Ah, Target clearance. The holy grail of deal hunting. You can find some of the best deals ever just by waiting and watching for those little yellow stickers. But it can also be pretty hard to predict, especially with all the recent changes they’ve made to their clearance. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork!

Before you read on, download the KCL app and bookmark the Target deals page.


1. You can use coupons on Target clearance items.

Wanna save even more on Target clearance? Use your manufacturer coupons on Target clearance items. You can even use Circle offers unless the fine print says otherwise. For example:

Buy 1 Just One You Made by Carter’s Baby Suit (reg. $24.99) $7.48, clearance price
Use 20% Off – Just One You Apparel, Target Circle Offer
Final Price: $5.98

76% off is nothing to scoff at!


2. Miss a Target clearance price? Come by within 14 days for a refund.

If something you grabbed at Target pops up in the Target clearance section right afterward, you can still get a price adjustment within 14 days.

All you need is proof of purchase, whether it’s a receipt, your Target app’s order history, or the credit card you made the purchase with.


3. Jump on clearance marked down 70% before it’s salvaged.

After Target clearance items hit 70% off, expect them to be salvaged soon after. “Salvaged” means that the item is no longer in the computer system and will ring up “item not found.”

High-value items are more likely to be salvaged around the 50% off mark. If it’s something you need, definitely don’t wait too long before the item disappears from the shelf forever.

Salvaged items are taken to receiving where they are passed off to charitable organizations. Target used to wait until most items hit 90% off before salvaging, but not anymore.


4. The last number on a Target clearance tag doesn’t have a deeper meaning.

Like with Walmart clearance tags, there’s a long-running rumor that the last number of a Target clearance tag will tell you more info. For example, most people thought that tags ending in “6” or “8” would be marked down again, while tags ending in “4” were the final markdown.

Nope! This might have been the case in the past, but not anymore.


5. Learn the Target Holiday Clearance schedule.

Fair warning: Holiday clearance hunting at Target is not a science, it’s an art.

Even in the same region, stores will lag behind or go on clearance ahead of each other. But on the whole, you can expect to see this holiday clearance schedule at most Target stores:

  • First day after the holiday: 50% off for non-food, 30% off for food and candy starting the day after a holiday and lasting three days.
  • Fourth day after the holiday: 70% off for non-food, 50% off for food and candy starting the fourth day after a holiday, also lasting about three days.
  • Seventh day after the holiday: 90% off for non-food, 70% off for food and candy starting on the seventh day, lasting only one to two days. (Candy and food only goes to 70% off.)

You’re best off waiting for the in-between, so you can take advantage of 70% off before the entire store is picked clean. Stop by in the morning four days after the holiday and stock up.

Holiday clearance sales last for about a week or week and a half. They typically end on a Tuesday night, and anything remaining will be salvaged Wednesday.

PRO TIP: Look for seasonal Target in-store Starbucks mugs to go on clearance right after a major holiday. But be quick – they go super fast!



6. Only shop for toys during the Target toy clearance events.

Target toy clearance sales are a great time to stock up for the little ones.

This semi-annual Target Toy sale clearance event happens in January and July every year, typically the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

If you keep up with it, you can score name-brand toys for up to 70% off. Here are a few awesome deals I’ve seen:

Buy 1 POP! Funkoverse Board Game: DC Comics #100 Base Set (reg. $39.99) $11.98
Use RedCard for 5% off
Use RedCard for free shipping or free shipping on orders of $35+
Or free store pickup or “Drive Up”
Final Price: $11.38
Buy 1 Toy Story 4 Bo Peep Staff (reg. $19.99) $5.98
Use RedCard for 5% off
Use RedCard for free shipping or free shipping on orders of $35+
Or free store pickup or “Drive Up”
Final Price: $5.68
Buy 1 The Lion King Pumba Pass (reg. $19.89) $5.96
Use RedCard for 5% off
Use RedCard for free shipping or free shipping on orders of $35+
Or free store pickup or “Drive Up”
Final Price: $5.66


7. You can return Target clearance items.

Clearance items follow the same rules as anything else under the Target return policy. The only items that won’t be getting a refund return for are items that have been salvaged or discontinued.


8. Check the endcaps and beyond for clearance deals.

99% of the time, Target Clearance will be in one of three places:

  • The seasonal section of the store
  • Specific aisles (this is mostly true for the bi-annual toy clearance)
  • Endcaps throughout the store.

Be sure to keep your eyes open in any of these locations, especially the sides of endcap displays in the health and beauty section. There might be a few clearance deals hiding on those sides.

PRO TIP: Make it a habit to look closely for little yellow clearance stickers in all the endcaps, since they’ll often have clearance items from other departments.


9. Always check clearance items at Target price scanner kiosks for the real price.

Even if your clearance item seems cheap to start out, the actual price might be lower. Head over to one of the Target price scanner kiosks in the store to get the current clearance price.

Sadly, you gotta use the kiosks for this since the Target app won’t always give you the current clearance price.


Good luck deal hunting Target Clearance! And don’t forget to use those coupons!


Your Complete Guide to Target Clearance