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DIY home projects are a great way to stay busy and productive at home, but they get pricey, quick. Solution? Learn how to shop at Lowe’s and find the best savings on clearance, discounts, coupons, and sales..

Below I’ve broken down how to get the most out of your dollar every time you shop at Lowe’s. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of what you’ll find:

And be sure to download the KCL app for leads on great deals and “favorite” Lowe’s to see even more ways to save at your favorite DIY store.


1. Shop Lowe’s rotating Deals of the Day to save 20 – 60%.

woman holding cellphone with deals of day in front of fridge

Lowe’s Deals of the Day are online-only deals that change every day and are live as long as supplies last.

Rather than department-wide discounts, Lowe’s Deals of the Day features individual items (think: ceiling fans, vacuums, or patio sets) you can save money on outside of their traditional sales.

Regardless of what’s included, though, you can count on 20 – 60% savings through the Deals of the Day — which matches the savings I found for this matte black doorknob:

Buy 1 Schlage Siena Matte Black Privacy Door Knob (reg. $27.97), $16.97 sale price
Free curbside pickup
Final Price: $16.97 (40% savings)

These change every day, so if you don’t see what you like, check out Lowe’s Special Values page for ongoing deals.


2. Lowe’s plant return policy gives you 90 – 365 days to make a return.

dead plant being held in front of 1 year guarantee sign

Lowe’s allows you to return your dead shrub, plant, or perennial within a year. If you’ve got proof of purchase, you’ll get store credit for a new plant.

Like I said, Lowe’s requires your proof of purchase. I tape my receipt, in a plastic zip-top baggie, to the bottom of an indoor pot so I don’t lose it. For outdoor plants, I have to put those receipts in a file.

For annuals, you’ve got 90 days to return.


3. Pick up Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits for free each month.

Lowes DIY kids workshops soccer game set up on table

If you’ve got a future DIY fanatic in the family, then you gotta sign up for a Kids’ Workshops kit from Lowe’s — totally free. They’ve had constructible sports projects like soccer goals and basketball hoops along with seasonal kits.

All you have to do is sign up on the Lowe’s DIY page by choosing an event along with how many kits you’d like to take (limit two per household). Lowe’s gives away kits and hosts an in-store workshop on the second Saturday of each month, but registration starts a few weeks ahead of time.

If you missed registration, you can always check your local Lowe’s the day after they give away their workshop kits. The Lowe’s near me gives away any unclaimed kits.

Learn more about Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits.


4. Pick up free Lowe’s Garden-to-go-Kits during Spring Fest.

lowes garden to go kit

In 2021 Lowe’s introduced a new springtime promotion: They gave away free Garden-to-go Kits to customers each Thursday between April 8 – 29.

Like Lowe’s Kids’ Workshops kits, these are designed so that children can do them. In 2021, Lowe’s Garden-to-go kits included a DIY butterfly garden, a Miracle Gro tomato plant, and a tree sapling.

In 2021, you needed to register online in order to get a Garden-to-go kit. Lowe’s opened registration one week before each kit was released. That means if you wanted to take home the garden kit that dropped on April 8, you needed to register at 12:01 a.m. on April 1.

Learn more about the Lowe’s Garden-to-go kit.


5. Rent a Lowe’s truck for just $19.

Lowe's rental truck in front of Lowe's store

With Lowe’s truck rental, you get a pickup for $19 for the first 90 minutes ($5 per 15 minutes after that) or $89 for the whole day.

In comparison, Home Depot’s Load N’ Go trucks are $19 for the first 75 minutes and $129 for the full day.

Definitely go with Lowe’s on this one.

Learn more about how Lowe’s and Home Depot compare to each other.



6. Lowe’s has the best tool rental prices for week-long projects.

chart showing tool rental prices from Lowe's and Home Depot

Choosing between Lowe’s tool rental and Home Depot’s tool rental really depends on how long you’ll need your rentals.

If you only need tools for four hours or one day, then The Home Depot and Lowe’s are priced about the same on most equipment I saw (give or take $5 in either direction). And both stores charge a $50 deposit on most rentals.

But if you need rentals for 1 – 4 weeks, then I’d shop from Lowe’s. On rare occasions, Home Depot offers cheaper rates on short- and long-term rentals (like this 20V paint sprayer), but most of the time Lowe’s is more than $100 cheaper for 4-week rentals.

Learn more about the best retailers for tool rentals.


