How Lowe's Price Match Works


Lowe's price match policy — also known as their "Lowest Price Guarantee" — can be one of the most useful tools for getting the best Lowe's deals.

Price matching at Lowe's won't help you during big sales like SpringFest and Black Friday, and you can't combine it with other offers (like Lowe's military discount). But it's an excellent tool to rack up everyday savings. This is especially true when retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and the Home Depot get competitive on pricing.

But just like Lowe's return policy, their price matching rules and exceptions aren't totally clear cut. Plus, Lowe's doesn't spell out which retailers and competitors they price match. So I'm here to answer all your questions about how Lowe's price matching works.

Does Lowe's price match?


Lowe's price matches a handful of competitor stores and online retailers, including The Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart. To get a Lowe's price match, the competitor's item must be:

  • Identical to the Lowe's item

  • In-stock at the competitor and available to ship to your location

  • Sold at a current, lower sale price (aka not an expired deal)

Who does Lowe's price match?

Lowe's price matches a variety of local retailers and online competitors, including:

  • Ace Hardware

  • Amazon

  • Best Buy

  • Home Depot

  • JCPenney

  • Macy's

  • Tractor Supply

  • Walmart


How Lowe's Price Matching Works

You can request a Lowe's price match before you make a purchase online or in-store. The store associate or customer service rep just needs to verify that the competitor price is current and the item is in stock and available to ship to you.

In-store Price Matches

To request a Lowe's price match on an in-store item, you'll need to show an associate proof of the lower price. Bring them the website, ad, printout, or photo of the lower competitor price so they can validate your price match.

If the associate approves your request, they'll give you the lower price for that item when you checkout.

TIP: If you're price matching another physical store location, the competitor store must be located within the same ZIP code as your Lowe's store to qualify for a price match.

Online Price Matches

To request a price match for an item on, you can call 1-877-465-6937. Or, start an online chat to submit your price match request that way.

Before you reach out, be sure to have proof of the lower price ready so the customer service rep can verify it.

Does Lowe's Price Match Amazon?

Lowe's will price match Amazon, but only items on are eligible for Amazon price matches. In-store items are not eligible.

Remember, Lowe's does not price match Amazon items from third-party marketplace sellers. The item you're price matching must be sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

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Does Lowe's Price Match Home Depot?


Yes, Lowe's price matches Home Depot items in-store and online.

As long as all the requirements for a price match are met, Lowe's will honor a lower price for an identical item at Home Depot.

Does Lowe's Price Match Walmart?

Lowe's price matches both Walmart in-store items and items.

Just like Amazon, anything you're hoping to price match on must be sold directly from Walmart and not from a third-party marketplace seller.

TIP: As you browse prices online or in the Walmart app, use the "Retailer" filter and select "Walmart" to narrow your search. This will ensure you only see items sold and shipped by Walmart (and not from marketplace sellers).

Lowe's Price Match Exceptions

There are exceptions to Lowe's price match policy, but some are more important to remember than others.

For example, Lowe's does not price match Black Friday sales, clearance or open-box items, and prices tied to a coupon deal or BOGO offer. They also don't price match wholesale membership-based retailers (like Costco and Sam's Club) or items from third-party marketplace sellers on Amazon or

Here's the full list of Lowe's price match exceptions:

  • Rebates, BOGO offers, and coupon deals

  • Holiday or seasonal promotions (like Black Friday)

  • Used, refurbished, or open-box items

  • Clearance, closeout, or discontinued items

  • Bulk or volume pricing from a competitor

  • Professional services (like labor and installation costs)

  • Discounts exclusive to a certain group (like military personnel or loyalty members)

  • Custom products (like custom cabinets, windows, and blinds)

  • Membership-based wholesale pricing (from stores like Costco and Sam's Club)

  • Third-party marketplace sellers (like on Amazon) and auction sites (like Ebay)

  • Credit terms and finance offers

  • Advertising misprints or pricing errors

  • Price from one Lowe's store to another

  • Price from one ZIP code to another

  • Sales tax

Lowe's Price Adjustment


Lowe's price adjustments are different from Lowe's price matches, but many of the same rules apply. A price match happens before you make a Lowe's purchase, but price adjustments happen after your Lowe's purchase.

If you buy something at Lowe's and find a lower competitor price for that item within 30 days, you can request a Lowe's price adjustment to get the lower price.

So if Home Depot sells your light fixture for 20% cheaper two weeks after you bought it from Lowe's, head to your Lowe's store with proof of the lower price to save 20% on your purchase.

Price adjustments work for Lowe's price drops, too. If the price of your Lowe's item drops in-store or online within 30 days, you can request a price adjustment to get the new lower price.

Lowe's Price Match FAQs

Will Lowe's price match a different Lowe's store?

Lowe's does not price match one Lowe's store to another. So, if you find a lower price for the same item at a different Lowe's store, you'll have to visit that store in person to get the lower price.

Can you get a price match on a Lowe's curbside pickup order?

Yes, Lowe's curbside pickup orders are also eligible for price matching.

You'll need to request a price match before you make your online purchase (call 1-877-465-6937 to speak to a Lowe's rep). They'll help you process your price match before you pick up your order at the store.

Be sure to have proof of the lower advertised price ready to share with the Lowe's rep before you make your call.

Can I stack Lowe's coupons with a price match?

Unfortunately, you can't combine a Lowe's price match with a coupon or any other Lowe's offer, promotion, or discount.

The best thing to do in this case is weigh your coupon discount against your price match discount to see which one gets you the lower price.

Will Lowe's match a lower price on

Lowe's will match their own online prices in-store, but you'll have to do a bit of prep work.

First, make sure you have the right store location selected as you pull up prices on According to Lowe's customer service, their prices can vary across state or even county lines. This is because prices are adjusted to that specific area's tax laws.

Your Lowe's store will only give you a price match if you show them online prices linked to that store's address.

Then, make sure the item isn't labeled "Exclusively Online." Lowe's stores won't price match online-only items, period.

Other Lowe's Policies to Know