The truth is, most of Walmart’s discounts are available without promo codes. That doesn’t mean Walmart promo codes don’t exist, though!

Let’s check out the best ways to grab Walmart promo codes, coupons, and rebates.

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1. Use a Walmart promo code for $25 off a $75 order.

One of the best promo codes for Walmart grocery delivery is for $25 off an order of $75 or more. You can currently get this deal by entering the code FRESHAPR at checkout.

This promo works for both new and existing Walmart+ subscribers.


2. Or get $10 off a grocery pickup or delivery purchase of $50 or more.

You can typically get a Walmart grocery delivery promo for $10 off an order of $50 or more. Currently, you can take advantage of this promo by using the codes WOWFRESH or TIMEBACK at checkout.

This is a code that we see come and go every other month or so. Check the KCL Walmart deals page for the most up-to-date promo codes.


3. And get $10 off your next Walmart grocery pickup order when you refer a friend.

For the Walmart grocery referral promo, you just enter in a friend’s info so they get $10 off their first order. As soon as they make their first purchase, you get your very own $10 off promo to use.

Keep in mind, the $10 promo codes can’t be stacked with other offers. Additionally, your referral promo won’t show up for three to five business days.


4. There are also promos for free delivery on Walmart groceries.

If you can’t find a dollar-off promo code for Walmart grocery delivery, keep an eye out for free delivery promos. Right now, if you use the code FRESHCAR at checkout, you’ll get free shipping on any order $50 or over.


5. Follow the KCL Walmart deals page for manufacturer coupons and offers.

Bookmark the KCL Walmart deals page and find the best manufacturer coupons to use at Walmart. Plus, you’ll find the biggest clearance and rollback deals every single week.


6. Shop through Rakuten to get up to 6% back on what you spend at Walmart.

Create a free Rakuten account, navigate to on the Rakuten Site, then click “Shop Now.” Make an eligible purchase and get paid through PayPal or check quarterly. Currently, they’re offering anywhere from 1-6% back on your Walmart order depending on what you buy.

Plus, they have specific cash back deals, like $50 back on an annual Walmart+ subscription.


7. Or, shop through TopCashback to get 2-7% off.

Just like with Rakuten, shopping at Walmart through TopCashback will net you anywhere from 2-7% back, depending on what you get.

They also offer specialty rewards on certain Walmart purchases, like $6 back on your first PetRX purchase over $35. Follow the best TopCashback deals so you don’t miss any new offers.


8. Get a $5 Ibotta rebate just for doing a Walmart+ free trial.

If you’re interested in the 15-day Walmart+ free trial, sign up through Ibotta. Just look for in the Ibotta app, select the $5 back on a Walmart+ free trial, and put in your info. Boom! Easy five bucks.

You can also shop Walmart and through Ibotta for rebates on everything from grocery items to jewelry. Plus, Walmart and Ibotta have partnered so you can get rebates applied directly to your Walmart account.


9. Buy certain items for free movie promos.

Walmart commonly offers Fandango movie promo codes for purchasing everything from Advil and Clorox Wipes to Twizzlers and Dr Pepper. Here’s one they offered in 2020 for a FanDangoNOW video streaming promo:

Buy 3 Suave Essentials Fresh Rain Body Wash, 28 oz $2.94, regular price
Buy 3, submit for FandangoNOW Promo Code (up to $5)
Final Price: $2.94 each, when you buy 3, plus FandangoNOW promo code
Before the pandemic, they offered similar Fandango promos for free movie tickets.


10. Get a Walmart promo code for $5-25 if your order is late or damaged.

If your Walmart order arrives damaged, late, or never arrived at all, get in touch with Walmart customer service at (800) 925-6278, or use Walmart customer service chat. They’ll hook you up with a promo code for a future order between $5 and $25.


10 Walmart Promo Codes and Coupons for Smart Shoppers