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25 Lowe's Hacks to Help You Save Every Time You Shop

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DIY home projects are a great way to stay busy and productive at home, but they get pricey quickly. Solution? Our top hacks for saving money at Lowe's and how to get the lowest price. By shopping Lowe's clearance, discounts, coupons, and sales, you'll be sure to get the best deals. And I'll show you how.

Below I break down how to get the biggest bang for your buck every time you shop at Lowe's. Here's a bird's-eye view of what you'll find:

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1. Return your dead plants up to a year later.

a woman standing in line at Lowe's waiting to return her dead plant

The best part of Lowe's return policy is how long you have to return plants.

Lowe’s gives you 365 days to return shrubs, plants, and perennials, dead or alive. All you need is proof of purchase, so always hold onto your plant receipts.

I tape my receipt in a plastic zip-top baggie to the bottom of an indoor pot so I don’t lose it. I keep my outdoor plant receipts in a safe folder (where it won't get spilled on or misplaced).

The only exception to this rule are annuals (aka plants that die each year and don’t come back). You have to return other plants like annuals to Lowe’s within 90 days of your purchase.

2. Get a free coupon book for attending a Lowe's DIY Workshop.

Listen up, new homeowners: Lowe’s DIY Workshops not only teach you stuff like home repairs and building basics, but they also help you save on supplies.

When you attend an in-store workshop at a Lowe's near you, you'll score a free digital coupon book full of discounts for up to 50% off. So you basically get free coupons just for taking the time to learn a new skill.

Lowe’s used to give out $10 coupons for attending an in-store workshops, but the coupon book is new. So, it’s hard to say whether the deals expire or how often they change.

Currently, Lowe’s coupon book has the following offers:

  • FREE 6-Pack Drywall Clips

  • 50% off 2'x2' Drywall Repair Patch

  • 30% off DRYDEX SPACKLING 16 OZ



  • 20% off select USB Outlets

  • 20% off select Lutron Toggle Dimmer

  • 20% off All Kobalt Electrical Tools & Testers

  • 25% off a Toilet Repair Kits

  • 50% off a Plunger

  • 10% Off a Toilet

  • 20% off a Bath Faucet

  • 15% Off a Stock Vanity

  • 25% off Drain Cleaner

Lowe’s has in-store workshops on Saturdays and Sundays, but you can’t attend them at every Lowe’s store. Check the list of participating Lowe’s stores to find workshop locations near you.

KCL TIP: If you don't have a Lowe's store that does workshops near you, check out Lowe’s free “how-to” videos online. They cover a wide range of home improvement lessons like how to replace a faucet and patch up drywall.

3. Pay just $19 to rent a Lowe's pickup truck for 90 minutes.

Lowe's rental truck in front of Lowe's store

With Lowe’s truck rentals, you can get a 90-minute pickup truck rental for just $19 ($7 per 15 minutes after that), or $129 for the full day. They also offer a four-hour truck rental option for $69.

In comparison, renting a pickup truck from Home Depot costs you $19 for the first 75 minutes. So, you'll pay the same price but get an extra 15 minutes if you rent a truck from Lowe's.

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4. Join MyLowe's Rewards to get a lower free shipping minimum.

Lowe's free loyalty program is called MyLowe's Rewards, which has tiered benefits based on how much you spend annually at Lowe's. Everyone starts off as a Bronze member, even if you don't spend a penny at Lowe's.

But here's the hack: Bronze members automatically get a $35 free shipping minimum versus the standard $45 minimum for nonmembers. If your order is $37 and you don't want to pay for shipping, all you have to do is sign up for free.

Bronze members also get exclusive email offers — so don't ignore your inbox. They sent me a free coupon for $5 off my next purchase just for joining!

5. Attend free kids' workshops at Lowe's every month.

father and children working on football player craft at lowe's diy-u free kids workshop

If you have a rising DIY star in the family, then you gotta sign up for Lowe's Kids’ Workshops. They're totally free, but you have to register ahead of time. No walk-ins allowed.

Lowe's Kids' Workshops happen in-store on one Saturday per month. Each workshop walks kids through a different DIY project — like wooden flower boxes, pickup trucks, basketball hoops, garden decor, and more.

