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When compared to the rest of Home Depot, The Home Depot Garden Center is like its own store.

We have plenty of Home Depot savings tips that will help you out at The Home Depot Garden Center, but you’ll want to pay attention to these Garden Center-specific strategies that’ll help you save on plants, mulch, seeds, and more.

We’ll tell you about the best sales (and how to find a good deal between sales), when to shop, and how to easily get some Home Depot Garden Center coupons.


1. The best Home Depot Garden Center sales are during Spring Black Friday and Memorial Day.

Home Depot Spring Black Friday ad held in front bags of mulch.

Basically, if you’re interested in saving money in The Home Depot Garden Center, the first place you need to start is during both the Spring Black Friday Sale in April and the Memorial Day Sale in May. Here’s what you can expect:

Home Depot Spring Sale

We predict The Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale will begin Thursday, April 7, 2022, and will last 1 – 2 weeks. Expect to see 2-cubic-foot bags of mulch for $2.00 (reg. $3.33), basic vegetable planters 4 for $10 (reg. $2.98 each), and six-packs of annual and perennial flowers 2 for $2.98 (reg. $2.98 each). Learn all about The Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale.

Home Depot Memorial Day Sale

We predict The Home Depot Memorial Day Sale will begin Thursday, May 19, 2022, and will last nearly two weeks. Expect to see the year’s best prices on paint, landscaping equipment, patio pavers, and patio decor. Basic vegetable planters have the second-best price of the year, 3 for $9.00.


2. Sign up for The Home Depot Garden Club to get a $5 off $50 coupon.

No matter when you shop, a free coupon is always welcome. When you opt in to The Home Depot Garden Club, you get a nice $5 off $50 coupon. Just go to the Garden Club website to opt in with your phone number and email address. They’ll send periodic emails or text messages about special promos, offers, how-tos and design ideas.

Then, nudge other people in your household to sign up and get another coupon. (But you can only use one of these coupons per purchase.)


3. Home Depot hanging flower baskets drop to $5 each during spring sales.

You can typically expect to pay about $15 for hanging flower baskets at Home Depot, but during Spring Black Friday, Memorial Day and Fourth of July sales, you’ll pay just $10 for two hanging flower pots.

Although Mother’s Day is right in between these sales, we do not usually see flower baskets drop much in price over that holiday weekend.

We’ve got a LOT more say about how to save on hanging flower baskets.


4. The Home Depot Garden Center mulch never drops below $2 per bag.

Although we’ve seen Home Depot discount mulch at $2 per bag (reg. $3.33) throughout the year, you can count on this price during the annual Memorial Day sale. Although the sale is advertised at buy 5 bags for $10, you don’t have to buy 5. . . you can get 2-cubic-foot bags of mulch for $2 each.

That puts your price per cubic foot at $1.00 — which is a killer deal! We’ve got a lot of information about how to save on mulch at Home Depot and Lowe’s (sale or no sale).



5. Home Depot Garden Center seeds are cheaper the more you buy.

When you buy six packets of seeds, you get 10% off. Buy 11, and you get 20% off. Each packet tends to cost around $2.00 – $2.50, depending on what you’re getting. Basically, it’s like you’re getting two packets for free.


6. Get clearance plants for 75% off — if you can save them.

Dying houseplant with yellow leaves

Keep an eye out for display carts full of plants on clearance. You’ll be able to spot them based on their looks — usually they’re dying or dried out. But you’ll be able to get them at a bargain.

The catch? You’ll need to be a green thumb who knows how to care for these distressed plants, or even your super good deal will turn out to be a waste. You can’t return ’em!


7. Don’t miss The Home Depot Garden Center clearance in the fall for big discounts.

Spring isn’t the only time to get a good deal in the Garden Center. Home Depot makes room for fall plants and holiday merchandise in September, so that’s when you can find clearance savings — like 50% off or more — on trees, shrubs, perennials, and spring-flowering bulbs. If you can afford the wait, you’ll get 50% off regular prices.


8. You can return dead plants for up to a year with The Home Depot Garden Center Guarantee.

A woman holding dead plants to return.

Home Depot trees, perennials, houseplants, and shrubs have a one-year guarantee. So, if your shrub dies on day 364, you can dig it up and return it, as long as you still have your receipt.

If any live plants you bought online arrive damaged or dead, call within three days to get a replacement delivered at no charge!

The policy doesn’t cover floral arrangements, cut flowers, or clearance plants.



9. Friday is the best day of the week to shop Home Depot Garden Center.

Although inventory is constantly coming into The Home Depot Garden Center, your best bet for the least-picked-through selection is likely to be in the morning or early afternoon on Fridays. That’s because the store is stocking up for weekend crowds (but those crowds haven’t come yet), and because they tend to get fewer deliveries on weekends.

But if you’re looking for something in particular, ask someone in the Garden Center at your local Home Depot to find out when that item gets delivered to the store. With that info, you can pick through product before it’s put out for display, getting the freshest and best quality stuff.


10. If you buy plants in the morning, be prepared for a muddy mess in your car.

Buying Home Depot plants in the morning? Make sure you’ve got a truck bed, floor mat, plastic sheeting, or some other kind of protection. Home Depot waters their plants first thing in the morning, so the potential for a muddy mess in the back of your car/trunk is significantly greater.

Not speaking from experience or anything. . .

Note: Curbside pickup doesn’t work for live plants, but you can get curbside pickup for mulch, pavers, and other non-plant Garden Center items.


11. The Home Depot Garden Center hours are the same as your Home Depot store.

There aren’t any special Home Depot Garden Center hours. Check your local store hours; the Garden Center’s hours are the same.

For the most part, stores open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 or 10 p.m.

11 Tips to Conquer Home Depot Garden Center Shopping