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Ever shop Walmart Clearance only to find the majority of items don’t have tags on them? Or the tags they have are out of date?

Most stores have removed Walmart price scanners, making it almost impossible to price check to see what’s really on clearance.

The Walmart scanner app is the solution to this problem, and once you know how to be your own Walmart price check, you’ll be able to easily find hidden prices throughout the store.

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Use the Walmart app to scan prices — no Walmart Plus subscription needed.

A person's hand holding up their cellphone, using the Walmart app to scan the price of a toy on a clearance shelf.

If you’ve shopped at Sam’s Club and have used their Scan & Go feature, then you know how awesome it is. The Walmart Scan & Go feature is available in the Walmart app. Unfortunately, the only way you can use this feature is if you pay $98 a year or $12.95 a month for the Walmart Plus subscription.

But … if you’re just looking to scan a product to check its price, you don’t actually need a Walmart Plus subscription! Just make sure you have your location service setting on and that your location is set to the store you’re in, and then connect to the Walmart Wi-Fi. This way you, too, will find the clearance prices without paying for Walmart Plus. I use the feature to scan pretty much everything, and when a price comes up lower … jackpot!

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Price check in the mobile app to find Walmart clearance.

Two women standing in the toy aisle at Walmart, looking at a cell phone.

Even without a Walmart Plus subscription, you may be able to find clearance prices on your phone by using the search bar in the Walmart app.

When you open the Walmart app in store, you’ll see two tabs. One for “Walmart.com” and one for “In This Store.” If you can’t scan a barcode or you can’t remember that viral clearance item you spotted on Instagram … you can type in the name in the search field and toggle to “In This Store.” This’ll give you the price for the product in the store where you’re shopping. When in doubt you can always …


Ask if there is a Walmart price checker you can use in the store. Then scan everything.

A person's hand holding up a coffee tumbler next to a price scanner in Walmart which shows the price to be 39 cents.

You may not have to worry about any of the above hacks if you’re lucky enough to have a Walmart price checker still in your store. I asked the first associate I saw when I walked in the door if there was still a price scanner. Turns out it was in their baby section, but it could’ve been in any random place in the store. Hey, no shame in scanning a cart full of clearance items near the diapers if it’s the only Walmart price scanner around, right?


You can also check prices at self-checkout.

A person scanning a LEGO toy at the self-checkout scanner at Walmart.

Okay, this is the last resort because it’s kind of a hassle. If you don’t have your phone with you to scan the price, you can always scan the item yourself at a self-checkout. But only if there’s no line. Or you really, really want that thing and are willing to wait.

Have you figured out another way to find Walmart clearance prices? Please share in the comments below.


How to Use Walmart Price Scanner to Find Hidden Clearance