You can register on the Lowe’s DIY page by choosing an event along with how many kits you'll need (the limit is four per workshop).

If you miss registration, stop by Lowe's when the workshop ends to see if they have leftover kits. The Lowe's near me gives away any unclaimed kits for free!

6. Get cheaper tool rentals at Lowe’s versus competitors.

Lowe's tool rental prices compared to Home Depot's for lawn mowers, chainsaws, miter saws, and electric pressure washers

Don't overpay for tools you only need once — you can get what you need at much lower prices by renting tools from Lowe's.

Lowe's tool rental prices beat Home Depot's nine times out of ten. You'll save more than $100 on a four-week lawn mower rental if you go to Lowe's instead of Home Depot.

7. Save 70% or more on paint from Lowe's "mistint shelf."

A person looking at the mis-tint paint section in Lowe's

If a customer returns paint because the shade wasn't right, Lowe's puts it on a "mistint shelf" in the paint department. This is where you'll find a $30 gallon of paint marked down to $9 — or a $12 quart of paint for $2.50.

You won't be able to paint the whole house with a gallon of mistinted paint, but you can certainly finish a project or two.

8. Look for Lowe's clearance tags to find permanent markdowns.

a woman holding a lowes clearance tag on a pation chair

Here's what you need to know about Lowe's clearance tags:

  • White Tags: Regular prices

  • Yellow Tags ("New lower price"): 60-day temporary markdowns

  • Yellow Tags ("Clearance"): Permanent markdowns

When you see "Clearance" on a yellow price tag, it's a great time to buy. This is a permanent markdown.

Lowe's created a new in-store clearance area called "The Back Aisle." This is the best place to hunt for yellow clearance tags.

9. Check for plants on the clearance racks to save up to 90%.

A woman shopping in the garden center plant clearance area

Lowe's Garden Center usually has a rack of clearance plants just waiting to be nursed back to life.

These plants (like ornamental grasses, bushes, and annuals) are all final sale, and they'll likely need a healthy dose of TLC to thrive. But this is your chance to save up to 92% on plants you can salvage with the right skills.

10. Always buy mulch during Lowe's SpringFest Sale.

a person looking at a plant outside of a lowes

If you have outdoor projects planned for the sunny seasons, you absolutely must shop Lowe's SpringFest Sale. It lasts for about a month (through March and April) and it's the best time to stock up on all things lawn and garden.

But the very best SpringFest deal is on Lowe's premium mulch. You'll score a 2 cubic-foot bag of mulch for $2 (reg. $3.98) during the sale. This is better than Home Depot's spring deal on mulch — a 1.5 cubic-foot bag for $2.

KCL TIP: Lowe's promotes their mulch deal as "5 bags for $10" during SpringFest, but you don't really have to buy five to score the $2 sale price per bag.

11. Save up to 90% on scrap wood in the lumber department.

A cart stacked with scrap wood in the Lowe's lumber department with a 50% off sign

Getting your hands on scrap wood can open a lot of doors for DIY projects. Lowe’s usually has a cart with split, cracked, or flawed wood in the lumber department — and you can buy it for at least half off.

At my Lowe's store, single pieces of scrap wood are 50% off, but you can buy the whole cart for a whopping 90% off the regular price.

12. Shop Lowe's Black Friday Sale for the best deal on poinsettias.

Lowe's Black Friday Sale is basically a month-long savings event. But their doorbuster deals don't start until later in November (on the day of Black Friday) — and these are what KCL looks forward to the most.

Poinsettia plants are the best Black Friday doorbuster at Lowe's year after year. You'll score 1-quart poinsettias for $1.50 (reg. $2.98) and 2-quart poinsettias for $6 (reg. $6.98). These are the lowest prices you'll find on Lowe's poinsettias during the holiday season.

Lowe's poinsettia deals are only available in stores for a limited-time, usually a 2-3 day period starting on Black Friday.

13. Head to the store in late December for up to 75% off holiday decor.

You know those larger-than-life holiday inflatables that are so popular at Lowe’s? Some of them cost up to $300 at regular prices. But just a few days before Christmas, you’ll find them in stores for 75% off. For example, this 6-Foot Animated Santa Inflatable was regularly $298, but we saw it in-store for $74.50 on Dec. 21, 2023.

