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The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee can be difficult to navigate — especially when it comes to matching prices online or during sales like Black Friday. Is it even possible?

We have answers to all your Best Buy price matching questions, but first we recommend you download the ShopSavvy app. Then use the scanning feature on the price comparison tool to see who has the best price on whatever you want, then ask for a Best Buy price match.

Now to answer your questions. . .


Does Best Buy price match Amazon?

Yes. Best Buy will price match Amazon as long as the item is sold and shipped by Amazon — that means no third-party sellers.

The Amazon product must match the Best Buy product’s brand, model number and color to qualify.


Does Best Buy price match Walmart?

Yes, as long as a Walmart retail store is located in the same market area (25-mile radius) as the Best Buy store.

And for purchases, a Walmart store would have to be within a 25-mile radius as the customer’s billing address or shipping address on record for the purchase.


Does Best Buy price match Costco?

Yes — and Sam’s Club and BJ’s, too — as long as the warehouse club is within a 25-mile radius, and the price is visible to ANYONE (not just members).

For offers that require a membership ID or a login to view, price match is only available in-store, and customers must present evidence of the store’s live offer (not a screenshot) to customer service staff to be eligible for the price match.

But yes, online and in-store, assuming the products and the offers meet the general requirements.


Does Best Buy pay you the difference if an item’s price drops?

Yes. If you’ve bought something at Best Buy, and then they drop the price of that item within the return and exchange period — 15 days for most items — Best Buy will match the lower price.

You’ll want to have the Paribus app before you shop. It’ll notify you if Best Buy drops the price on an item you’ve purchased, and will help you get paid the difference.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided.


Does Best Buy price match other stores after purchase?

Not officially — but with a little legwork, yes. And it’s totally within the rules.

If you buy a $399 tablet at Best Buy and then you see that same tablet at Walmart for $50 cheaper, Best Buy won’t refund you the difference.

But you’re not out of luck. As long as you’re within the return/exchange window and have your receipt (and it’s not a “final sale” item), you can return the tablet and then repurchase it — letting Best Buy match the Walmart price.

Learn more Best Buy hacks that’ll save you hundreds on electronics.


How do I price match at Best Buy?

Best Buy will price match key local retailers (in a 25-mile radius) for in-stock, immediately available items.

Bring either the local competitor’s current ad (a digital version on your phone is fine) or the competitor’s website to the Customer Service desk before you check out.

Best Buy may call the competitor on the phone to verify the price. Once the product has been verified as an identical, in-stock item, your cashier will manually override the Best Buy price to match the competitor.


How do I price match when shopping

However you’re price matching — whether it’s before you checkout at, or during the return/exchange period after your purchase — you’ll present your requests via online chat or by calling 1-888-237-8289.

From there, you’ll tell the representative about the specific price match you want to make. They’ll review and verify the price, and you’ll receive an adjustment (for new purchases) or money back (for price drops).

You can’t submit price matching requests via email or in Best Buy retail stores.


How do I price match when shopping via the Best Buy app?

Best Buy considers all purchases via the app to be the same as purchases via, so all the same rules apply.


How many times can I price match at Best Buy?

Best Buy limits each customer to one price match per identical item “at the current pre-tax price available to all customers.”

That means if you buy two of the same TV at Best Buy and you find a better price at Target, your Best Buy will only match the Target price on one of the TVs.

Officially, the same rule applies to price adjustments within Best Buy. If you buy two of the same TV at Best Buy and they drop the price, you’ll only be able to get an adjustment for one of the TVs. But Best Buy customer service said that you can always contact them to work it out: “We don’t want to disappoint customers.”


Do Best Buy stores match prices on

If an item has a different price in-store than on or on the Best Buy app, Best Buy will match the lowest price — within the return/exchange period (15 days for most products).

Just bring your smartphone (or the relevant web address) with you to Best Buy Customer Service to show the price discrepancy, and Best Buy will override the in-store price.


Does Best Buy price match installations and other services?

No. Best Buy’s price matching is built on the idea that products must be identical to qualify.

It’s tough to say with any certainty that Best Buy’s paid-for services like home installations, deliveries and computer services (“Geek Squad”) are identical to the other services being offered by other stores — so Best Buy doesn’t price match them.


Does Best Buy price match for pickup/delivery orders?

Pick up your Best Buy online orders in-store to avoid shipping fees.

Yes. If you place an order online for store pickup and you find a better price in the store or at when you pick it up, Best Buy will match the lower price.