7. Ask Lowe’s to cut your lumber. They’ll do it for free.

lowes employee cutting a piece of wood

If you buy your wood at Lowe’s, you can get it cut for free. They don’t have any set limits on cuts, but don’t abuse it.

Lowe’s also offers free cutting on wire shelving, blinds, carpeting, chains, pipes, and electrical wiring.

The fact that it’s free is great, but if you’re like me, there are even more savings built into this service: I’m talking about the money you won’t be spending on a hospital visit.

PRO TIP: Sometimes I’ve found discounted wood scraps located behind the lumber cutting machine. Either your store will have it or it won’t, but if it does, ask your Lowe’s manager how much you could save if you bought lumber from the scrap bins.


8. Save 15 – 30% on Lowe’s appliances from the Appliance Special Values section.

lowes appliance section in store with sale sign

If you’re looking for cheap new Lowe’s appliances, check out the Appliance Special Values section of Lowes.com. I’ve found all Lowe’s appliances here for 15 – 30% off regular price, like this Maytag dryer (reg. $749) for $589.

Buy 1 Maytag 7-cubic-foot Dryer with Wrinkle Control (reg. $749), $589 sale price
Free delivery on appliances over $400
Final Price: $589

But I’ve also seen serious savings on new refrigerators, like this Samsung French door refrigerator Lowe’s made available for 30% off the regular price.

Buy 1 Samsung 28.2-cubic-foot French Door Refrigerator with ice Maker (reg. $2,099), $1,499 sale price
Free delivery on appliances over $400
Final Price: $1,499

Learn more about how to get cheap appliances at Lowe’s.


9. Or find Lowe’s scratch and dent appliances and negotiate for 10 – 20% off.

Man pointing at dent on damaged appliance

If you’re walking by a display model that’s got a few scratches or dents, track down a store manager and see if they’d be willing to negotiate a lower price. I’ve found that damaged models are near the back of my local Lowe’s.

I spoke with some Lowe’s employees who said they’ve seen folks save 10 – 20% on their appliance purchase by negotiating.

And hey, if you have kids, it’ll probably end up with scratches or dents anyway.

Learn more about how to get cheap appliances at Lowe’s.


10. Use the online Lowe’s Rebate Center to get cash back for recycling old appliances.

unloaded oven in front of garage

If you’re making a big purchase, check the Lowe’s Rebate Center online to see if you can get a deal. The rebates come in the form of Visa prepaid cards. The bad news? Most of these rebates only apply if you buy multiple appliances at a time.

But here’s why I like the rebate center: You can also get special rebates for recycling old appliances, like $50 back for recycling an old fridge or freezer (as long as it’s clean, empty, defrosted, and in working condition). They’ll even come by and pick it up for you.

If you’re still not finding what you’re looking for, take a look at Energy Star rebates for more offers.



11. Save 70% and up when you buy Lowe’s paint from the “mistint shelf.”

rack of mistint paints

Granted, you won’t be able to paint the whole inside of your house using paint from the mistint shelf (returned paint that the customer wasn’t happy with), but you could finish a project or two using a $30 gallon of paint marked down to $9, or a $12 quart for $2.50.

Learn more about how to save on paint.


12. When Lowe’s puts “clearance” on a tag, that means it’s a permanent markdown.

lowes year end clearance american gourmet grill on display

Here’s everything you need to know about Lowe’s tags:

  • White tags are normally priced items.
  • Yellow tags that say “new lower price” are 60-day temporary markdowns.
  • Yellow tags that say “clearance” are permanent markdowns.

When you see “Clearance” on a yellow price tag, it’s a great time to buy. This is a permanent markdown.

Find more clearance tips with our retailer clearance-markdown cheat sheet.


13. Find Lowe’s plants on clearance shelves — they’re 80 – 90% off regular price.

someone holding plant in front of clearance sign

These plants (ornamental grasses, bushes, annuals) are all final sale and require a lot of TLC in order to get them to thrive. But I found this perennial discounted 92% off the regular price — that was good enough for me to try and salvage the plant.


14. Auto ship items you always need with a Lowe’s subscription to save an easy 5%.

someone grabbing boxes on porch

Lowe’s offers subscriptions you can use to save 5% on purchases that you know will be recurring, like air filters for your HVAC system or water filters for your refrigerator.

It’s a lot like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. You put qualifying purchases on a Lowe’s subscription and never think about it again. Lowe’s requires you to sign up for an account, and from there you can manage, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.


