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Amazon Doesn't Price Match, But Here Are 9 Retailers Who Match Them

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Loads of retailers are willing to offer an Amazon price match in order to stay competitive. I put together a comprehensive list so you can confidently get a price match for items on Amazon (or not … I included popular retailers who don’t match the retailer, too).

Here are a couple of things to note as we get started:

  • To get Amazon’s price at other stores, download the Amazon app and show Amazon’s cheaper price to a sales associate at the store where you’re requesting a match.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to make a phone call or send an email to get the lowest price possible. I’ll give you all those details as they pertain to each store below.
  • Use CamelCamelCamel to look at Amazon’s price history and determine if now is a good time to buy your item. If you notice a trend where the item tends to be lower in price at another time of the year, consider waiting. Learn more ways to outsmart retailers like Amazon.

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Does Amazon price match?

person comparing the price of an apple watch se on amazons app versus the walmart website

No. Amazon doesn’t officially offer price matching after you pull the trigger on a purchase. At all.

However, while they don’t formally price match, I’ve seen them lower prices on various items to match competitor prices pretty often. The difference here is that Amazon won’t change their prices because a customer found a lower price elsewhere. Instead, Amazon would make this price change themselves — and before the customer makes their purchase. But this is a case-by-case scenario that happens at Amazon’s discretion.

When did Amazon stop price matching?

Once upon a time, Amazon offered price matching. This came to an end in 2016. After the initial suspension of price matching, they still offered price matching on TV purchases, but that too, has ended.

Will Amazon negotiate prices?

No. Amazon believes they offer the lowest prices available and frequently tweaks their pricing in order to stay competitive with the likes of Walmart and Target. This is especially true during the holidays as deals roll out across the board. You’ll often see Amazon’s price dip when Walmart or Target offers something at a discount.


Here’s a summary of stores that price match Amazon.

Chart showing the nine stores that will price match with Amazon, including Home Depot and Target.

Out of these 12 popular retailers, nine of them price match Amazon. Let’s dig more into this below.


Does Best Buy price match Amazon?

A customer talking to a Best Buy employee at checkout

At Best Buy, you can submit a price match request if you find a lower price at Amazon and the item is identical in brand, model number, and color. You also need to make sure that the item is brand-new (not pre-owned, refurbished, or renewed) and is sold directly by Amazon — not fulfilled by a third-party seller.

Use your mobile phone to show the Amazon price to a store associate or customer service desk representative when you’re in-store, or call (888) BEST BUY / (888) 237-8289 to request a Best Buy price match.

Make sure to stay on top of the latest Best Buy deals as you compare prices.


Target won’t just price match anyone, but they do Amazon.

A Sony Spiderman game on a shelf at Target. A cell phone displaying the price on the game from Amazon held next to it.

Yes, Target does price match Amazon! And it’s kind of a big deal because Target won’t price match just anyone.

Pull up the better price on your mobile device or show printed proof (photos of an ad aren’t accepted) at the Guest Services desk or at checkout and they’ll match the price.

As long as the item you want to purchase at Target is identical to the one on Amazon, Target will price match it when you’re in the store. This doesn’t extend to Amazon’s clearance, closeout, liquidation, open-box, Lightning Deals, Amazon Prime exclusive offers, or refurbished items.

You also need to make sure the item is being sold directly by or fulfilled by Amazon and not by a third-party seller on Amazon’s platform.

Keep on top of the latest Target deals to ensure you’re getting the lowest price.


Walmart stores won’t price-match Amazon.

A woman on a laptop browsing

In fact, the in-store Walmart price match policy doesn’t allow for any competitor price matching anymore.

If you’re shopping online, won’t match Amazon prices either. You used to be able to submit one request per day, but now doesn’t price match with anyone.

Get all the latest Walmart deals.


Does Lowe’s price match Amazon?

a woman holding out a cell phone with lowes halloween on screeen while holding a cart with decor in basket

If you’re shopping in person at Lowe’s, they’ll only price-match local competitors.

But when you’re comparing prices online (like Amazon compared with, just make sure you’re referencing an item sold directly through Amazon and not a third-party seller, and they’ll match it.

You can make price-match requests from via phone or chat. Lowe’s Customer Care number is (877) GO LOWES / (877) 465-6937.

Lowe’s won’t match competitor professional services, custom products, free items and bundle offers, rebates, and competitor coupons like percent-off and dollar-off offers. They also won’t price match seasonal promotions like Spring Black Friday or Black Friday.

Stay on top of the latest Lowe’s deals to make sure you’re getting the best price.


Home Depot will price-match Amazon — as long as it’s sold and shipped by Amazon.

A person pointing to the graphic that reads, "Nobody beats our prices. Guaranteed*" next to the Home Depot price match policy on the wall inside Home Depot.

As of late 2022, the Home Depot price match policy will allow a price match with Amazon.

Just bring in proof of the lower Amazon price either printed out or on your phone and show it to the cashier at checkout. As long as it’s not an Amazon sale or clearance price (or sold by a third-party retailer), Home Depot should match it.

But even before the rule was made official, I’ve had luck just by talking to the manager at my local Home Depot store. They have a lot of sway over which price matches they will and won’t accept.

