In the competition of big box home improvement stores, there’s a big battle for which is cheaper: Lowe’s vs. Home Depot. Both have their own loyal fans as well as pros and cons to shopping at each.

But which store has better tool prices? Which one should you choose for truck rental? Are Home Depot appliances better than Lowe’s? Let’s find out where you should go.

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1. Go with Lowe’s truck rental as it beats out Home Depot.

Between Lowe’s and Home Depot truck rentals, one is the clear winner. Let me break it down for you:

If you have an all-day moving job and want to save $40, definitely go with the Lowe’s truck.


2. Rent tools with Lowe’s instead of Home Depot.

Choosing between Home Depot tool rental and Lowe’s tool rental seems like it would be difficult, but it’s an easy decision. Lowe’s offers lower prices for every tool I’ve seen. Check this out:

It’s important to note that despite price differences, The Home Depot does have a much bigger selection when it comes to tool rental.


3. Remember that Lowe’s and Home Depot price match each other.

Thanks to Home Depot and Lowe’s price matching, you can take advantage of the best deal from the other store, no matter what.

Just keep in mind that the item has to be the exact same make and model to be eligible for price matching. So don’t expect the price to match a Ryobi power drill at Lowe’s. (See tip #5.)


4. Buy Lowe’s or Home Depot appliances—it’s a tie.

When I compared Lowe’s and Home Depot appliances, I noticed that almost every appliance was priced the exact same. And, whenever one store would beat the other, it would be by roughly $50. For example:

Due to this back-and-forth price war, you can still get the lowest number at either store thanks to price matching. Just bring in proof of the other store’s lower price and they’ll adjust the total for you.


5. Buy Home Depot tool brands as they tend to be cheaper.

When it comes to Home Depot and Lowe’s tools, both have exclusive brands. For example, Home Depot carries Ryobi and Ridgid while Lowe’s carries Kobalt and Metabo HPT. But which one is cheaper?

Like appliances, many of the same items cost the exact same at both stores, despite being different brands. More often than not, though, if I saw a tool priced lower, it was usually at Home Depot. But this is the best example:
Buy 1 Ryobi 18V Brushless Cordless ½ in. Hammer Drill/Driver Kit with Battery and Charger $79, regular price
Final price: $79
Buy 1 Metabo HPT 18V Brushless Cordless Drill with Battery and Charger $129, regular price
Final price: $129

A $50 price difference is definitely nothing to scoff at. While plenty of other tools had the same price point regardless of brand, I also found better Home Depot brand prices on tools like miter saws.


6. The Special Buy of the Day at beats out Lowe’s Daily Deal at

The Home Depot Special Buy of the Day tends to be a bit better than Lowe’s Daily Deals. Here’s one of the best deals I’ve seen:

And here are a few others I’ve seen lately:

But Lowe’s is no slouch either. Here are some of the Daily Deals I’ve seen recently:



7. Check online because The Home Depot has more coupons available.

While both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer coupons, Home Depot has plenty available immediately. Here are a few you can get right now:

Lowe’s, on the other hand, doesn’t have any immediately available coupons outside of the 10% off moving coupon from the USPS moving packet.

Lowe's vs. Home Depot: Who's Cheaper?