The first time I ever tried to negotiate a price, it was at a bazaar in India. I got the price I asked for. It was a thrilling and triumphant feeling. But then again, in India everyone expects you to negotiate (unless you’re a tourist—then, they’re just proud of you if you do!).

Here in America, negotiation has been slow to make its way into the mainstream retail culture, but recent studies indicate it may have finally arrived!

7 Ways to haggle at Lowe’s

Lowe's has some stiff competition in Home Depot—meaning they tend to be more willing than not to negotiate if it means winning the sale!

1. Keep your mind open to negotiating on more than just price.

There are other valuable negotiating points besides pure price. You can negotiate for add-ons (additional complementary products, such as a fertilization system and a free bag of fertilizer), free extended warranties, quantity discounts, etc.

  • Tips from the pros: Lowe's is known for its preference to negotiate "add-ons" rather than just lowering the price of one item.

2. Always haggle when purchasing a major appliance.

Major appliances are a good catch for any home goods retailer, and they want your business badly. So be prepared to show the lowest online as well as in-store competitor quote you have found and ask them to match.

3. Ask about special interest group discounts.

At Lowe's, if you’re a member of the military or a veteran and their family members, you get an automatic 10% discount. But if you’re a member of the AARP, a trade association, AAA, or other special interest groups, ask about a discount for these as well!

4. Bid down the price of floor models and imperfect items.

More often than not, floor staff is already prepared and encouraged to haggle to move floor models, open box items, and damaged or imperfect items. All you need to do is give an offer to open the door to haggling.

  • Tips from the pros: If you are asked to provide an opening bid, start with 10% or $50—or whatever you feel is fair.

5. Find a better price at a competitor and ask for 10% below that price.

Like Home Depot, Lowe's is now known for offering to not just match competing offers, but to discount those offers by 10%. As well, Lowe's Price Protection plan is your guarantee of getting the lowest price online or in store.

  • Tips from the pros: Lowe's and Home Depot are also quite well known for accepting each other's coupons. So if you find a great competitor coupon, don't be afraid to present it! (You can also find great coupons for Lowe's at the post office in those "home relocation packets").

6. Visit the commercial services/contractors' desk to ask for a discount.

Many Lowe's customers have stories of going to or being sent (by a Lowe's employee) to the contractors' or commercial services desk to get an automatic discount—even if they didn't technically qualify to be there.

  • Tips from the pros: Don’t be afraid to head on over to the desk on your own and ask about better pricing!

7. Simply ask for a better price.

Even if none of these other strategies fit your specific situation, there is nothing stopping you from simply asking, "Can I get a better price?"

  • Tips from the pros: Be prepared to offer an idea of what your better price should be—asking for 10% off (or a representative flat dollar amount) is a good place to start.

This is a post by Shannon from Texas.

How to Haggle for a Deeper Discount at Lowe’s