See current Home Depot deals.



Staples will price-match Amazon in-store only.

someone holding a phone looking up prices on amazon for some school supplies in a Staples cart

Yes, Staples will price match Amazon, as long as you’re shopping directly through Amazon and not a third-party seller. This only works in Staples stores — not on

Show the better Amazon price on your mobile phone at the Staples customer service desk. Remember that your Amazon item must be identical to the Staples item and in stock.

Staples is also one of the few retailers who will price-match Costco.

Office Depot, OfficeMax, and will price-match Amazon.

Person holding an Office Depot bag outside an Office Depot store

Show your Office Depot associates the cheaper Amazon price on your phone when you make a purchase or within 14 days after your purchase (this is actually a price adjustment) to get the lower price.

Your Amazon item must have the same model number and features as the Office Depot item.

Office Depot won’t match third-party sellers or clearance/sale items.

Check out the latest Office Depot deals before you price match.


Joann will price-match Amazon, with one exception.

A hand pushing a Joann Fabric shopping cart

Yes, Joann will price-match Amazon! Again, as long as the item is sold and shipped directly by Amazon — not a third-party seller on Amazon’s website.

Joann honors their “Price Match Guarantee” both in stores and at, as long as certain qualifications are met. To get the price match, check with your store or email customer service at before placing an order.

Joann will give you a price match if the Amazon item is an identical, in-stock item. You’ll need proof of the lower price. Note that seasonal items and patterns don’t qualify for a price match.

Want to see who truly has the lower price? Check out the latest Joann deals.


Show the identical product with Amazon’s lower price on your phone at checkout to get the price match at JCPenney.

a JCPenney shopping cart with clothes in the basket

Show the identical product with Amazon’s lower price on your phone at checkout to get the price match. For a purchase, call customer service at (800) 322-1189.

JCPenney won’t price match marketplaces or third-party sellers, but they do accept coupons with a price match! Also, they allow price matching every day of the year, even during Black Friday.

Don’t miss the latest JCPenney deals.


Nordstrom will price-match Amazon, but there are rules.

Nordstrom receipt held up in front of bag

But the Nordstrom price match policy is really specific about which items qualify.

For example, if you find a pair of Levi’s at Nordstrom and they’re available for a lower price on Amazon, Nordstrom will only price match if Amazon is the seller and it’s the same size and color.

This is pretty standard for a price-matching policy, but it’s trickier when we’re talking about clothing items rather than storage bins. If Amazon only has size 4 but you’re looking at a size 10 product at Nordstrom, you won’t be able to claim the price match.

To get Amazon’s price at Nordstrom, call (888) 282-6060 for orders or submit a price match request online. In-store price matches vary by location.

Want to make sure you’re getting the best price? Find a Nordstrom near you or see current Nordstrom Rack deals.



Call Dick’s Sporting Goods to successfully get an Amazon price match.

Yes, Dick’s Sporting Goods price matches Amazon! We found it in their policy.

To place an order at using a price match, you’ll need to call a customer service representative at (877) 846-9997 or chat with them online to confirm the price match and help you place your order.

To price match in-store at Dick’s, just show the cashier Amazon’s lower price on your phone.

Dick’s Sporting Goods won’t price match rebates, coupons, bonus offers (including BOGO offers), free offers or offers with gift cards, clearance (including closeouts and used items), limited-quantity or out-of-stock items, prices advertised only as a percent-off or dollar-off, services, or Amazon pricing errors.


Which stores won’t price match Amazon?

A woman talking to an employee in the tool rental shop at The Home Depot.

Not all retailers price-match Amazon. Here are some of the ones we get asked about most frequently at The Krazy Coupon Lady.


Does Kohl’s price match Amazon?

No, Kohl’s won’t price-match Amazon.

It’s one of the clearer points in the sometimes-confusing Kohl’s price-matching policy.

You can return Amazon orders at Kohl’s, though — with a bonus $5 in Kohl’s Cash or a percent-off coupon every time you do.

Does CVS price match Amazon?

No, CVS doesn’t price match any competitors at all, including Amazon. But you can still get current CVS deals and coupons.

Does GameStop price match Amazon?

No, GameStop doesn’t price match any competitors, including Amazon.

However, GameStop does claim they scan thousands of sites to ensure they’re offering the lowest price. If the system actually works, you should find the lowest price on; it shouldn’t be lower on Amazon in the first place, as long as the item is being sold directly by Amazon instead of by a third-party seller.

Does Hobby Lobby price match Amazon?

No, Hobby Lobby doesn’t price-match Amazon.

If you’re looking for ways to save, check out these tips for saving money at Hobby Lobby.

Does Books-A-Million price match Amazon?

No. Like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million will not price match Amazon or any other competitors.

On top of that, neither bookseller price matches their own website when you’re shopping in-store.

Does Dillard’s price match Amazon?

No, Dillard’s doesn’t price match any competitors, including Amazon.

Does AutoZone price match Amazon?

No. AutoZone will price match select physical stores, but because Amazon is an online retailer, and doesn’t have a physical store, AutoZone won’t give you Amazon’s lower prices.

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