But inflatables aren’t the only holiday items with heavy markdowns. Artificial trees, wreaths, lights, and ornaments also have deep discounts around this time. These are just a few of the deals we spotted at Lowe’s last December:

  • 100-Count Mini Christmas Lights — $1 (reg. $3.98)

  • Pre-Lit Wreath, 26 Inches — $7.50 (reg. $29.98)

  • Shatterproof Ornaments, 72 ct — $8.75 (reg. $34.98)

  • 7.5-Foot Pine Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree — $49.50 (reg. $198)

The best holiday clearance deals at Lowe’s start closer to Christmas. But Lowe’s starts marking down holiday items for 25% - 50% off in early December.

14. Score a free flower and coupon during Lowe’s Mother’s Day Giveaway.

Someone holding up a free annual plant in the Lowe's Garden Center

Registration for Lowe's Mother's Day Giveaway is open during the two weeks before Mother's Day (May 12, 2024), so we expect it'll start around April 28 this year.

If you register, Lowe's will email you all the details to pickup your free 1-pint flower at a store near you. Last year, Lowe's held the giveaway two days after registration ended, and you could pickup your free flower any time between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m that day.

You'll also get a free Lowe's coupon for $10 off your next $75 purchase when you register and show up for the giveaway.

15. Negotiate a 10% to 20% discount on Lowe's scratch and dent appliances.

If you pass by an appliance with a few nicks or scuffs, track down a Lowe's store manager. They might be willing to negotiate a lower price than what's on the tag.

An employee at my store says people have saved 10% to 20% on Lowe's scratch and dent appliances just by negotiating. And with kids, future scratches and dents are already a sure thing. So, you might as well save a buck.

16. Or, visit a Lowe’s Outlet store for up to 75% off scratch and dent appliances.

A row of discounted scratch and dent appliances at a Lowe's Outlet store

Shopping at a Lowe’s Outlet is completely different than shopping at Lowe’s. But it’s well worth a visit if you’re lucky enough to live near one.

Lowe’s Outlet stores are where you’ll find rows and rows of scratch and dent appliances for 30% to 75% off.

The outlet store near me has hundreds of fridges, dishwashers, dryers, and more from top brands like LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Everything is still covered under warranty, but remember — you are buying appliances with some sort of cosmetic damage. 

Not to mention, only 15 Lowe’s Outlet stores exist in the United States. But Lowe’s plans to expand their Outlet locations so every major distribution center has one within range.

17. Save up to 20% with Lowe's Bulk Savings.

Lowe's Bulk Savings are most helpful when you need A LOT of the same item — like 72 roof shingles or 100 steel-plated bolts. Thousands of items are eligible for the discount, and it'll save you 10% to 20% on your overall purchase.

But you don't always have to buy a hundred items to score Bulk Savings deals.

Case and point: Lowe's had these 27-gallon storage totes on sale for $10.98 (reg. $11.98). Plus, there was a Bulk Savings deal for an extra 12% off when you bought four or more. So instead of paying $48 for four totes, you'd only pay $39.

Bulk Savings also applies to plants and flowers in the Garden Center, and you don't need to buy that many to get the 20% discount!

18. Ask Lowe’s to cut your wood if it doesn’t fit in your car.

Lowe's will cut your wood for free if you buy it from them — but they only make cuts so it’s easier to transport.

If you’re building a shed, you can’t bring all the wood you need to Lowe’s wood-cutting station and ask them to cut everything to spec. They’ll roughly cut a few pieces of wood so it fits in your car, but nothing curved or overly intricate. Lowe’s usually only offers standard 90 degree cuts.

19. Use Lowe's Rebate Center for money back on appliances.

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, check Lowe’s Rebate Center to scope out their offers. Lowe’s has thousands of rebates available online for different appliances and brands. But I’d avoid the bundle offers unless you’re buying at least three appliances. Bundles look super appealing at first glance, offering up to $5,300 in rebates. But you have to buy like 16 appliances to make that much back.