15. Doorbuster poinsettias are the best deal during Lowe’s Black Friday sale.

A Poinsettia held next to a sales sign indicating 2 for $3

Ever since 2020, Lowe’s has turned Black Friday into a month-long savings event. But it’s still the doorbusters that have us most excited year in and year out when we shop Lowe’s for Black Friday.

The doorbuster deals, which begin in stores on the actual Black Friday, include 2-quart poinsettias (reg. $10) for $5 each and 1-quart poinsettias for only $1.50 each.

For everything else, I’ve found that Lowe’s Black Friday sale merely matches the best sales from earlier in the year, but there’s still a ton of value to be found here. Read our step-by-step guide for getting the most out of Lowe’s 2022 Black Friday sale.

Learn more about the schedule, strategies, and stock-up prices you’ll need to know for Lowe’s Black Friday.



16. And here’s the breakdown of the best Lowe’s sales.

springfest 2021 sign in front of plants

Most of Lowe’s best sales take place on holiday weekends — with the very notable exception of Lowe’s SpringFest in April. Deals begin a few weeks before the holiday, but the best bargains are always during the actual holiday weekend.

Lowe’s biggest sales all offer great savings on seasonal flowers (for example: $0.88 1-pint mums baskets during Lowe’s Labor Day sale), but there’s definitely a pecking order when it comes to bigger items like grills, appliances, and mulch.

I studied all of Lowe’s best sales going back three years, and here are the best deals I found at each sale (not including Lowe’s Black Friday sale):

  • Lowe’s Presidents’ Day Sale: 38 – 50% off refrigerators and large appliances
  • Lowe’s SpringFest: $2 bags of mulch (reg. $3.68), in stores only; free Garden-to-go kits
  • Lowe’s Memorial Day Sale: 33% off grills
  • Lowe’s Father’s Day Sale: 45 – 50% off tools
  • Lowe’s Fourth of July Sale: Mail-in rebates for $15 cash back on a $20 1-gallon Sherwin-Williams paint can; 40% off gardening basics like soil and mulch
  • Lowe’s Labor Day Sale: 47% off 5-foot Halloween skeletons
  • Lowe’s After-Christmas Sale: 50 – 75% off holiday decor, ornaments, and lights

Learn more about Lowe’s best sales.


17. Lowe’s will price match The Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

A cell phone displaying The Home Depot app, held on top of a Lowe's weekly advertisement.

Lowe’s price matches competitors on identical items only. All you need to do is find a store manager and show them proof of a lower (and current) competitor price, like a local ad or the browser on your smartphone. Lowe’s will match that price at checkout.

Stores Lowe’s price matches with include:

  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Macys.com
  • BedBathandBeyond.com
  • TactorSupply.com
  • JCPenney.com
  • Wayfair

To make a price match online, call Lowe’s at 1-877-465-6937, where the associate on the phone will verify the lower price and apply it to your cart.

Lowe’s won’t price match wholesale retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club, though. And you can’t stack your price match with any Lowe’s discount. Here’s the real kicker: Lowe’s won’t match their own online prices if you’re in store.

Learn more about Lowe’s price match policy.


18. Use the Lowe’s military discount for 10% off your total.

veteran sign with lowes bucket full of american flags

Lowe’s military discounts are available for all active-duty and retired veterans — every day, no exceptions.

Lowe’s honors service members with a 10% off military discount program, but you can’t stack this discount with any others, so choose the best deal, or separate your transactions.

For example, you could price match a tool that Ace Hardware sells for cheaper, or use a coupon on it, pay for that, and then use your military discount for paint, brushes, or anything else you buy in a separate transaction.

Learn more about how to access your military discount wherever you shop.


19. Lowe’s gives their employees a 10% discount, too.

veteran lowes employee giving a thumbs up

With the Lowe’s employee discount, anyone who works there gets 10% off their purchases. You can also get 30% off food and drinks from the store.

Like the military discount, this can’t be stacked with any other coupons, discounts, or sales.

Learn more about the best Lowe’s discounts.


20. Use the Lowe’s bulk discount for up to 10 – 30% off.

Man in Lowes store pushing flat bed cart filled with lumber and construction items

Thanks to Lowe’s Buy in Bulk (also known as “Contractor Packs,”) you can get some big discounts on your next DIY project. You’ll typically get around 10 – 30% off everything from plumbing and home decor to seasonal and electrical essentials.

