Ever shop Walmart clearance only to find the majority of items don’t have tags on them? Worse yet, they’ve taken out most of their in-store scanners, making it almost impossible to determine what’s really on clearance. Don’t panic, ’cause I hacked Walmart clearance with a few ways to find prices.


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Use the Walmart+ subscription Scan & Go feature in the app.

After having success with their Scan & Go feature at Sam’s Club, Walmart finally added a Scan & Go feature to their Walmart app. Unfortunately, the only way you can use this feature is if you pay $98 a year or $12.95 a month for the Walmart+ subscription. While it’s an expensive way to price check, if you’re going to sign up for the subscription anyway, it’s a nice little perk.

I use the feature to scan pretty much everything, and when a price comes up lower…jackpot!


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Search through the Walmart mobile app with the search bar or “Check a price” tool.

Even without the Walmart+ subscription, you may be able to find clearance prices on your phone using the search bar in the Walmart app. I have to tell you it was hit-or-miss when I tried this on both an iPhone and Android phone. Not sure if Walmart will make this feature better or force us to sign up for their subscription. Thanks to KCL reader Susan for pointing out you can also go into the “Services” then “Store Tools” tab to scan prices with the “Check a price”, although other readers suggest, this approach too can be problematic. When in doubt you can always…


Ask a Walmart associate if there is at least one scanner in the store. Then scan everything.

You may not have to worry about any of the above hacks if you’re lucky enough to have a Walmart with at least one in-store scanner. I marched right up to the first associate I saw when I walked in the door and asked. Turns out it was in their baby section, but it could’ve been in any random place. In my case, it may have been only one scanner…in the entire store…but it was the only one that mattered! Hey, no shame in scanning a cart full of clearance items over near the diapers, right?



Bring your clearance items to Walmart self-checkout.

Okay this is a last resort because it’s kind of a hassle. If you don’t have your phone, you can always scan the item yourself at a self-checkout. But, only if there’s no line. Or you really, really want that thing and are willing to wait.


Have you figured out another way to find Walmart clearance prices? Please share in the comments below.


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