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Lowe’s SpringFest sale is one of the best Lowe’s sales all year. If you’re looking for deals on mulch, Miracle-Gro, annuals, perennials, and more, SpringFest is a must-shop to save on all your lawn and garden supplies for the season.

Since past sales can tell us a lot about what to expect for 2023, I dug into the details to give you my best predictions for this year. Even though inflation may cause sale prices to be higher than what we saw last year, you can count on the same types of deals and savings for Lowe’s SpringFest 2023.

From the best things to buy to free coupons and more ways to save, this is everything you need to know to make the most of Lowe’s SpringFest sale this year.


1. We predict that Lowe’s SpringFest 2023 sale will start in early April.

A graphic showing the predicted start date of the Lowe's Springfest sale of 2023 to be April 6th

Lowe’s usually starts on the first Thursday in April, so we predict SpringFest will start on Thursday, April 6, 2023, this year.

Based on past trends, you can expect the sale to last a total of 28 days (or four weeks), but new deals will drop every Thursday and last for a week.

We predict the sale will officially wrap up in the first few days of May.

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2. Lowe’s typically has four waves of deals during SpringFest.

Someone holding a printed ad for Lowe's Springfest 2022

Lowe’s breaks up their SpringFest sale into four waves, but the sale as a whole lasts for 28 days straight. The deals will run from Thursday to Wednesday each week, with new deals dropping every Thursday morning. Some deals will stick around longer than a week, but only a few will be available for the entire sale.

If Lowe’s sticks to previous patterns, we expect they’ll break up SpringFest 2023 like this:

  • First Wave: April 6 – 12, 2023
  • Second Wave: April 13 – 19, 2023
  • Third Wave: April 20 – 26, 2023
  • Fourth Wave: April 27 – May 3, 2023


3. Two of the best SpringFest deals from 2022 were the $2 bags of premium mulch and Miracle-Gro soil.

stacked bags of Miracle Grow soil at Lowe's

Starting at the beginning of last year’s sale, Lowe’s offered a 5-for-$10 deal on bags of premium mulch, but you only needed to buy one to get the $2 sale price. If past trends say anything, this is one of the best mulch sales you’ll find all year at Lowe’s. You could grab 2-cubic foot bags for just $2 apiece (paying just $1 per cubic foot).

In 2022 Lowe’s also had a Buy Three, Get Three Free deal on Miracle-Gro soil, which brought your price down to a little over $2 per bag. Again, you didn’t need to buy six bags to get the deal. You’d still pay $2 per bag even if you bought just one or two bags.

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4. Get a coupon for $10 off $75 purchases if you attend Lowe’s SpringFest Egg-Venturue event.

a Lowe's coupon for $10 off $75 purchases from attending a Spring Fest Garden Tour at Lowe's

In 2023, Lowe’s Easter Event is an easy (and fun) way to snag a $10 off Lowe’s coupon. The event will happen at your local Lowe’s store on April 8, 2023, featuring Easter activities for kids, free baskets and candy, and an Easter family photo you can take home.

All you have to do is register online and attend the event on April 8. Lowe’s will email you a coupon for $10 off your next $75 purchase, which is good to use on all the incredible SpringFest deals this year!


5. Look for hanging flower baskets on sale, but don’t expect huge savings.

flower baskets hanging at lowes garden center with yellow and purple flowers in them

In past years we’ve seen hanging flower baskets go on sale for 50% off during the Spring Sale. But Lowe’s didn’t offer discounts that good last year.

In 2022 Lowe’s dropped a 2-for-$18 deal on 1.5-gallon hanging flower baskets, which brought the price down to $9 each. This deal only saved you about 25% on the normal price.

