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Best Buy is one of my faves, but I realized I don’t know a thing about their return policy. Guess I’ve never returned a thing to that store over the years. I started questioning how good the Best Buy return policy is, and what would the return experience be like? Would I still be a Best Buy super fan? It’s time to find out.

I purchased a universal remote for $19.99, plus $1.20 tax for a total of $21.19 on After several attempts to get it to work with my older model TV I gave up and decided to send the remote back. Although it arrived in two days, I couldn’t get out and return it to my local Best Buy until over two weeks later. Here’s what I learned:

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1. Best Buy normally allows returns for only two weeks, so make up your mind quick!

I admit I hadn’t read the Best Buy return policy until right before I returned the remote. What I read freaked me out; regular My Best Buy members and non-members only have 15 days after purchase to return most items, ouch!


2. During the holidays, shoppers can return purchases through mid-January.

This holiday season, Best Buy announced that they are introducing a long return window in 2020. Purchases made Oct. 13 through Jan. 2, 2021 will be able to be returned through Jan. 16, 2021.


3. Spend more at Best Buy to lengthen your return window.

Best Buy has three membership tiers:

  1. The standard free My Best Buy program provides you just a day over two weeks to get your return back to a store for a refund.
  2. Spend $1,500 a calendar year, and that return window grows to 30 days.
  3. A My Best Buy Elite Plus membership shoots the time you have to return items up to 45 days. What do you need to become an Elite Plus member? Spend a minimum of $3,500 during a calendar year.

I’ve got no shame in my game with my Best Buy spending habits; I’m an Elite Plus member, so I was well within my return window — whew.


4. At Best Buy, major appliances only have a 15-day return window.

Unlike Lowe’s and Home Depot that offer their customers 30 days to second guess their appliance purchases, Best Buy only gives you 15 days. With this ridiculously short time to return a major appliance, I’ll be sure to buy my next stove or fridge elsewhere.

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5. Your local Best Buy manager or customer service rep can make an exception if you’ve passed the return window.

Although Best Buy has strict return windows, if you try to return an item a day or so after, you can explain your circumstances to your local Best Buy store manager to see if they will make an exception in your case.


6. Best Buy return without a receipt? No problem for My Best Buy members.

I always hang onto receipts, especially those for costly items, because you never know when you might need them, like scanning them in rebate apps such as Fetch Rewards!

If you’re a My Best Buy member (any tier), you don’t need to bring in a receipt to return an item as the team member can look up your order using your phone number. When I returned my remote, the cashier asked me for my phone number and rang up the refund in a few seconds.


7. Prepare to show your driver’s license to return items to Best Buy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a non-member or an Elite Plus member, expect to show your driver’s license when you return an item at Best Buy.


8. Pay with a Best Buy gift card, you’ll get back a Best Buy gift card.

Even if you no longer have the gift card you paid with, Best Buy will refund your money to a Best Buy gift card. If you paid with multiple payment forms like a debit or credit card with a gift card, you would receive whatever amount on each method.

For my remote purchase, I used a $15 Best Buy gift card (which I no longer had) and put $6.19 on my debit card. That’s precisely the amount I got back on my debit card, along with a new Best Buy gift card with a $15 balance.


9. Print your free Best Buy return label if you want to return an item via UPS.

Buy something online that you need to return but can’t get to a Best Buy store? You can go into your account and tap “Purchases,” click “Return Options & Support” to start your return, and print your pre-paid return mailing label.

Stick on your package and take it to your local UPS drop-off location. Although this method is easy and free, don’t expect to get your refund for at least a few weeks.


10. Returning certain items to Best Buy can cost you big money.

I get it; Best Buy is a top player in the expensive world of electronics. Here’s the deal, no matter if you’re a member or non-member, you can face hefty restocking fees with some Best Buy items when you return them.

So before you buy something like a cell phone or tablet, consider their $45 restocking fees. For things like cameras, projector screens, and drones, a return will cost you 15% of your price. For example, a Nikon D7500 DSLR 4K Video camera for $1,299.99 will have a restocking fee of $195!


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