Amazon doesn’t price match competitors, but other stores will price match Amazon in order to stay competitive.

To get Amazon’s price at other stores, it’s as simple as downloading the Amazon app and showing Amazon’s cheaper price to a sales associate.

Sometimes you’ll have to make a phone call or send an email to get the lowest price possible. I’ll give you all those details as they pertain to each store below.


👎 — No, this store never price matches Amazon.
🤞 — Sometimes this store will price match Amazon.
👍 — Yes, this store price matches Amazon.

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I’m saying yes, but this one is tricky.

Officially, their policy says no. But, it’s really up to the manager. I haven’t ever had a problem when I’ve tried it out. Just bring in proof of the lower Amazon price either printed out or on your phone, and show it to the cashier at checkout. As long as it’s not an Amazon sale or clearance price (or sold by a third-party retailer), Home Depot should match it.

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Yes, Best Buy price matches Amazon!

At Best Buy, you can submit a price match request if you find a lower price at Amazon and the item is identical in brand, model number, and color.

Use your mobile phone to show the Amazon price to a store associate or customer service desk representative when you’re in store, or call (888) BEST BUY / (888) 237-8289 to price match at

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You bet they do!

Pull up the better price on your mobile or show printed proof at the Guest Service Desk or at checkout, and they’ll match the price.

As long as the item you want to purchase at Target is identical to the one on Amazon, Target will price match it when you’re in store. This doesn’t extend to Amazon’s clearance, closeout, liquidation, open-box, lightning deals, Amazon Prime exclusive offers, or refurbished items.

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Walmart physical stores won’t price match Amazon, but will!

Contact customer care for a price match before placing your order. They have the final decision on whether or not they’ll give you a price match.

Also, your Amazon product must be in stock and identical to the one at won’t price match Amazon third-party sellers.

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Yes, JOANN will price match Amazon!

JOANN honors their “Price Match Pledge” both in stores and at, as long as qualifications are met. To get the price match, check with your store, or email customer service at before placing an order.

JOANN will give you a price match if the Amazon item is an identical, in-stock item and has been available for the last seven days. You’ll need proof of the lower price. Note that seasonal items and patterns don’t qualify for a price match.

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It depends.

Price matching at Nordstrom and depends on the brand of the product and the seller on Amazon. Nordstrom won’t price match third-party sellers.

For example, if you find a pair of Levi’s at Nordstrom and they’re available for a lower price on Amazon, Nordstrom will only price match if the Amazon seller is Levi’s themselves and it’s the same size and color.

To get Amazon’s price at Nordstrom, call (888) 282-6060 for orders. In-store price matches vary by location.

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JCPenney will certainly price match Amazon.

Show the identical product with Amazon’s lower price on your phone at checkout to get the price match. For a purchase, call customer service at (800) 322-1189.

JCPenney won’t price match marketplaces or third-party sellers.

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Yes and no. won’t price match, but Kohl’s physical stores will price match Amazon. It makes no sense, but there you go.

Bring in proof of Amazon’s price on your product (your phone screen works), and show a Kohl’s associate at checkout.

The product at Kohl’s must be identical to the product at Amazon, and the ad needs to include a description of the product as well as the sale price. Kohl’s will not price match third-party sellers on Amazon.

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Yes, Buy Buy Baby will price match major online retailers, including Amazon.

For in-store price matching, show the Amazon product on your phone to any associate. For price matching, call (877) BUY BABY / (877) 328-9222 or email:

Amazon products must be identical to get the lower price at Buy Buy Baby and in stock on both Amazon and Buy Buy Baby. You cannot stack the lower price with a coupon, but they’ll honor whichever price is lower — theirs with the coupon or Amazon’s.

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No, GameStop doesn’t price match any competitors, including Amazon. Brick-and-mortar GameStop locations won’t price match their own website either. Bummer.

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No, Dillard’s does not price match any competitors.

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Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond will price match Amazon!

You can request a price match at any of their in-store locations by showing the Amazon ad to any associate. For orders, call (800) GO-BEYOND and speak with a customer service rep, or email them at:

Bed Bath & Beyond will match full-price, in-stock Amazon items as long as the item isn’t sold by a third party. You can’t use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and price match at the same time, but you can price match and use a manufacturer coupon.

Find a Bed Bath & Beyond near you.


Yes! Lowe’s will price match Amazon!

You can talk to a Lowe’s associate or go to the Customer Service desk for help with your price-match request in store. For Amazon, bring in a printout of the product, dated.

You can make price-match requests from or via phone or chat. Lowe’s Customer Care number is (877) GO LOWES / (877) 465-6937.

Lowe’s won’t match competitor services, free items and bundle offers, rebates, and competitor coupons like percent-off and dollar-off offers.

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Yes, Staples will price match Amazon.

Show the better Amazon price on your mobile at the Staples customer service desk, or call (800) 333-3330 when you’re ready to check out at

Your Amazon item must be identical to the Staples item and in stock.

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Yes, Dick’s Sporting Goods price matches with Amazon!

To place an order at using a price match, you’ll need to call a customer service representative at (877) 846-9997 or chat with them online to confirm the price match and help you place your order.

To price match in store at Dick’s Sporting Goods, just show the cashier Amazon’s lower price on your phone.

Dick’s Sporting Goods will not price match rebates, coupons, bonus offers (including BOGO offers), free offers and gift-card offers, clearance (including closeouts and used items), limited-quantity or out-of-stock items, prices advertised only as a percent-off or dollar-off, services, or Amazon’s pricing error.

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No, CVS doesn’t price match any competitors at all, including Amazon.

But you can still get current CVS deals and coupons.


Office Depot, OfficeMax, and price match Amazon. (They used to price match, then stopped, and now they’re doing it again. Drama, drama Office Depot!)

Show your Office Depot associate the cheaper Amazon price on your phone when you make a purchase or within 14 days after your purchase (this is a price adjustment) to get the lower price.

Your Amazon item must have the same model number and features as the Office Depot item. Office Depot won’t match third-party sellers or clearance/sale items.

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No, Hobby Lobby doesn’t price match Amazon.

If you’re looking for ways to save, check out these tips for saving money at Hobby Lobby.


That’s all for now, but let me know if you want your favorite store added to the list!

14 Stores That Price Match Amazon