Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits are great for your creative kiddos and don’t cost a dime. Plus, Lowe’s usually offers free in-person workshops and has tons of how-tos on their website.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lowe’s online workshops and free Kids’ Workshops kits.

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Take home a Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kit for free.

One of the best freebies you can get at the store is the free Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits. While the in-store workshops themselves have been halted, they’re still giving out the kits.

Since they go pretty fast, you can register for a kit on the Lowe’s DIY page by selecting an event and registering how many kits you’d like (up to five). You’ll get a time to pick it up at your local store.

If you didn’t register and you happen to be in the store, ask the manager if they have any extras or older kits available.

The Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kit for September 2021 is a bird bungalo kit (basically a little birdhouse). Lowe’s has also given away football goals, basketball hoops, and even seasonal kits like a love note holder for Valentine’s Day.


Register for a free Lowe’s workshop online.

Visit the Lowe’s workshops page to check out what events are coming up. There are standard DIY workshops, women’s workshops, and even kids’ workshops.

The in-person workshops have been halted for now, but keep checking back. Unfortunately, there are no virtual workshops at this time.


You can also check out DIY ideas at Lowes.com.

While you’re waiting for workshops to come back, check out the Lowe’s DIY Projects and Ideas page. There are plenty of projects, like crafting, bathroom makeovers, and home décor.

There are even calculators to help you determine how much material you’ll need and how long a project will take.




Lowe's Kids' Workshop Kits Are Free! Here's What You Gotta Know