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Confused About Michaels Return Policy? Let's Break It Down

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Long-time Michaels shoppers are probably still mourning the bygone days when Michaels gave you a full six months to make returns. A few years ago that window shortened to just 60 days. But, hey, it’s still a reasonable amount of time to return items that don’t quite fit your latest craft project.

Shortened return window aside, there's been some improvements to the Michaels return policy lately, too. For example, you can now initiate online returns online instead of having to call Michaels customer service (which never made sense to us anyway). And you won't lose your Michaels Rewards dollars just because you make a return. 

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What is Michaels return policy?


The most important thing you need to know about the Michaels return policy is that it gives you 60 days to make a return. Of course, there are some nuances and we're diving into them below, including what happens if you don't have a receipt.

To make a return at Michaels with a receipt:

You need to have the item in new, unused condition in all its original packaging to make a return at Michaels. Ideally, you'll have your receipt, but if you don't not all is lost...

To make Michaels return without a receipt:

If you bought the item with your Michaels Rewards account but don't have your receipt, the cashier will simply do a Michaels receipt lookup in the system. Then you'll get treated the same as if you had the paper version of the receipt with you.

If they still can't find it, you'll want to come armed with your government-issued ID. When you show your ID, they'll allow the return. But your refund could be much smaller than you're expecting. For receipt-less returns, you'll get the lowest selling price for the item over the past 90 days. Your refund will be issued as store credit.

Returning online items:

The Michaels return policy allows you to return online orders in-store. You'll just use the packing slip that came with your item as your receipt. Or you can show the Michaels associate at the store your confirmation email on your phone.

Are there exceptions to the Michaels return policy?


Yes. There are a number of items that come with a shorter return policy or stricter rules, and a few more that you can't return at all.

Can I return clearance items at Michaels?

No, you can't return clearance items at Michaels. They're all final sale.

What about cut fabric, can I return that at Michaels?

That's another no. Once it's cut, it's yours forever. No returns or refunds.

What is the Michaels return policy for Cricut products?

You absolutely need a receipt to make a Cricut return. And the box absolutely cannot be opened.

If you did open the box and found damage, you need to contact Cricut directly about their warranty. Defective Cricut products aren't typically returnable at Michaels, which means you have to go straight to the manufacturer with any gripes.

Can I return Glowforge products at Michaels?

Glowforge machines and filters must be returned within 14 days. You don't get the whole 60-day window with this one! In addition to the shorter return policy, you also can't return it if the seal on the box has been broken. You can return most Glowforge products in-store, but for these particular items you'll have to contact Michaels customer service to initiate the return:

  • Glowforge Pro

  • Glowforge Plus

  • Any Glowforge Compact air filter

If you got a defective Glowforge, you've gotta contact Glowforge rather than Michaels. Glowforge's customer service number is 1-855-338-2122. Remember, though – you only have 14 days to find any defects!

Are Michaels custom frame jobs returnable?

In a sense, yes. Michaels doesn't promise to give your money back, but if you bring the framed item back within 14 days of pickup, they will rework it until you're happy. The caveat is it must be the same store that originally framed it — you can't just take it to any old Michaels location.

What is the Michaels return policy for Halloween costumes?

If you ordered it online, you'll need to return or exchange it at least seven days before the holiday per Michaels' return policy. For in-store purchases, the 60-day Michaels return policy still applies – even for seasonal items.

Are Michaels classes refundable?

Most Michaels classes are free. With that said, yes, if you paid for an in-person class for something like sewing or scrapbooking, you can get a refund up through the start date of the scheduled class.

Can I return MichaelsPro orders?

Yes! You can return MichaelsPro orders. They fall under the standard 60-day return window. You initiate the process by calling the dedicated number for MichaelsPro returns: 1-833-645-3776. Then they'll issue you a Return Authorization and directions on how to complete your return from there.

