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Lowe’s Outlet Stores: A Complete Guide for Smart Shoppers

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Walking into a Lowe’s Outlet store for the first time was a shock to the system. It’s just not every day you find Lowe’s deals like these. Up to 75% off Lowe’s scratch and dent appliances? There must be a catch.

Of course, I learned about a few drawbacks to shopping at Lowe’s Outlet stores, which I’ll dive deeper into. But overall, the potential savings kind of blew me away. You don’t get a fancy shopping experience, but I guarantee you'll save at least 30%.

Smart shopping is all about weighing the pros and cons. And this guide to Lowe’s Outlet covers everything you need to know. I’ll explain what the outlet stores are, the items you’ll find there, how much you’ll save, and what to consider before you shop.

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What are Lowe’s Outlet stores?


Lowe’s Outlet stores sell discontinued, overstocked, or slightly damaged items at a discount. They don’t have the same product selection, departments, and services as your regular Lowe’s store. You can only buy scratch and dent appliances and open-box items, but everything is 30% - 75% off the regular price.

Lowe’s Outlet offers a basic warehouse shopping experience. The store has a wide open layout and appliances take up most of the floor space.

You can use your Lowe’s credit card at Lowe’s Outlet stores (and even sign up for a new one). But they don’t offer the same services and product variety you’ll find at regular Lowe’s stores.

The Difference Between Lowe’s and Lowe’s Outlet

Regular Lowe's stores and Lowe's Outlet stores have different functions and serve different shopper needs.

At a regular Lowe's store, you get the full retail experience. They offer a wide selection of new, in-season products like lumber, hardware, paint, furniture, electrical, and others. At a Lowe’s Outlet store, you get a discount-driven experience. They offer a smaller selection of discontinued items or slightly damaged appliances, up to 75% off.


  • Wide range of home improvement items

  • New, in-season products in every department

  • Comprehensive services like project consultations

  • More accessible (1,700+ U.S. locations)

Lowe’s Outlet: 

  • Small selection of discontinued or slightly damaged items

  • Scratch-and-dent appliances and open-box products only

  • Limited services, like basic installations

  • Less accessible (only 15 U.S. locations)

How many Lowe's Outlet stores are there?

Lowe-s Outlet locations

Lowe’s plans to set up outlet stores near all their major distribution centers. But as of 2024, only 15 Lowe’s Outlet stores exist in the United States.

Current Lowe's Outlet Locations

  • Huntsville, AL

  • Monrovia, CA

  • North San Bernardino, CA

  • Meriden, CT

  • Miami, FL

  • Morrow, GA

  • Chicago, IL

  • Avon, MA

  • Medford, MA

  • Bridgeton, MO

  • Greensboro, NC

  • Akron, OH

  • Greenville, SC

  • Houston, TX

  • Irving, TX

Where Lowe's Outlet Locations May Open

We mapped out all the current U.S. distribution centers and outlets to make some predictions about where new outlets may pop up. These cities and surrounding areas are most likely to get a Lowe’s Outlet store in the future, according to our research:

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Denver, CO

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Jacksonville, FL

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Lexington, KY / Cincinnati, OH

  • Portland, OR

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Salt Lake City, UT

Products You’ll Find at Lowe’s Outlet

Lowe’s Outlet carries scratch and dent appliances and open-box items (like grills and patio furniture). Inventory rotates based on the overstocked, discontinued, or returned products available in your area.

Scratch and Dent Appliances


The best deals on Lowe’s scratch and dent appliances stay tucked away at the outlet stores.

You won’t just see a few scratched-up dishwashers along the aisle like at a regular Lowe’s store. Outlets have hundreds of never-used appliances with slight cosmetic damage, and they're all covered by their original warranty.

The store near me in Connecticut has rows (and rows) of fridges, washers, dryers, ovens, and dishwashers for up to 75% off. I saw brands like LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and more. Most models I walked by had barely noticeable damage.

TIP: Lowe's Outlet appliances are eligible for returns within 48 hours. Lowe’s return policy gives you the same timeframe when you return appliances to regular Lowe’s stores.

Open-Box Items


All the boxed items at Lowe’s Outlet are automatically 50% off when they arrive at the store. You might find grills, patio furniture, drills, AC units, and other items depending on what's in your area.

Most open-box items are discontinued models that Lowe's still needs to offload. So they send all these unopened, never-used items to Lowe’s Outlet to sell at half the regular price.

The outlet near me has dozens of grills stacked at the front of the store, and not just from cheapo brands. I spotted multiple grills from Pit Boss and Blackstone for 50% off. They also have some patio furniture along the back wall — like a four-piece dining set marked down to $414, regularly $828.

How Much You’ll Save at Lowe’s Outlet


Shopping at a Lowe’s Outlet store will save you anywhere from 30% to 75% off the regular price. The outlet store near me has entire rows of appliances for 75% off, and almost everything else is half off.

All the boxed items at Lowe’s Outlet are automatically 50% off. But they follow a specific markdown schedule for appliances. The first markdown is 30% and the final markdown is 75%. Each markdown lasts for a two to three-week period.

Lowe’s Outlet Store Markdown Cadence:

  • 30% off (first markdown): 2 - 3 weeks

  • 50% off (second markdown): 2 - 3 weeks

  • 75% off (final markdown): 2 - 3 weeks

75% off is the highest discount you’ll get at Lowe’s Outlet. I spotted one or two appliances in my store for 85% off the regular price. But the employee I spoke with said items with discounts this high are heavily damaged (and basically broken).

KCL TIP: If a Lowe’s Outlet appliance is 30% off but a regular Lowe’s store has it for 35% off, Lowe’s Outlet will automatically bump your discount up to 50%.

Potential Drawbacks to Lowe’s Outlet

We covered the money-saving benefits of shopping at Lowe’s Outlet. But it's worth considering the possible downsides so you know what you're getting into.

  • No Online Shopping: You can only shop Lowe’s Outlet in-store, not online or in the Lowe’s app.

  • Limited Store Locations: Only 15 Lowe’s Outlets exist across the country, and again — you can’t shop online. Depending on where you live, finding a Lowe’s Outlet store near you could be tricky.

  • Higher Delivery Fees: You can schedule delivery for Lowe’s Outlet appliances, but fees are higher. Delivery from a regular Lowe’s store costs $29, but you’ll pay $125 for an appliance delivery from Lowe’s Outlet.

  • Lack of Product History: There’s no real way for Lowe’s Outlet to know the full history of their appliances. When items arrive, they get basic information about cosmetic damage, which may include how it happened. But they don’t have detailed records to share with you. So don’t expect your fridge to come with a full CarFax report.

  • Basic Installs Only: Lowe’s Outlet does basic installations for appliances, but nothing hardwired, electrical, or gas. And they won’t install dishwashers or microwaves.

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