Hobby Lobby sales are the name of the game if you want to save money while shopping the Lob. In fact, if you’re just using the one Hobby Lobby coupon (here) when you shop, you’re leaving a lot of savings on the table.

I mean, the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon is great and you should definitely use it, but you’ll save more when you know when to shop, how to use Hobby Lobby gift cards, and more.

Start by downloading the KCL app to find out about current deals and then read all about how to master shopping Hobby Lobby.


1. You can always find a current Hobby Lobby coupon in the app.

Download the Hobby Lobby app here and you’ll have continual access to a current Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon.

Here are the rules of the coupon:

  • It’s good for 40% off one regular-priced eligible item, limit one coupon per person per day.
  • Even though the coupon is always the same, it expires at the end of every Saturday.
  • The Hobby Lobby weekly ad changes every Sunday and you can find a current coupon in the weekly ad, too.
  • You can use your coupon online.
  • You can’t use the coupon on items marked “Reduced” because these are clearance items.
  • You cannot use your coupon on items listed as “Your Price.” (More on the last two points here in a minute…)


2. Use Hobby Lobby coupons on sale items under 40% off.

You can’t combine a coupon with a sale at Hobby Lobby, but you can use a coupon instead of a sale price on items that are on sale for less than the coupon discount. You can’t use a coupon instead of a sale on clearance or “Reduced” prices. Clear as mud?

This means if you see something on sale for 30% off and it doesn’t say “Your Price” or “Reduced,” you can ask your cashier to use your 40% off coupon on the regular price instead of getting the 30% off sale price.

For example, if you find acrylic paint on sale for 30% off — ask the cashier to apply your coupon to the regular price ($4.99) instead of giving you a 30% discount. You’ll get an extra 10% off!


3. …Unless the 30%-off item is listed as “Your Price.”

There’s an exception to this rule — the yellow price tags that say “Your Price.”

A little Hob Lob history lesson: Items like furniture at Hobby Lobby used to be listed as “always 30% off the regular price.” These arrive from the manufacturer at a discount so they hit the shelves at 30% off the regular price.

In the past, if you wanted to use your 40% off coupon instead of getting the “always 30% off” discount, Hobby Lobby rang the item up at a full price and then applied your 40% off coupon. Many shoppers felt this was disingenuous since the item was never offered for the full price in the store. They felt they should be able to use the 40% off coupon on the sale price.

In 2017, a shopper in Alabama filed a Class-Action Lawsuit against Hobby Lobby raising questions like: “Is there such a thing as a permanent sale price? Wouldn’t that technically be a regular price?” And “If so, shouldn’t the 40% off coupon be applied to the ‘always 30% off’ price and not an increased price that the item was never listed for sale at?”

The lawsuit isn’t settled yet, but the yellow tags with “Your Price” is kind of Hobby Lobby’s answer to the lawsuit. The “Your Price” wording acts like (permanent) clearance pricing and is listed on the Hobby Lobby coupon as an exception, meaning when you see those two words, you cannot use the coupon for that item.


4. Red tags are permanent clearance prices.

When you see a red tag, it’s probably an item on the Hobby Lobby clearance wall, although these items can be throughout the store, too.

This isn’t necessarily a final markdown as there can be multiple red tags with lower markdowns on an item. But it does mean it’s a “Reduced” price, so you can’t use a coupon to buy it and it also means it’s never returning to regular price.


5. Print multiple coupons if you have more than one person with you.


Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon says one per person, per day — not one per family.

So, yes, you can have your kids line up, give them all coupons, and have them each pay separately…but that’s on you, man.

Just make sure you’re using Hobby Lobby printable coupons from HobbyLobby.com if you want to try this — it won’t work with the in-app coupon unless it’s on a new phone.



6. Plan your shopping trips around the Hobby Lobby sales schedule.

We found the method behind the Hobby Lobby sale madness by scouring the Hobby Lobby weekly ads. Arm yourself with the complete Hobby Lobby sales schedule to learn how often everything goes on sale and how to master holiday sales.

Love that mirror? Sure, you could use your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and go home with it today. But instead, you should wait a week and buy it when it’s 50% off.

For example, many items — mirrors included — are 50% off every other week. The only trick is that your item might be having its “off” week on the particular day you’re in store. If that happens, know your item will be on sale the following Monday after the weekly ad changes on Sunday. Here’s a list of categories that are 50% off every other week:

  • Home Decor (mirrors, lamps, clocks, pillows, rugs, glass and more)
  • Floral (arrangements, ribbons and more)
  • Frames
  • Art & Art Supplies (paint sets, easels, canvases and more)
  • Paper Studio brand items


7. Shop at Hobby Lobby on Saturday evening when the weekly sales overlap.

Take this one with a heaping pile of salt, because not all stores do this. Loosely translated: Do not call us liars if your local store tells you to go jump off a cliff.