In store, there are stickers to show which items have bulk pricing.

Learn more about the best Lowe’s discounts.



21. The Lowe’s Pro Desk may offer 10 – 30% off if you spend over $1,500.

Man looking at brochures in front of pro business center

When your total hits $1,500 (which isn’t rare for a big project), head over to the Lowe’s Pro Desk. Depending on what you’re buying, they’ll offer a discount after processing your order. It’s definitely worth it for 10-30% off.

Learn more about the best Lowe’s discounts.


22. Skip Lowe’s carpet installation; work with a specialist instead.

Lowes carpet section inside Lowes

Lowe’s installation service comes with a one-year labor guarantee and special financing options, so you can have them DIFY (Do It For You). They’ll install carpet, fencing, flooring, and appliances.

But here’s the thing. Lowe’s doesn’t have their own installation specialists on hand. They hire outside help to do installations, which means you don’t really get to vet who’s qualified enough to do the job. Skip that. Make a few phone calls to local contractors, and let them handle installation.


23. Lowe’s will haul away old appliances for free if you’re a Lowe’s for Pros member.

Lowes 4 Pros screenshot

With the Lowe’s for Pros program, you can track your purchases, get personalized offers, and access business tools like the Pro Dashboard and catalog creation.

The only other benefit is having Lowe’s haul away and recycle your old appliances for free, which would generally be a $20 – $30 fee.


24. Get free Lowe’s delivery on large appliances that cost over $400.

lowes proservices truck

Refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and washer/dryers qualify for free Lowe’s delivery. Lowe’s will also relocate your old appliance to somewhere else in your house for free. Unfortunately, installation is only free for Lowe’s for Pros members.

If you’re not ordering an appliance, or if your appliance costs less than $400, then Lowe’s will charge you $79 for local delivery.

Learn more about Lowe’s delivery.


25. Take advantage of Lowe’s free shipping on orders over $45.

delivery box on doorstep

If your Lowe’s haul is over $45, you qualify for free shipping. You’ll see exceptions, as your order has to be under 150 pounds and can’t be shipped to multiple addresses.

Or if you prefer to grab your online order curbside or in store, try using Lowe’s curbside pickup for free.

Learn more about Lowe’s curbside pickup.



26. Make your Lowe’s return within 90 days of your purchase, even without a receipt.

A Lowes return receipt and a thankful sign held in front of Lowes

Thanks to the Lowe’s return policy, if you use a credit card, they can look it up and find your receipt to refund your money. You can get store credit if you paid with cash or check, or if you don’t have your receipt.

Exceptions to the 90-day return policy include holiday items which must be returned in the current holiday (example: if you buy something during the Christmas season, you have until December 26 to return it). And large appliances only have a 30-day return period.

Learn more about Lowe’s return policy.


27. Wait for a special offer on a Lowe’s credit card for 5% off and more.

someone using lowes credit card at register

Five percent savings is pretty good as far as credit cards go. If you’re interested in getting a Lowe’s card, you’ll want to sign up for the Lowe’s Advantage credit card.
And the additional offers are definitely worth looking at. Check it out:

  • 20% off your first purchase when you sign up (up to $100 savings)
  • One year special financing on appliances
  • One year special financing on installed heating, air conditioning, and venting

Plus, Lowe’s cardholders don’t ever have to worry about keeping their receipt. Lowe’s keeps a record of all your purchases at their stores, which makes returns even easier.


28. Get Lowe’s gift cards at a discount from Raise to save 4 – 5%.

A person holding a gift card inside Lowes.

Here’s a way to stack savings at Lowe’s: Order discounted Lowe’s gift cards on Raise.com, and combine them with your coupons, military discount, or price match.

If you haven’t used Raise before, it’s pretty simple. They sell you full-value gift cards at a slight markdown — for Lowe’s, it’s usually 4 – 5% off the regular price. That means a $50 gift card only costs $47.75. I think of it as paying forward my own discount.


29. Text 84109 to ask Lowe’s a question instead of calling customer service.

hand holding cellphone with costumer service text at lowes store

Hate talking on the phone? Text Lowe’s your question! They respond quickly, and you can save your chat, so that way you’ll have a record of the conversation for reference.

I’m always curious to hear other tips and tricks folks have for shopping at Lowe’s. If I left out one of your favorites, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

29 Tips to Shop at Lowe's & Save on All Your DIY Projects