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If you haven’t already fallen in love with Kohl’s and put a ring on it, I’m gonna make that happen for you today.

In fact, it’ll be easy because there are so many discounts to stack and so many ways to earn rewards that save up to 60% on every purchase is a breeze.

So, from now on, don’t shop at Kohl’s unless you’re shopping smarter! Here’s how:

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1. Buy a $10 item with your $10 Kohl’s Cash coupon and get it for free.

Unlike other “cash” systems (GapCash, Old Navy’s SuperCash), Kohl’s Cash has no minimum spend amount. This means you can get items for free if you have enough Kohl’s Cash.

Since you can only use up to four Kohl’s Cash coupons at a time, break up your transactions in order to use all your Kohl’s Cash.


2. Spend $48 — not $50 — to get $10 in Kohl’s Cash.

Kohl’s policy states that if you get within $2 of the first Kohl’s Cash threshold, they’ll give it to you. For example, if you can aim to spend only $48 to earn a $10 cash reward, you get an extra 1% in Kohl’s Cash because you didn’t spend $50 to get it.

Your total purchase amount is calculated after coupons and discounts are applied. A good strategy could be to break up your transactions if you’re spending more than $48 in order to earn the most Kohl’s Cash possible.


3. Earn and redeem Kohl’s Cash before 11:59pm Central time on the last day of each promotion.

Since Kohl’s corporate is in the Central time zone, all Kohl’s promotions end at 11:59pm Central time on the last day of the promotion. This goes for Kohl’s Cash too.

So, if you live on the west coast and you’re shopping at 10pm Pacific time on the last day of a Kohl’s Cash earning period, you won’t earn Kohl’s Cash.

Along the same lines, your Kohl’s Cash will expire at 11:59pm Central time on the last day of the redemption period.


4. Stack up to four promo codes online.

For example, you can use one sitewide percent-off code, one department-specific percent-off code, a free shipping code and a Kohl’s Cash code in one online transaction.

Or you can use one percent-off and three Kohl’s Cash. Or heck, just spend your Kohl’s Cash — up to four at a time! (You can use up to four coupons in-store as well. Same rules apply.)


5. Use two percent-off promo codes online if you don’t have Kohl’s Cash.

If you don’t have Kohl’s Cash, the best strategy is to use two percent-off promo codes on your order. Kohl’s allows this even though most retailers do not.

So, you can use one sitewide percent-off code (25% off your entire order) and one department-specific percent-off code (10% off baby items). Hopefully you have a free shipping code to use as well!



6. Only shop using your mobile phone if you have two or less promo codes to use.

When you shop on your mobile device, you’ll only be allowed to use up to two promo codes. For this reason, be sure to always shop on a computer or tablet when you’re shopping online at Kohl’s and you have more than two codes you want to use.


7. Don’t ever pay for shipping at Kohl’s.

First choice is always to use a free shipping promo code, and Kohl’s usually has them available. But there are times when the free shipping code has a pretty high minimum spend threshold (“free shipping on orders of $75 or more”, for example) and you don’t want to spend that much.

In these cases, use free in-store pickup. Your item can be ready within two hours if you place your online order during regular business hours.

Another option is to place your order at the Kohl’s Kiosk in-store. You’ll get free standard shipping — to your house! Plus, you can still use your four promo codes.


8. Spend Kohl’s Cash on any products or brands in the store.

Many retailers exclude certain brands from their coupon policy, but Kohl’s Cash is just like cash. Use it to buy anything except gift cards or paying down your Kohl’s credit card balance.

One idea is to use your Kohl’s Cash to buy the brands Kohl’s doesn’t put on sale as often. Like Levi’s or Columbia.


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9. Get 5% cash back with Kohl’s free loyalty program, Yes2You Rewards.

Not to be confused with Kohl’s Cash, Yes2You is Kohl’s storewide loyalty program. You’ll earn a point for every dollar you spend, and when you reach 100 points, you’ll get a $5 reward code that you can use in-store or online. Once you sign up for Yes2You, you’ll start receiving all the coupons via email and snail mail.

You’ll also be eligible for double- and triple-point earning periods.


10. Make big purchases at the end of the month when you can use your Yes2You Rewards.

Yes2You points are converted to “cash” or reward certificates at the end of every month. So even though you’ll see your points in your account up to 48 hours after you make an in-store purchase (or 48 hours after your online purchase ships), your reward isn’t available until the end of the month.

Points won’t expire until there’s a full 12 months of inactivity on your Yes2You account.


11. Earn 60 Yes2You points when you follow or “like” Kohl’s on social media.

And I mean 10 points per each of these social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+

The easiest place to access this is inside the Kohl’s app.