During the final week of SpringFest 2022, we also saw deals on premium hanging baskets, but prices varied by store location. Some Lowe’s stores only had them for 20% off, while others had them for 28% off:

  • 1.5-Gallon Premium Hanging Flower Baskets: $12 (reg. $14.98) Save 20%
  • 1.5-Gallon Premium Hanging Flower Baskets: $18 (reg. $24.98) Save 28%

We’re waiting on the edge of our seats to find out if hanging flower baskets will go on sale this year.

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6. You MAY find a Yeti clearance at Lowe’s during the 4-week spring sale (at least you did last year).

Three navy yeti 10 oz wine tumblers on the shelf at Lowe's, with a $19.97 sale price tag on the shelf

We were surprised to find a handful of Yeti deals during last year’s SpringFest event. During the third week of the sale, Lowe’s had a bunch of Yeti items for 20% – 25% off their regular price.

Here’s a look at some of the best deals we saw:

  • 10-Ounce Stainless Steel Yeti Wine Tumbler with Lid: $19.97 (reg. $25)
  • 20-Ounce Stainless Steel Yeti Tumbler with MagSlider Lid: $27.97 (reg. $35)
  • 30-Ounce Stainless Steel Yeti Tumbler with MagSlider Lid: $30.37 (reg. $38) — 20% off
  • 5-Gallon Yeti LoadOut Bucket: $31.97 (reg. $40)
  • Roadie 24 Yeti Insulated Chest Cooler: $199.97 (reg. $250)

When new SpringFest deals roll out every Thursday, check for Yeti deals similar to these. It could be worth getting a head start on summer savings.

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7. In 2022, some of the best plant deals were on Bonnie Veggie & Herb plants, 4-pack annuals, and 2.5-quart perennials.

A hand holding up an 11.7 oz Bonnie Vegetable Plant at Lowe's during the spring sale

Naturally, Lowe’s drops prices on a variety of plants for SpringFest, but the best deals are always in stores. If plants are what you’re after this year, be sure to head to your nearest Lowe’s Garden Center for the biggest savings.

In 2022 4-pack annuals and Bonnie Veggie & Herb plants were some of the best SpringFest deals we saw. There was a 5-for-$10 deal on a 4-pack of annuals, bringing the price down to just $2.98 (or $0.75 per plant). This beat the Home Depot spring deal on annuals, which was $0.88 per plant last year.

Lowe’s also had a 3-for-$12 deal on select 19.3-ounce Bonnie Veggie & Herb Plants, saving you $0.78 per plant. The 11.8-ounce Bonnie Vegetable plants sold for $2.50 apiece (regularly $2.98).

Some other great plant deals we saw in 2022 were:

  • 2.5 Quart Perennials: 2 for $10, or $5 each (reg. $5.98 each)
  • 12-Pack Annuals: 2 for $20, or $10 each (reg. $13.98 each)


8. Expect to spend at least $45 online to get Lowe’s free shipping during the spring sale.

A laptop open to the lowes.com online shopping homepage

Lowe’s doesn’t usually lower their standard free shipping minimum for their spring sale. So if we can expect the same for 2023, you’ll have to spend at least $45 online to qualify for Lowe’s free shipping. But don’t forget — you can always buy online and pick up your order in-store for free.

With that said, the best SpringFest deals at Lowe’s are usually in stores anyway. So instead of spending more to reach the free shipping minimum, just stop by your local Lowe’s store to pick up bigger savings for spring.


9. Return your dead plants to Lowe’s for up to a year after you buy them.

a woman standing in line holding a plant waiting to return it at Lowe's

Lowe’s return policy gives you a whole year to return plants, which is super handy when it comes to your SpringFest buys.

For all trees, shrubs, and perennials, Lowe’s gives you 365 days to make your return — just as long as you hold on to your original receipt. They’ll accept your return and give you a refund for all plants in this category, dead or alive.

All other plants fall under their 90-day return policy, which is still plenty of time to get your money back. If you’re like me and struggle to keep your plants alive, this policy is pure gold.


Lowe's SpringFest Sale 2023: Dates, Details & Top Deals