Whether you buy paint supplies from Michaels, fabric and quilting supplies from Jo-Ann’s, or home decor and jewelry-making kits from Hobby Lobby, aim to get everything at least 40% off.

In addition to knowing each store’s sale cycles, coupons are a big part of getting the best prices.

Remember: Always use a percentage-off-your-total-purchase coupon on sale or clearance items at Michaels and Jo-Ann’s. Hobby Lobby won’t allow it.


1. Use competitor coupons plus all your Jo-Ann’s coupons in one transaction.

Jo-Ann’s accepts coupons from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. They also allow you to use more than one discount coupon within the same transaction, as long as each coupon is from a different source (for example, a newspaper insert coupon versus a website coupon).

Subscribe to Jo-Ann’s emails and download their app to get exclusive high-value discounts (like 60% off any regular priced item). But remember, you can only use one coupon when making online purchases.

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2. Use every competitor coupon at Michaels.

Michaels accepts coupons from Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s, Ben Franklin and AC Moore. You can only use one type of coupon per transaction.


3. Hobby Lobby only accepts their own 40% off coupon.

But it’s always available by clicking the upper right-hand corner of the Hobby Lobby website, or on their app.

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4. Get $23 patterns for $0.99-$1.29 at Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby.

Never pay full price for a pattern. Ever.

Simplicity, Butterick, and McCall patterns are regularly priced between $11.00-$23.00 but often go on sale for $0.99, 10/$10, or $1.29 at Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby.

Vogue patterns can cost up to $35.00, but you’ll see Jo-Ann’s mark these down to just $5.00.


5. Jo-Ann’s is the queen of fabric (and fabric discounts!).

But Hobby Lobby is a close second. Vow to never pay full price — always shoot for 40-50% off whatever cut of fabric you need. Your patience will (literally) pay off in the end.

Yes, you can use a coupon on your fabric, but the sale prices are often just as good; however, when there’s a fabric sale at Jo-Ann’s, remember to use your percentage-off-your-total-purchase coupon and stock up!

Check out our optimal price guide for popular fabrics:

  • Flannel: 50-75% off at Jo-Ann’s (look for 75% off in November).
  • Minky: 30% off at Hobby Lobby (every day).
  • Cotton: 30% off at Hobby Lobby (every day), or wait for a 40% off sale at Jo-Ann’s.
  • Tulle: Wait for Jo-Ann’s “3 yards for $4” sale (there’s one in March).
  • Fleece: 50% off at Jo-Ann’s (look for this in September).
  • Home decor fabrics: 40% off (look for the sale in August).
  • Licensed character fabric: 40% off — the biggest selection is at Jo-Ann’s.
  • Quilt batting: 50% off at Jo-Ann’s.

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6. Get scrapbook supplies from Hobby Lobby, unless Jo-Ann’s is running their 12/$2 promotion.

Hobby Lobby’s scrapbook section is arguably the most modern, and they run a 50% off paper crafts sale every four weeks.

However, when you see Jo-Ann’s mark down their scrapbook paper to 12/$2, it’s time to shop.


7. Michaels wins for picture frame selection and discount. Buy when you see 50% off.

The framing selection at Michaels can’t be beat. If there isn’t a 50% off sale going on, 40% off is still a bargain.

Don’t see a frame sale? Use your 40-60%-off-a-single-item coupon instead.

Since coupons are interchangeable at Jo-Ann’s and Michaels, you can always use a 60% off custom framing coupon at both Michaels and Jo-Ann’s, but Michaels also offers a 60% + 15% off coupon on custom framing in the coupon section of their website.


8. Look for 50% off Jo-Ann’s craft books.

Jo-Ann’s has the biggest selection of craft books (especially quilting books!), and they often go on sale for 50% off.

You can’t use a coupon on books at Michaels.


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9. Buy crochet thread at Michaels. It’s $0.50 cheaper than at Jo-Ann’s.

While Jo-Ann’s has a decent selection of crochet thread, it’s typically more expensive than at Michaels. For example, Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread is regularly priced $3.99 at Jo-Ann’s but only $3.49 at Michaels.


10. Skip Hobby Lobby’s yarn. Go to Jo-Ann’s or Michaels instead.

Both stores offer excellent selections of high-quality yarn. If you don’t care about quality wool yarn, head to Walmart for cheaper polyester blends.

Look for Caron Super Soft skeins to go on sale at Jo-Ann’s for $2.50, and Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton yarn to hit $0.99 at Michaels (I’ve seen it as low as $0.19 online). When either item is priced that low, be sure to buy it first thing the morning the sale starts, or you’ll likely miss out.

Both stores regularly have sales on Bernat Blanket Yarn, but watch the size. Jo-Ann’s will often offer better prices on bigger skeins.

