Everyday low prices are great and all, but Walmart clearance can save you more. Any smart shopper’s gotta know how to find hidden clearance items, when to shop Walmart clearance, and more.

I did some digging so you can know you’re getting the best deal when you shop Walmart clearance.

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1. Save up to 90% on Walmart toy clearance.

When it comes to Walmart clearance, you can find some great toy deals.

Find great prices on toys on clearance during January and July — when most clearance hits around 75% off — with discounts reaching up to 90% off the original price.

Here are examples from January 2021:

Buy 1 Little Tikes My First Pet Checkup Play Set (reg. $97) $29, clearance price
In stores only
Final Price: $29
Buy 1 Disney Princess Ariel’s Royal Vanity Doll Play Set (reg. $12.88) $4, clearance price
In stores only
Final Price: $4
Buy 1 Madd Rollers Light-Up Heel Skates – Blue (reg. $15) $1.50, clearance price
In stores only
Final Price: $1.50


2. Shop Walmart clearance the first five days of the month.

Clearance items will still get marked down throughout the month depending on seasonal items and inventory, but you’ll see the most markdowns and the widest selection of clearance at Walmart during the first five days of the month.


3. Look beyond the clearance aisle for deals.

Don’t just beeline for the Walmart clearance section on your next trip to the store. Some stores leave clearance items in their “home” section until something else replaces them on the shelf.

Search the store, keep your eyes peeled for clearance stickers, and always check the endcaps.


4. Pick up produce, meat, and bakery items the day before their “best by” date.

I’ve heard managers refer to this as a “customer value markdown.” Basically, they’ll mark down the items the day before their “best by” date, typically around 8 p.m.

But, if you notice that it’s the day before the “best by” date and it’s not marked down, simply bring it to a manager. If the system allows it, they’ll go ahead and mark it down for you.

If the item’s starting to look pretty rough (think those strawberries you left in your fridge for too long), they won’t sell them at all.


5. Look out for dented cans and save a few bucks.

Most Walmarts will have a spot in the store where they put dented cans and discount them. Ask a worker to help you find this spot, or if you find a damaged item without a discount, ask for one.

Keep in mind, the dent can’t be too big and can’t be along the seams of the can. If that’s the case, the can gets thrown out.

PRO TIP: You can still use manufacturer coupons on dented cans, as well as take advantage of rebates from apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51.



6. Shop Walmart holiday clearance to get the lowest prices on seasonal items.

Shop a year early for all your holiday decorations to get the lowest prices.

When they’re trying to clear the shelves for the next holiday, they start selling the last season’s decor for at least 50% off (and the discounts go up from there the farther out you get from the holiday).

Plus, you’ll get major deals on holiday-related items beyond decorations. Here are some deals on holiday products marked down more than 90%!

Buy 1 Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Peppermint Hand Soap, 12.5 ounce (reg. $3.99) $0.25, clearance price
In stores only
Final Price: $0.25
Buy 1 Find Your Happy Place Home for the Holidays Body Lotion, 10 ounce (reg. $6.97) $0.63, clearance price
Final Price: $0.63


7. Ask store managers about any additional markdowns.

Unlike Target, Walmart stores can have clearance sales unique to their location. Even if the clearance deal seems pretty good, the manager might give you an additional discount if it’s merchandise they’re trying to move.

Basically, it never hurts to ask!

PRO TIP: Miss a clearance deal? Walmart doesn’t have an official rain check policy, but it’s up to the manager’s discretion. Always make sure to ask if something you bought hits the clearance aisle a couple weeks later.


8. Use Brickseek to find additional items at other Walmarts.

Let’s say you find some makeup that’s supposed to be on clearance, but it’s all sold out.

Search the item or paste its UPC into the Brickseek inventory checker to see if it’s available in other stores and still on clearance.


9. Use the Walmart app to find hidden clearance in store.

If you’re not certain whether or not something is on clearance, just scan it in the Walmart app. If you have location services turned on, it’ll show you the current in-store price of the item.


10. Don’t look too deep into the last number on clearance tags.

If you’ve been deal hunting for a bit, you’ve probably heard there are certain “secrets” about Walmart price tags. I’ve heard people saying all Walmart clearance ends in “00” or that any item price ending in a “1” is the lowest it’ll be marked down.

Don’t believe the hype.



11. You can return Walmart clearance items.

When it comes to Walmart returns, if you picked up a clearance item you weren’t happy with, you can return it just like any other item. As long as you’ve got proof of purchase, you’ve got 90 days for pretty much everything.


12. Don’t expect clearance prices to go back up, as opposed to Rollback prices.

Once an item is marked as clearance, it can still drop in price, but it’s not going to go back to its original price.

Rollbacks, however, can go back to their regular price.


Good luck on your Walmart clearance hunt! Make sure to drop some of the best deals you see in the comments.


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