and apply Target Circle offers.

A graphic of two iPhones displaying two different Offers saved on the Target Circle app.

Not only can you use your Target Circle offers in the store, but you can also use them in the app for Target grocery pickup orders. This is one of my favorite features. It makes shopping and saving so easy.

In the Target app, view the Circle offer you wish to redeem. Then, look at the icons under the heading “Valid when you shop…” to see if the offer qualifies for Drive Up.


14. Use a coupon at Target even if it’s “redeemable at Walmart.”

Woman pointing out the fine print on a paper manufacturer's coupon while holding a bottle of Dial hand soap in front of a Target shopping cart basket full of products.

Sometimes manufacturer coupons will state “Redeemable at Walmart” or “Available at Walmart.” This may be because the manufacturer is trying to drive more Walmart business. However, as a valid manufacturer coupon, it can be redeemed anywhere, including at Target.

Keep in mind some of these coupons can’t be used for online purchases, so keep an eye on the fine print.

Still confused about coupon fine print and rules? We’ve got you covered.


15. Manufacturer coupons will be adjusted down to the price of an item at Target.

A person at the self-checkout scanner at Target, holding a receipt showing $0 balance next to a pack of BIC mechanical pencils.

When it comes to coupons that exceed the value of an item at Target, the customer is eligible to use the coupon, but the value of the coupon (for example $1 off) will be adjusted down to the cost of the item (for example $0.97), rendering the item free. No extra moneymakers here.



16. Return an item you used a manufacturer coupon for and get a Target gift card back.

A Target employee handing someone a Target gift card at the register.

When you return an item that you used a manufacturer coupon on, you’ll get the difference back in Target gift card form. It might not be a hefty gift card, but it never hurts to hang onto for your next shopping spree. Or load it to your Target Wallet and forget about it.


17. Rack up Target Circle rewards with every purchase.

A sign at a Target checkout lane of the Target dog with a flag advertising Target Circle.

Target Circle rewards are also called “Target Circle Earnings,” and are calculated automatically after every purchase you make at Target. You can get these earnings three ways: in-store purchases, shopping online, and scanning your receipt.

They’re worth 1% of your total minus any promotions, discounts, coupons, or Target Circle Earnings redemptions. You can see them under “Earnings benefits” in your app and use them when you shop, or save them for later.

For example, I bought a j5 Create USB A 3.0 HDMI Adapter for $24.99. After tax, my total was $30.25. My Target Circle Earnings gave me back 1% of the original price ($24.99), which came out to $0.24 for that purchase.

Twice a year, you can earn 2% on all your purchases during Target Circle Week, which adds up to extra savings.

TIP: If you forget to give the cashier your Target Circle account at checkout, go back into the Target app after you get your receipt and scan the barcode at the bottom with the app. This will add your points to your Circle balance.


18. Take advantage of Target price match and get the same prices as Amazon, Walmart, and more.

A person holding a copy of Magnolia Table next to a cell phone displaying a lower price for the book on the Amazon app.

The Target price match policy is pretty great. If you buy something at Target and see it go on sale at Walmart, for example, you can go to Target’s customer service desk and show them the lower price. They’ll give you the difference back — up to 14 days after your purchase.

Keep in mind that Target will not price match competitor doorbusters/lightning sales, including Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh exclusive offers.

Target will generally price match the following online competitors:

Pull up proof of the lower price on your phone and show it to any cashier or call Guest Services at (800) 591-3869 for online Target orders.


19. Get access to special coupons with Target Same Day Delivery coupons in the app.

A Target Shipt grocery delivery order sitting on a front porch doormat that reads, "Welcome to our Home

Target’s Shipt Same Day Delivery service lets you order products you want and select a one-hour window for doorstep delivery. You must have a $35 minimum order, and delivery costs $9.99.

What makes Target’s Same Day Delivery so sweet? You can not only apply Target Circle coupons to your order, but you also get access to exclusive Same Day Delivery coupons.

TIP: If you use Same Day Delivery coupons, the product’s original price counts towards your minimum spend threshold. For instance, I found a promo offering an 8-pack of Bubly (regularly $3.69) for $3.50. After adding the promo, the item’s original price ($3.69) went towards the $35 minimum, but I still paid $3.50.

How to Coupon at Target