Instead, filter your search by “manufacturer offers” to find rebates on GE, LG, and Samsung appliances. You typically only have to buy one or two appliances to qualify for these offers. For example:

  • Purchase a LG built-in wall oven and LG cooktop to be eligible for a $250 rebate

  • Purchase one or more Samsung appliance to be eligible for a $12.49 - $199.99 rebate

After your purchase, come back to Lowe’s Rebate Center to submit your claim. Rebates usually come as prepaid cards — Visa or Mastercard.

20. Shop Lowe's Deals of the Day to save up to 60%.


Lowe’s Deals of the Days are 24-hour deals you can only get online.

They offer discounts on either individual items (like $100 off a ceiling fan) or multiple items from a certain brand (like 30% off Moen kitchen faucets).

The potential savings range from 20% to 60% off regular prices — which can be extra valuable during home projects.

Again, you only have one day to snag Lowe's Deals of the Day. On the bright side, you have new deals to check out every day. But if you’re on the fence about an offer, you can’t exactly sleep on it.

21. Save 5% when you auto-ship items with a Lowe's subscription.

A Lowe's subscription allows you to have items auto-shipped to your address and save 5% on your purchase.

Similar to Amazon Subscribe and Save, you add eligible items to your Lowe’s subscription and never think about it again. Think: air filters, water filters, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies. These are items you'll need to stock up on regularly.

To start a Lowe's subscription, you'll first need to sign up for a Lowe's account. But from there, you can manage, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

22. Check competitor prices and get a price match if you find a better deal.

Lowe’s price match policy is most handy during non-sale times. You can’t stack a price match with any other Lowe’s discount or offer, but you can use it to save on regular prices if a competitor has it for less.

If you find an identical item at a lower price from one of Lowe's competitors, they'll match the competitor's price. The keyword here is "identical" — so the lower-priced item has to be an exact match to the item at Lowe's. Also, the item must be in stock at the competitor and available to ship to your location, and its sale price must be current (and not an expired deal).

To get a price match, show proof of the lower price to a Lowe's associate or customer service rep, like a local ad or online link.

Lowe's price matches a variety of competitor stores and online retailers, including:

  • Ace Hardware

  • Amazon


  • Best Buy

  • Home Depot



  • Target


  • Walmart

  • Wayfair

Keep in mind: Lowe’s won’t price-match wholesale retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club.

23. Skip Lowe’s carpet installation and work with a specialist instead.

If you'd rather not do it yourself, Lowe’s installation services come with a one-year labor guarantee and special financing options. They’ll install carpet, fencing, flooring, and appliances.

But here's the catch: Lowe’s doesn’t have their own installation specialists on hand. They hire independent workers in the area, but you don't really get to vet who ends up doing the job.

Skip that. Make a few phone calls to local contractors and let them handle the installation, instead.

24. Sign up for Lowe's credit card before a big purchase to get special financing.

The Lowe's Advantage Card isn’t as great as other store credit cards out there, but the special financing options are handy for big purchases like appliances.

As a cardholder you get to choose between three benefits.The first benefit is 5% off Lowe’s purchases. But here’s the thing: you can’t combine the 5% discount with any other markdown, discount, or Lowe’s offer available. So basically, you can only save 5% on full-priced items.

The other two benefits are more valuable, offering special financing options for larger purchases. You can choose one of these two benefits:

6-Month Special Financing: No interest if paid in full within 6 months

  • Applies to purchases of $299 or more

  • Minimum monthly payments required

  • Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers

84 Fixed Monthly Payments: 84 fixed monthly payments at a reduced 9.99% APR

  • Applies to purchases of $2,000 or more

  • Standard APR is 28.99% in comparison

25. Save up to 10% on discounted Lowe's gift cards from Raise or Cardbear.

Here's a little-known way to stack savings at Lowe's: buy a discounted Lowe's gift card from sites like and Then stack them with a Lowe's coupon or sale price to boost your savings.

If you haven't used these sites before, it's pretty simple. They sell you full-value gift cards at slight discount. Lowe's gift cards are generally 4% to 10% off the face value of the gift card. That means a $50 gift card may only cost you $40.

I like to think of it as paying upfront for my own personal discount.

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