12. Get a $5 Yes2You Reward when your friend joins Yes2You.

You can earn points for inviting up to five friends to join Yes2You, which is a potential of $25 in Yes2You cash. You’ll receive your reward when your friends make their first purchase at Kohl’s.


13. Get a code for 15% off when you text SAVE07 to 56457.

When you text SAVE07 to 56457, you’ll get a 15% off coupon, plus you’ll regularly receive percent-off coupons and notices about 2x and 3x Yes2You points promotions.



14. Scan your snail-mail coupons using the Kohl’s app.

This way you not only have the coupon available and ready to use when you make an online purchase, but you have a safeguard against those mom-brain moments when you forget your Kohl’s coupon on the kitchen countertop. (Been there too freaking many times!)

To solve this, scan your coupons into the Kohl’s app right when you get them from the mail. Tap “Wallet” then “Scan to Enter” inside the app.


15. Lose your Kohl’s Cash? Ask Kohl’s to look up and re-issue your cash.

You just need your receipt, and Kohl’s can access your cash for you. #win


16. Return items for up to 16 months, even without a receipt.

If you use any major credit card (including your Kohl’s card) or you signed in to your Yes2You Rewards account before you made the purchase, Kohl’s can look up your information and provide a return.


17. Forgot your coupons? Get credit even after your purchase.

Even if you just finished making an online purchase and you spaced using one of the promo codes you wanted to use, you can call customer service and ask them to apply the code. Codes and coupons need to be valid still in order to apply to purchases you’ve already made.


18. Always check for rebate offers before you make a big purchase at Kohl’s.

. . . As in a small appliance or cookware. Because Kohl’s rebates are worth the hassle of mailing the paper in to the manufacturer.

Kohl’s has offered rebates in the past like “Get $169 worth of free gifts when you make qualifying KitchenAid purchases.”


19. If you’re 60+ years young, shop Wednesdays for an additional 15% off.

This is Kohl’s version of a senior discount, but it’s only available in-store and can’t be applied along with another percent-off discount. It can be applied with dollar-off discounts and Kohl’s Cash though.


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20. Look for a little square in the corner of price tags to find the lowest price of the season.

This is the lowest markdown you’ll see in the current season for that item. The only way this price will drop again is if the item goes on clearance. If it’s something you really want, buy when you see the square. You can wait to see if the item goes on clearance, but you chance it selling out fast.


21. Buy small appliances during Black Friday Five.

The five days leading up to Black Friday are magical at Kohl’s, because small appliances like KitchenAid and Ninja can reach over 50% off.

When you stack a sale with coupons and promo codes and use Kohl’s Cash — and rebates if they’re available — you stand to win a lot the week leading up to Black Friday at Kohl’s.

Bookmark KCL’s Kohl’s page to stay up-to-the-minute during Black Friday.


22. Decode Kohl’s electronic price codes.

Kohl’s has a coding system to track markdowns and place signage. Codes appearing in the upper-right corner of an LCD price tag can include:

BB = Bonus Buy
BGH = Buy One, Get One Half Off
PP = Product Placement: The sale price is fixed and not a percent discount
S = Sale: The item will be on sale for 1-2 weeks



23. Reset your Kohl’s Cash lifespan by buying something and returning it.

When you return items you used Kohl’s Cash to buy, you’ll get a new Kohl’s Cash coupon, good for 30 days from the date of your return. This could be a strategy for prolonging the life of your Kohl’s Cash if you know you aren’t going to use it before it expires.

One thing to realize: it can take 7-14 days for Kohl’s to issue your new Kohl’s Cash via email after you return a purchase you used Kohl’s Cash to buy.

It’s important to remember that Kohl’s Cash is always deducted from a return first, so only do this with items you’re planning to return, or you’ll lose out on some savings on the items you want to keep.


24. If you live in Chicago or LA, Kohl’s will return your Amazon purchases for free.

This is in beta testing phase in these cities only right now, but here’s to hoping this offering is expanded to more Kohl’s stores.


25. Get the Kohl’s credit card if you want to be showered with discounts.

The Kohl’s credit card doesn’t have a flat percent-savings back like many credit cards do. But if you do most of your shopping at Kohl’s and you’re ready to take it to the next level, this is a very safe move forward. You can pay off your credit card balance at the cash register and even right after you use the card to make a purchase!

You’ll get 20% off your first purchase, and then when your card arrives in the mail, so will another 15% off. And then you can take advantage of up to 12 yearly 15%, 20%, or 30% off promotions.


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25 Easy Ways to Shop Smarter at Kohl's