If your Best Buy purchase is scheduled to be delivered to you and they drop the price on what you bought, they’ll refund you the difference, including tax.

You have to call 1-888-237-8289 to process the price match. Best Buy won’t be able to handle the request in-store or via email.


Does Best Buy price match online retailers?

Best Buy and will price match all local retail competitors (retailers who have a physical store within a 25-mile radius), including their online prices.

For online-only retailers, Best Buy will only price match to,,, and


Does Best Buy price match purchases from Best Buy Express Kiosks?

No. But hang on.

You’ve probably seen the giant Best Buy vending machines in airports and other public places. Those are called Best Buy Express Kiosks.

You obviously can’t request a price match from a vending machine before you buy, but if you find a better price at Best Buy stores or at within the 15-day return/exchange window, you can get refunded the difference.

Best Buy says they don’t markup the price in Kiosks, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If you find a cheaper price on a Kiosk item at another store, you should return the item to a Best Buy store and the repurchase it to get the other retailer’s lower price.


Does Best Buy price match pre-orders?

If you buy an item on pre-order and then the Best Buy price drops when it’s time to ship, there’s no need to do anything. Best Buy will automatically charge you the lower price, because your payment isn’t processed until the product ships.

But if after you receive the product, the Best Buy price drops within the return/exchange window, you may request a price adjustment by calling 1-888-237-8289.

If Amazon or another competitor lowers the price on the same item before the product ships, Best Buy won’t price match. But you could return the product, request the price match and then repurchase it.


Does Best Buy match competitors’ coupons?

No. And when it comes to coupons, Best Buy won’t accept a coupon on top of a price match. You have to pick just one: price match or coupon.


Does Best Buy price match on Black Friday?

Lines of people buying TVs during Best Buy Black Friday

No. Best Buy specifically says that items marked as having “Black Friday pricing” don’t qualify for price matching. That includes anything sold between Sunday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving — whether offered by Best Buy or a competitor.


Does Best Buy match other retailers’ trade-in values?

No. For example, if you’re trading in your old iPhone in order to get a new one, Best Buy doesn’t have to match the price the AT&T store would give you.

Instead, focus on the product you’re trading in for — that new iPhone, for example — and make sure you’re getting the best price on THAT. You can’t increase your trade-in value, but you can decrease the price of what you’re wanting to buy, if it’s a lower price elsewhere.


Does Best Buy’s price match policy apply to cell phone installment billing plans?

No, Best Buy doesn’t match competitors’ financing offers (or offers that differ between stores and, but they do offer price adjustments.

If you buy a cell phone with an installment plan and Best Buy lowers the price on it during the 14-day return/exchange period, bring the phone to Best Buy to request the price adjustment.

Here are your options for the price adjustment:

  • Receive a Best Buy Gift Card for the price difference, and keep paying the same installments as before. For example, if a phone drops from $600 to $500, Best Buy would offer you a $100 gift card and you’d maintain the same payment plan.
  • Return the cell phone to Best Buy and then repurchase it at the lower price with a corresponding installment plan. Beware, though: Returning a cell phone comes with a $45 fee.

If you want to match an eligible local competitor’s price on a phone, Best Buy says they’ll honor the qualifying competitor’s price.


Does Best Buy price match competitors’ financing offers?

No, but you can buy a product, get a price match on it, and then utilize Best Buy’s or’s low or no interest financing plans.


What other price match exclusions does Best Buy have?

Additional items excluded from price match eligibility are as follows:

  • Seasonal, clearance and liquidation items as well as special daily or hourly sales.
  • Special offers such as Amazon Prime Day, Target Deal Days and Walmart’s “Big Save”
  • Open-box, refurbished and pre-owned items.
  • Online prices of non-local retailers (except,,, and
  • Voice-only deals, the kind made through an Amazon Echo or Google Home device — unless the Best Buy price drops within the return/exchange period.
  • Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers on websites.
  • Pricing available to select groups of customers, including My Best Buy, loyalty programs, memberships and credit cardholders.
  • Purchases via Best Buy Education, Best Buy for Business and a Best Buy Marketplace store (on Amazon, eBay, Google, etc.).
  • Competitor rent/lease to own items.
  • Bundle offers and items included in bundle offers.
  • Subscription services.
  • Free items and pricing errors.
  • Mail-in offers, coupon offers, credit card offers.
  • Gift card offers and items included in gift card offers.
  • Products advertised as limited quantity items, or out-of-stock items.

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