However, some stores will sometimes switch over from one sale week to the next on Saturday nights, around closing time.

While they’re making the switch, you can take advantage of the sales for both weeks.

Which, because you now have the Hobby Lobby sales schedule, means practically the entire store is on sale. The rule of thumb is if you see a sale sign in front of an item on Saturday night, whether it’s this week’s or next week’s, they will honor it.

Hobby Lobby store hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and the store is closed every Sunday. Use the Hobby Lobby store finder to find a store near you.


8. Hobby Lobby Black Friday isn’t really a thing, but watch for a Cricut sale.

In 2019, starting the Tuesday before Black Friday, Hobby Lobby offered the Cricut Explore Air 2 for $199 (reg. $249). And sure, normally a 20% discount isn’t earth-shattering, but Cricut sales are rare across the board, and this model retails for more like $249.99 at Michaels (where you also cannot use a coupon for the item).

Also, Hobby Lobby doesn’t hold special early Black Friday hours, and this particular deal was available from Tuesday through Saturday during Black Friday week. So there’s zero reason to go in store on Black Friday!


9. Hobby Lobby Christmas Sale prices reach 66% off the week before Christmas.

Hobby Lobby aims to sell everything by the time each holiday or season arrives. The reason? The store doesn’t reorder any holiday or seasonal items, so they start discounts as early as July for fall decor and August for Christmas items.

If you see something you want, buy when it’s 66% off at most, or you risk the item selling out. When the 90% off sale rolls around, shop it like you’d shop at a dollar store — grab items you can use for DIY projects or to repurpose for another use.

Here’s a snippet of Hobby Lobby’s seasonal sale schedule. (Read the Hobby Lobby Sales Schedule to find out about other holidays and seasons).

40% off — Mid-July through the end of October

50% off — First two weeks of November

80% off — Last two weeks of November

40% off — Mid-August through the end of October

50% off — November through mid-December

66% off — Last two weeks of December

80-90% off — New Year’s Eve through the first week of January


10. Sleuth out Hobby Lobby clearance in the store and online.

We already touched on Hobby Lobby clearance — red tags indicating clearance prices.

Some of these items reach up to 90% off so go ahead and dig!

Shopping HobbyLobby.com? Don’t forget to peruse Hobby Lobby’s online clearance. But before you pull the trigger, consider shipping fees! This leads me to…


11. Don’t shop HobbyLobby.com unless you have a free shipping promo code.


When you shop HobbyLobby.com, you’ll pay for shipping based on how much money you spend.

Shipping starts at $6.95 for items priced $0.01-$15 and increases from there to $600 in shipping for items $9,999+. For example, if you spend $100 online, you’ll pay $15.95 for shipping. Here’s Hobby Lobby’s shipping fee schedule.

If you don’t mind paying out the nose for shipping, by all means, shop online. But items are priced exactly the same in store for the most part, and Hobby Lobby won’t match its online prices in store or vice versa.

Fortunately, Hobby Lobby runs “free shipping with minimum purchase promos” at least once a month. So if shopping online is a must for you, be sure to do it during these times!

Sign up for Hobby Lobby emails and follow Hobby Lobby on Facebook in order to find out when there’s a free shipping promo.

TIP: If you do decide to shop online, initiate your purchase through TopCashback to get an extra 4% back on your purchase.


12. You can use the Hobby Lobby coupon at JOANN, but not vice versa.

If you’re shopping at JOANN, take your Hobby Lobby coupon with you, because they will honor it when they carry the exact same item.

But don’t bother bringing a competitor’s percentage-off coupon to Hobby Lobby, thinking you’ll get a discount, because — spoiler alert — you won’t. Hobby Lobby doesn’t honor competitor coupons.

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13. But Hobby Lobby will price match items from the Michaels, or JOANN ad.

Even though Hobby Lobby doesn’t play ball with competitor coupons, they will give you a direct competitor’s price on exact same items.

So, if you just enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby over Michaels or JOANN, you can still get the lowest price.

In order to get Michaels or JOANN prices at Hobby Lobby, you must have a copy of the competitor’s ad and the item must be an exact match. Plus, Hobby Lobby will only match a listed price that’s lower, not a percentage-off sale.

So if Michaels is having a 50% off sale on an exact paint set sold at Hobby Lobby, you cannot get the item for 50% off at Hobby Lobby using price match. But if Michaels lists a sale price on the paint set that’s lower than what the Lob sells it for, ask for the Michaels price!

