Making a Kohl’s Amazon return is a cinch. But kind of weird. Next thing we know, we’ll be able to buy a car online and return it to Chick-fil-A.

But seriously, Amazon makes it super-easy to return unwanted items — especially if you’re a Prime member — but making an Amazon return at Kohl’s might just be the best way. Why?

I’m going to tell you. Here’s how.


All Kohl’s store locations can now process Amazon returns.

All 1,100-plus Kohl’s locations do Amazon returns, with the exception of Anchorage, Alaska.

UPS has about 5,000 locations, which of course also accept Amazon Returns.

This means, altogether, you have more than 6,150 options for where to return your Amazon purchases. Wow!


But not all Amazon items are eligible for a Kohl’s return.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check if an Amazon item is eligible for a Kohl’s return prior to buying it. You won’t know where you can return it until you actually request to return it through Amazon.

Certain items, like third-party sold products, are excluded from the Kohl’s Amazon returns option. Womp.


Start your Kohl’s Amazon return through the Amazon app or website.

To request a return from Amazon, simply go to the Amazon app or Amazon website and select:

My Orders → Return or Replace Items → Reason for Return → Select Kohl’s Dropoff.

Amazon will then send a QR code to your email, as well as save it to your orders. The QR code is essential for processing your Kohl’s Amazon return.



You don’t need to repackage your return. Like, at all.

The days of hunting through your recycling for an old Amazon box are over. You need only the item you bought to return it.


There are designated parking spots for customers making a Kohl’s Amazon return.

Customers with Amazon returns get their own parking spots near the front. Woot, woot! I love priority parking.


Don’t leave your phone in the car!

The QR code — and your item — is all you need to complete your Kohl’s Amazon return. Just don’t be a ditz like me and forget your phone in the car!

Every time I’ve made an Amazon return at Kohl’s, I’ve been in and out in less than five minutes — except the times I’ve had to run back out the door to grab my phone out of the car, so the associates can scan the QR code. Or if I end up shopping after making my return, which is hard not to do, because of this other Kohl’s Amazon return perk…


You’ll get a 25% off Kohl’s coupon just for making the return.

Yay! The one-time use coupon is automatically handed out to anyone who completes an Amazon return at Kohl’s.

The coupon is usually good starting that day for about a week.


How to Make an Amazon Return at Kohl's. Yep, You Read That Right