As far as return policies go, the Hobby Lobby return policy isn’t at the top of my list of faves. I mean, if you’re making a purchase in store and need to return the item, it stacks up alright against other retailers. But if you’re shopping online, it can be kind of a bear to navigate.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the best way to handle a Hobby Lobby return for a purchase, so I did one. This is what I found, plus a few tips for returning in-store purchases too.

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1. The Hobby Lobby return policy lets you return ship online purchases, but don’t do it!

Yes, you can return your purchase through USPS or UPS. But unless you love wasting money, avoid doing this!

Why? You have to pay for fees associated with shipping your item back to the retailer. Hobby Lobby will only reimburse you for shipping costs if your item arrives damaged or defective. If you simply don’t like what you bought or it’s not what you expected, you’re paying for shipping.

Plus, it can take up to two weeks to get your money back.

I looked into returning two glass lanterns I bought from, and shipping fees to return them would have cost up to three times the amount I paid for the lanterns themselves! UPS Ground rate was $9.85, compared to a whopping $15.05 to send them back via USPS Priority Mail. Since I only paid $4.78 total for these lanterns, I’d be better off keeping them!


2. Return everything — store or purchases — to the store.

You have the option to return your purchase to the physical store in order to avoid paying return shipping costs. This is what I did, once I saw how expensive shipping would be.

The only downside here is that when you return online purchases to the store, unless your refund totals less than $10, you’ll receive your refund in the form of a gift card. Womp womp.

Lucky for me, I got cash back instead of a gift card.

By the way, you can’t return items you bought at the store via mail — you need to do those returns at the store. It can be any Hobby Lobby — doesn’t have to be the one where you made a purchase.


3. If you don’t want a Hobby Lobby gift card, here’s what you can do.

If you absolutely must have cash, consider returning your item to a Hobby Lobby store, and when you receive a Hobby Lobby gift card, sell it at You’ll still lose some money, but not as much as you’d lose shipping your item to, and you won’t be stuck with a gift card. For example, if you had a $23 Hobby Lobby gift card you received from a return, you could sell it for $18.23. You’ll lose $4.77, but it’s still better than paying $9.85 for shipping!


4. If you must return your purchase via mail, you’ll need to fill out a return form.

Download the Hobby Lobby Return Form, fill it out, and include it with your shipment back to the retailer.


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5. What’s the Hobby Lobby return policy without a receipt?

A receipt isn’t absolutely necessary to make a return at Hobby Lobby, but if you don’t have one, you’ll only receive the lowest selling price for the item over the past 60 days. And you’ll get store credit in the form of a gift card instead of money back on your debit card.

This means if you bought the item for full price two weeks ago, but it was included in a 50% off sale last week, even if the day you return it it’s back at full price, you’ll only receive the 50%-off price from two weeks ago.

And don’t waste time thinking Hobby Lobby will bend the rules for you. They straight-up won’t — no receipt, no guaranteed full-price return.


6. You have either 60 or 90 days to make a return, depending on your receipt situation.

If you do have a receipt (or invoice, in the case of a purchase), you’ll get 90 days to make a return for your full purchase price.

Without a receipt, you only have 60 days.



7. All items have to be unopened and in new condition or Hobby Lobby won’t honor a return.

I didn’t test this out, as my glass lanterns weren’t in any packaging and didn’t have tags. Plus, I didn’t use them and then try to return them.

But if your item comes in a bag or it has tags, or otherwise could show signs of wear, don’t remove anything until you’re sure it’s a keeper.


8. …But you can’t return Cricut or Silhouette products, or sewing and embroidery machines at all without a receipt.

If you’re buying one of these items, be willing to get extreme — heck, consider taping the receipt to the bottom of the machine if you’re nervous about losing it. Whatever you do, don’t lose these receipts or you’ll be stuck trying to sell a Cricut on Facebook Marketplace.


9. If you bought your item during a free shipping promo at Hobby Lobby, you’ll still pay shipping to return it.

Hobby Lobby offers regular (about once a month) free shipping promos, and it’s a great time to buy from

I asked a Hobby Lobby customer service representative whether I could get free shipping on my return, since I bought my item during a free shipping promo. They said no and then confessed that mail-in returns are not worth it and they personally go in store to do a return. Yep!


10. Hobby Lobby stores and operate independently where returns are concerned.

This only matters if you need to contact customer service — there are separate customer services for each. I had all the questions about this, so I called customer service and waited for a good 15 minutes before I got through to an associate.

To find out about the online returns process, you’d call (800) 888-0321 — this is the retailer’s customer service number for all things

If you have a question about returning your item to a store, you could call the store directly, or Hobby Lobby customer service at (855) 329-7060.

Kind of odd, but important to know, so you don’t wait on hold for ten minutes only to be told to call a different number.



11. If you used a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon on your purchase, it’ll be deducted from your return.

To put it more simply, you’ll only receive the amount you actually paid. For example, I bought two glass lanterns and they were $2.99 each, so I used a 40% off coupon on one of them, bringing the price of one lantern down to $1.80. The total amount I paid for the two lanterns was $4.78, so that’s what I received back, plus tax.

Once you get the hang of whether or not to return your item via mail or in store, it’s pretty straightforward. Unless I’ve got an expensive item and I want cash back (instead of a gift card), I’m on Team In-Store Return for life.


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