Also note that you can’t use your 40% off coupon with a price match. Price match can’t be applied to doorbuster prices, Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, Simplicity & McCall’s patterns, clearance, and closeout items.

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14. Order large quantities of Hobby Lobby wedding items in store, not online.

Planning a wedding? Know someone planning a wedding? Five hundred tea-light votives cost the same in store as they do online. But you’d save about $70 in shipping costs if you place your order in store.

Find an associate in the store and ask them if you can place an order for a large quantity of whatever you need for your wedding. You can’t check online how much inventory the store has, but the store will place your order and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

While you’ve got that associate, ask them about Hobby Lobby wedding rentals too!


15. Best thing to buy at Hobby Lobby is home decor.

One thing Michaels and JOANN just don’t have is a vast selection of home decor items. This is where Hobby Lobby shines.

Whether you wait for a 50% off sale or you use your 40% off coupon to buy full price items, you can usually get a great price on anything to decorate your home or business — mirrors, candles, shelving, knobs, art prints and posters, terrariums, vases — the list is long.

Not to mention they also have a great selection and price on fall and Christmas decor.


16. The worst thing to buy at Hobby Lobby is furniture.

Remember the controversy surrounding Hobby Lobby’s approach to pricing furniture? Since it’s basically always listed as “Your Price,” you cannot use your 40% off coupon instead of the 30% off sale price.

For this reason, I’m filing furniture under worst things to buy — it’s the biggest casualty in the Hobby Lobby pricing wars.


17. Save up to 10% on top of a coupon with Hobby Lobby discounted gift cards.

You can buy unwanted Hobby Lobby gift cards at a discount from gift card retailers like Raise or Cardpool.

These act just like a regular gift card so you can certainly use them along with your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon.


18. Get an additional 10% discount on damaged items.

We’re not talking about a microscopic scratch. But if your item’s got a pretty good blemish and it doesn’t bother you (or you could easily hide it when you get home), ask the cashier for the discount.

Like this gnome I found — his hand was chipped so I asked the cashier for a discount. She called the manager over, and the manager gave me an additional 10% off!

This works with sale items, but not with your 40% off coupon. If you’re getting a damage discount, you can’t use your coupon even if the item is regular price, so figure out which approach makes the item cheaper and go with it!


19. Get a rain check for out-of-stock items to hold the sale price.

If a certain color of Krylon spray paint is 30% off but it’s out of stock, ask customer service for a rain check.

Once it’s back in store, you can bring in your rain check to pick it up AND still get the sale price. This frees you up to use your 40% off coupon on something else in your cart..

Note that you can’t get a rain check on an item that has a category discount like “Entire Stock of Spray Paint.” Only if the sale is a specific brand and the color you want happens to be out of stock.

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20. Hobby Lobby Employee discount is 15% off everything.

And I mean 15% off your entire purchase, plus you can use a 40% off coupon, good for one item — even sale items.

I know someone who started selling her watercolor paintings on Etsy. She got a part-time job at Hobby Lobby and used her employee discount (on top of sales and coupons) to buy all her painting supplies. Genius!

Interested? Check out the Hobby Lobby job board.


21. Schools, churches and national charitable organizations get a 10% Hobby Lobby discount.

While there’s no Hobby Lobby military discount, if you’re a teacher, bring an unsigned check from your school that’s made out to Hobby Lobby to get a teacher discount. Plan to sign it at the register after a manager approves the transaction — you must sign the check in store to get the discount.

Another option is to bring in a credit card from the organization to pay. You can’t pay with purchase orders and this only works in store — you won’t get this discount online.


22. Hobby Lobby does price adjustments for up to 14 days after purchase.

You know your item will go on sale in a week or two, but you just. Can’t. Wait.

Consider buying it and then bringing the item back with the receipt to get the sale price once the price drops. You HAVE to bring your receipt AND the item back into the store (even if you’ve already used it in a project!) to get the price difference, so be sure to take that into consideration to decide if a price adjustment is worth the hassle.

Also, Hobby Lobby doesn’t price adjust clearance (“Reduced”) items.


23. Return new, unused items for up to 90 days.

Hobby Lobby’s return policy says that if you return an original, unopened item within 90 days, you can get your money back in the form of your original payment.

Without a receipt, you can exchange your item or get a store credit for the lowest selling price within the last 60 days.

Go ahead and return your HobbyLobby.com purchases to a Hobby Lobby store. Just be sure to bring your invoice. Same return rules apply — 90 days for unopened items with receipt and a store credit for the lowest selling price if you don’t have a receipt.

Hobby Lobby won’t refund shipping charges in store, and they’ll only refund shipping charges for online orders if the reason for your return is their fault.

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