Guys, shopping on Amazon just got better. No longer do we have to pay shipping to return an item — instead we can just drop it off at any Kohl’s.


This July, Kohl’s will begin accepting your Amazon returns at no cost to you.

Kohl’s just announced that every store will now take your Amazon returns — free of charge — package them up, and send them back to Amazon on your behalf. Starting in July, Kohl’s will accept Amazon returns in over 1,150 locations.

All you have to do is go to the Amazon Return Center and select the item you want to return. They’ll then ask you your preferred method of return, and you’ll be able to select Kohl’s Dropoff.

Show the Amazon QR code to the Kohl’s associate at returns and you’re done!


Kohl’s first accepted Amazon returns at just 82 stores in 2017.

Earlier in the year, the two companies partnered together and began selling Amazon products in Kohl’s stores. Find Amazon products like the Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Fire Tablets in Kohl’s stores in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.


Get a 25% off Kohl’s coupon when you return an Amazon product.

This may not stick around as this program expands, but in the past, customers who have returned their Amazon purchases through Kohl’s have received a 25% off, one-time-use coupon.


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Check Amazon’s Return Center for Kohl’s returns eligibility.

Unfortunately, you won’t know if you can take an Amazon product to Kohl’s until you’re ready to make a return. There is no way to check prior to buying the item.



Don’t worry about packaging up your return — Kohl’s will do it for you.

According to Kohl’s press release, you can bring in eligible returns whether they are packaged and labeled or not, and they’ll take care of the rest. Just place the item back in the box it came in.


Normally, you have to pay for return shipping on Amazon orders.

When you return an item with a prepaid method on Amazon, like dropping it off at UPS or having Amazon arrange UPS to pick up the return from you, Amazon will deduct the cost of shipping from your total refund. If you choose to ship the product back yourself, you’ll pay for shipping at the post office.

Amazon will cover your return shipping if your order was an error on their part, like if they send the wrong item. Or, Amazon will clearly state whether an item is eligible for free returns (the traditional way) in the product description.


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Skip the Shipping Fees — Now You Can Take Amazon Returns to Kohl's!