Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday event is one of their best and biggest sales of the year. That’s because when it comes to mulch, vegetable planters, and annual flowers — the deals don’t get much better than what you’ll find at Home Depot.

I’ve studied and tracked Home Depot’s Black Friday sales data for the past four years, and the history has a lot to teach us when we’re looking to score the best deals. See the best Home Depot Spring Black Friday deals here.

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The information below is everything you need to know to get the most out of the Spring Black Friday sale at The Home Depot.

Let’s start with the basics . . . the next sale:


1. Expect Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday Sale to start on the first Thursday in April.

Since 2018, Home Depot has kicked off their Spring Black Friday sale on the first Thursday of April every year (although they didn’t have one in 2020 thanks to Covid).

We can confidently say that in 2022, expect Spring Black Friday to begin on Thursday, April 7, 2022.


2. The Home Depot Spring Black Friday sale should run for 1- 2 weeks.

Although Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale didn’t run in 2020, we know that in 2021 it lasted for 11 days, and in 2019 the Spring Black Friday sale went for a full two weeks. Although the sale only lasted one day in 2018, we’ve seen most of Home Depot stretch out their other big sales (Black Friday and Memorial Day) ever since 2020.


3. Earn 10 – 15% off coupons subscribing to Home Depot alerts and special clubs.

Home Depot makes both dollar-off and percent-off coupons available to anyone who does the following:

  • Sign up for Home Depot email alerts: Earn a $5 off $50 coupon.
  • Sign up for Home Depot text alerts: Earn a $5 off $50 coupon.
  • Join the Home Depot Garden Club: Earn a $5 of $50 coupon.
  • Sign up for Home Depot Style and Decor emails: Earn a 10% off coupon on select furniture, home accents, bedding, and bath items.
  • Complete a Home Depot workshop: Earn a 15% off coupon.

The email and text alerts are mostly useful for updates on each new Daily Deal, while the Garden Club members will receive tips, special promotions, and the occasional freebie.

All of these coupons will be delivered to you via email, except for the text sign-up coupon (that one goes to your phone). Your coupon for completing a Home Depot workshop will be delivered to whichever email address you used to sign up. Remember, these workshops have been online only ever since 2020.


3. Get mulch for $2 per bag during The Home Depot Spring Black Friday sale.

Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday is one of the best sales of the year for landscaping goods. Although Home Depot didn’t run this sale during 2020, every other year we’ve seen bags of mulch on sale for $2 (reg. $3.33).


4. Get Home Depot’s Holland pavers (reg. $0.58) for $0.25 during Spring Black Friday.

These concrete Holland pavers (reg. $0.58) were more than 50% off the regular price during Home Depot’s 2021 Spring Black Friday sale.

PRO TIP: Use this Home Depot walkthrough if you want some instructions on how to install a paver walkway in your yard.


5. Buy 1-quart perennials from Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale for $2.50 (reg. $3.98).

Home Depot also usually discounts basic vegetable planters to four for $10 (reg. $2.98 each) as well as six-packs of annual and perennial flowers available on a “two for $2.98” (reg. $2.98 each) deal.

Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale Date, Strategies, and Stock-Up Prices