One thing to watch out for with MichaelsPro returns is that you might get charged a restocking fee. Be sure to ask about this before you finalize your return. You don't want to get surprised with it when your refund is issued at a reduce rate!

Tips to Maximize Your Michaels Return

Yes — you're doing it. You're making a Michaels return. Follow these guidelines to make the most of the experience.

Don't expect Michaels to accept the return of a used or opened item.

This isn't a Trader Joe's situation where you can open an item, decide you don't like it, and expect a refund. At Michaels, if you use the item, no, you're not supposed to return it. But if you just opened the box? As long as you can repack everything the same way it came and it doesn't look like someone already tore into it, you might be able to make the return. Depending on both the quality of your packing job and the store manager's judgment.

If you opened the box and found the item was damaged or defective, that's another story. Take it back into the store, explain what happened, and show them what's wrong. You should still be able to get your money back.

Know that your Michaels refund will be issued in the same way you paid for the item.

Typically, your refund will be issued via whichever payment method you used at checkout. But there are a few exceptions.

  • If you purchased with a check in the past 10 days or are making a return with a gift receipt, your refund will be issued via store credit.

  • If you paid with a debit card, your refund will be issued as cash money.

  • Paid with PayPal? That'll get you a cash refund, too.

TIP: If your PayPal purchase was more than $500, the cashier is probably going to have to phone it in. Michaels customer service will have to get involved.

What if I purchased with something a Michaels gift card?

If you made the original purchase with a gift card, it should be refunded via a store merchandise card. (Which is essentially just another gift card.) You shouldn't have to stress about holding onto the same physical gift card to receive your refund — the new store merchandise card will just be issued at the register.

Make Michaels in-store returns as easy as possible by having your receipt, shipping invoice for online orders, or ID at the ready for the employee.

I don't know that 'easy' is the right word. It could be easy. Or your return might turn into a whole adventure.

When I recently made a return, the associate couldn't find the order number for my purchase in the system, even though I gave her my shipping invoice with the order number. It wasn't matching up. So she had to process it in the same way she'd do a receipt-less return.

The only difference was that she had proof of the exact amount I had paid in her hands, so she manually entered the amount I was owed instead of giving me the lowest selling price over the past 90 days, like a true receiptless return.

It was kind of a mess, and she said returns are always fussy. I believe her!

Initiate a online return by following a few steps.

Online returns have gotten a whole lot easier at Michaels. Up until 2023, you had to call Michaels customer service to initiate a mail-in return like you were living in the Stone Age. But finally, Michaels has a way to initiate mail-in returns online. Here's the steps:

  1. Log on to your account.

  2. Go to your Order History and click 'View Details' for the order you want to return.

  3. Click the 'Return Order' button.

  4. Select the item(s) from the order that you want to return.

  5. Select the reason for your return.

  6. Upload any relevant images or videos.

  7. Wait for your return to be reviewed.

  8. If it's approved, Michaels will issue you a free return shipping label.

Bear in mind that while you won't have to pay for return shipping, you also won't get refunded for the original shipping fees you paid, either. (Especially if you're just making the return because you changed your mind.)

Understand that if you purchased an item with Michaels Rewards Vouchers, you will get those back when you return an item.

If you made a purchase using Michaels Rewards dollars, those rewards will be issued back to your Rewards account within 24 – 48 hours when you make a return. Then the part of the order you paid for will be issued to your original method of payment.

So let's say you spent $20 on an item — $14 on your credit card and $6 in Rewards dollars. When you make the return, you'll get $14 back on your credit card and $6 in Rewards dollars back on your Michaels account.

TIP: If you made a purchase with a coupon rather than Rewards dollars, the coupon won't be refunded – only the actual price you paid.

Keep Michaels customer service number on hand, just in case.

You've heard me drone on about all the reasons you might have to call Michaels customer service – but you'll need the number! For general returns questions or complications, you can call (800) 642-4235. For MichaelsPro returns, you'll need to call (833) 645-3776.

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