TIP: See a yarn sale in the Michaels flyer? Read the fine print. Michaels is notorious for putting “50% off Yarn!” in big letters, so you think every brand is on sale. Most of the time it’ll only be 1-2 brands while the rest is either full-price or a disappointing 10% off.


11. Get 50% off ribbon every week at Hobby Lobby.

Every other week, you’ll see the type of ribbon sale rotate at Hobby Lobby.

One week ribbon by the spool will be 50% off, but the next week ribbon by the yard will be 50% off. Time your ribbon purchase based on what you need.


12. Use high-value coupons on premium-thread brands like Sulky and Gütermann at Jo-Ann’s.

Depending on your machine, the more affordable Coats & Clark brand thread will work for you.

But if you need premium brands like Sulky and Gütermann, Jo-Ann’s is the place to go. You won’t even find those brands at Michaels. Be sure to use your highest-value coupon from either Michaels, Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby to bring the price down.

Same goes for embroidery or bobbin thread, but wait for either a BOGO free or 50% off sale.



13. Use a percentage-off coupon on already-clearanced seasonal decor and crafts at Jo-Ann’s and Michaels.

Each store has their own seasonal decor markdown schedule, but they are all similar. The merchandise starts at 40% off and inches up from there every week until it hits 90% off after the holiday.

But, you can use a percentage-off-your-total-purchase coupon on these clearance items at Jo-Ann’s and Michaels. Since Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept competitor coupons, you won’t have any chance for an extra discount there.


14. Wait until buttons are BOGO free or 50% off at Jo-Ann.

These sales happen a few times a year, but if your timing doesn’t line up, use a coupon!


15. Look for 50% off jewelry-making supplies at Hobby Lobby every two out of three weeks.

Don’t you love sales you can count on? Get everything you need to make jewelry marked 50% off every two weeks.


16. Skip purchasing craft machines at any of these stores.

Across the board, sewing machines or craft machines (like Cricuts) are listed as coupon exclusions. You’ll find better prices at Menards, eBay, or at a locally-owned shop.

If you’re just getting started and want something basic, you’ll regularly see beginner-level Singer models on sale at Jo-Ann’s for just under $100.

TIP: When getting your machine cleaned, smaller local shops typically have a shorter waiting period. Jo-Ann’s will often have an eight-week wait, while smaller shops can get your machine up and running within the week.


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17. Buy baking supplies online from Michaels or Jo-Ann’s during free shipping promos.

Not only will your items ship free, but the online selection and sale prices for both stores’ cake decorating and baking supplies can’t be beat. Stock up on smaller supplies like sprinkles or cupcake liners when you see a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale.

Once you’re signed up for store emails, you’ll be notified when free shipping promos begin.

If you’re already in the store, check the clearance bins. You’ll typically find some baking or cake decorating items marked at least 30% off.

And if you love a good deal, don’t even bother looking for baking supplies at Hobby Lobby. It never goes on sale.


18. Aim for 50% savings on floral at all three stores.

Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jo-Ann’s rotate floral sales so constantly, you should always be able to find at least 50% off whatever floral supplies you need.

In a pinch, a 40% discount is acceptable.


19. Wait for 50% off rubber stamp supplies at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Michaels’ selection beats Hobby Lobby’s, but you’ll see 50% off sales at both.


20. Buy drawing and painting supplies at Michaels during BOGO 50% off sales.

These canvases and sketch pads are high quality. Look for BOGO 50% off sketch pads, canvases, pencils, paint and any other artistic mediums you love.

Looking for pen and ink kits to make your own? Hit up Hobby Lobby instead of Michaels for a better selection with similar prices.

And if the brand of canvas doesn’t matter to you, every two out of three weeks Hobby Lobby puts their Fine Touch two-pack canvases on sale for 50% off.



21. Get quilting supplies at Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

You’ll find the best selection of high-quality scissors at Jo-Ann’s, though, which are also often marked 50% off.


22. Find the most durable storage solutions at Jo-Ann’s, but get a better selection online.

While all three stores offer storage solutions, I’ve found Jo-Ann’s to have the most durable, high-quality selection.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the store, opt for free in-store pickup with an online purchase, and use a coupon if your item isn’t already at least 40% off.


23. Get 50% off home decor at Hobby Lobby.

If interior design is your craft, you already know Hobby Lobby has the best decor.

But you can always wait for a 50% off sale. If it’s not on sale, stick it back on the shelf and wait a week.


24. Hobby Lobby furniture never goes above 30% off.

Interior design buffs know to expect 30% off Hobby Lobby furniture all day, every day. Rarely, furniture that isn’t selling or is damaged will end up in the clearance aisles for an additional 10-20% off.

We’ve heard rumors that certain locations allow you to use a 40% off coupon to boost that discount another 10%, but we personally haven’t had any luck with it.


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