If you’re a regular shopper at Kohl’s, you might be missing out on significant savings by not having a Kohl’s credit card, also known as the Kohl’s Charge.

While we don’t normally encourage credit card spending, the Kohl’s Charge is one card we make an exception for if you follow our tips below.

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1. New Kohl’s Charge customers get 35% off their first purchase.

While a coupon for Kohl’s Charge customers is not rare, a higher than 30% off coupon is rare. Take advantage while you can and enter the offer code DEAL35 on the credit card application form. You’ll get a confirmation within 60 seconds, so you’ll be able to start shopping with the card right away.

TIP: You can apply in store and shop the same day using a photo ID, or submit your application online and wait for your card to arrive in the mail.

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2. Get coupons throughout the year to stack on sale prices.

I know, I know. Everybody gets coupons all year long from Kohl’s. However, Kohl’s customers rarely see coupons for more than 20% off come in the mail, unless they have a Kohl’s Charge card.

TIP: Forgot to bring your mailer coupon from home? No problem. Just let the cashier know and you’ll get to try your luck at a scratch-it coupon! They’re worth 15%, 20%, or 30% off and are available in store for the same dates as the online coupon codes found on your home mailer.


3. Kohl’s Most Valued Customers (MVC) get exclusive free shipping coupon codes.

On top of higher value coupons all year, if you’re a Kohl’s Card shopper and spend at least $600 on your card in a calendar year, congrats! You just earned the title of a Kohl’s Most Valued Customer (MVC).

For this fancy title Kohl’s throws in exclusive free shipping codes with no minimum purchase on the regular. And to keep you coming back, Kohl’s will send you extra mailer coupons plus a free birthday gift. For online shoppers, the free shipping codes stack with the 30% off codes as well as category codes, such as the $10 off a $50 home purchase.

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4. Have a Kohl’s credit card? No receipts are needed for returns.

This is a perk when paying with any card at Kohl’s, but if you also forget your Kohl’s Charge card when returning an item (which I’ve done), use your photo ID to pull up your account. You’ll have your return processed as if you’d brought in your receipt. Easy peasy!


5. There’s no annual fee.

Need I say more?


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5 Reasons Why a Kohl's Credit Card Is So Worth It