If you feel like Target’s clearance prices have been weirdly stuck at 30% off, you’re not crazy. We saw that, too, and dug into it. Turns out, you can still find Target clearance items for 60 – 75% off, like the good old days. You just have to shop at a Target salvage store, which I’ll tell you all about.

When Target can’t sell clearance inventory, a lot of their non-perishable items end up in Target salvage stores. The place near me was basically an island of misfit Target clearance stock. The store was chock-full of boxes overflowing with closeout decor, furniture, toys, processed food, cleaning products, and more for as much as 75% off Target’s regular price.

If that sounds like your jam, read on for a rundown of how to find your local Target salvage store, what you should expect to find there, and how I was able to hack it for major savings.

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1. Ask your local Target’s “hardline” or “softline leader” where to find Target clearance.

To find Target clearance, you gotta find a salvage store. Your salvage store might be a Goodwill, but Target also works with a lot of local chains to offload their salvage stock. Aubrey Swan, a home decor blogger, put together a really helpful list that highlights salvage stores for about three dozen states.

But you can also figure it out by calling your local Target and asking for the “hardline” or “softline leader.” Those folks are responsible for keeping the shelves stocked and helping customers find what they’re looking for — so they’ll know where your Target sends their salvage products.


2. Don’t expect to find clearance perishable food or electronics at Target salvage stores.

Since these stores carry so much merchandise, it’s way easier to talk about what you won’t find at Target salvage stores than what you will. According to Target staffers on Reddit, perishable food and pet food are donated to local charities while anything with a battery is disposed of in an “environmentally sustainable” way.

I can’t speak to how Target disposes of their electronics, but I will note that I had a really tough time finding electronics at my salvage store. I found some things that for sure were from Target, and others that could be but I wasn’t sure. Here’s my list:

Definitely Target brand items:

  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Small appliances
  • Kitchenware

Brands Target carries, so maybe:

  • Processed food
  • Ziploc bags
  • Starbucks mugs
  • Hygiene products
  • Cleaning products
  • Home decor
  • Garden hoses
  • Outdoor lanterns


3. Take home size three clearance generic diapers for cheaper than Walmart.

When it comes to cheap size three generic diapers, no one beats Walmart’s $0.11 per diaper — until we found a box of 168 Up & Up (Target generic) diapers for $13.99 at a salvage store.

That’s $0.08 per diaper and $0.05 cheaper than the usual Up & Up price.


4. Buy furniture and bedding at Target salvage stores and save 60 – 80%.

The best savings I saw were on bedding and furniture from Target brands such as Casaluna, Threshold, and Pillowfort. Those savings included these Threshold stools, which are regularly priced at $100, for 75% off, as well as a Pillowfort Pom Pom Canopy for under $15 (that’s 63% savings).

Buy 1 Threshold 24″ Rumford Saddle Counter Height Barstool with Wood Leg $25
Final Price: $25
Compare to Target at $100

Buy 1 Pillowfort Pom Pom Canopy $14.99
Final Price: $14.99
Compare to Target at $40

The catch is that my salvage store only allows 30 days for returns — versus the 365-day return policy Target applies to all of its in-house brands.



5. Take advantage of daily specials at salvage stores to save over 70% on smaller items like home decor.

Psst! Salvage stores have specials and sales, too. Mine even has a loyalty program. Sign up for those and use them to keep money in your pocket as any smart shopper would.

At Bargains in a Box, the daily specials usually apply to what you can find in any of the boxes throughout the store (read: practically everything that wasn’t furniture). I went on a Friday, when anything in a box was $10, which meant I got this Threshold lantern for 72% off the regular price.

Buy 1 Round Resin Outdoor Lantern $10
Final Price: $10
Compare to Target at $35


6. Double-check expiration dates on clearance food.

Seems like a good rule of thumb when the salvage store openly tells you they aren’t inspecting their food.


7. Time your shopping with Target’s clearance schedule.

Holiday clearance at Target lasts for about a week and a half and starts the day after Christmas. If you’re trying to score some holiday candy, Christmas lights, or Easter baskets at the salvage price, then start checking your salvage store about two weeks after the holiday.

Let us know what your experience has been shopping at salvage stores in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

Skip Target Clearance; Head to Target Salvage Stores for 60 – 75% Savings