Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits are great for your creative kiddos, and they don’t cost a dime if you’re able to register ahead of time.

We’ve got a simple breakdown of everything you need to know about Lowe’s online workshops and free Kids’ Workshops kits.

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This month’s free kit: Hole-In-One

Registration is now open for the Hole-In-One Workshop. This month’s kit is a miniature putting green kit, buildable in-store or to take home.

Register for the June Lowe’s Workshop here

1. Register for a free Lowe’s Kids’ Workshop kit during the final weekend of each month.

One of the best freebies you can get at Lowe’s is the free Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits, and as of March 2022, Lowe’s is back to hosting these workshops in stores (workshop kits had been take-home only since 2020).

If you’d rather take your workshop kit home, that’s fine, too — Lowe’s will email you a pickup time for your local store.

Registration usually opens during the last weekend of each month, and they go pretty fast (my stores tend to sell out by the following Monday). You can register for a kit on the Lowe’s DIY page by selecting an event and registering how many kits you’d like (a max of two).

2. Lowe’s announces each new Kids’ Workshops kit about two weeks in advance.

Visit the Lowe’s workshops page to check out what events are coming up. Lowe’s usually announces each new Kids’ Workshops kit about one month in advance, and at that time they’ll tell you the earliest date you can register.

Here’s what Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops have included so far in 2022 (this list will be updated as more Kids’ Workshops kits are announced):

  • January: Time Capsule Kit
  • February: Swan Letter Holder
  • March: Blast Off! Tabletop Game

Lowe’s likes to do seasonal kits — like that Valentine’s Day letter holder — but they’ve also given away football goal posts, basketball hoops, and birdhouse hits.


3. Lowe’s will give away any Kids’ Workshops kits that don’t get picked up the next evening.

If you missed out on registration, there’s still a chance you could pick up a Kids’ Workshops kit free of charge.

Starting at 8 p.m. on the Sunday following the normal pickup time (remember, Lowe’s normally does pickup on the second Saturday of the month), Lowe’s will give away unclaimed Kids’ Workshops kits to anyone who asks for them.



4. Missed out on Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops? See more DIY ideas at Lowes.com.

While you’re waiting for workshops to come back, check out the Lowe’s DIY Projects and Ideas page. There are plenty of projects, like crafting, bathroom makeovers, and home décor.

There are even calculators to help you determine how much material you’ll need and how long a project will take.

Be sure to check back here each month to see an updated schedule of Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits. Thanks for reading!

Lowe's Kids' Workshops Kits Are Free! Here's What You Gotta Know