Discounted gift cards allow you to save money on top of coupons and sales because they’re a form of payment.

Sites like Gift Card Granny, Raise, Cardpool, and CrayPay all sell discounted gift cards, and each one has its own savings margin and perks.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. Use Cardpool to turn unused gift cards into cash.

If you have any unused gift cards, sell them to Cardpool to get 92% cash back.

Best part? There are these self-serve kiosks at locations in your city, and all you have to do is put in your card’s details to get your cash. Right there!

2. Get notifications from Raise when you’ve bought a gift card and you’re walking by that store.

One billion dollars in gift cards goes unused each year. Raise sends you a notification when you’re close to or in a store that you already have a gift card for — so you don’t forget to use it!

For example, I was near Macy’s the other day, and I got a notification that said, “Looks like you’re near Macy’s. Is now a good time to spend that $25 gift card?”


3. Get an instant gift card from CrayPay to cover the exact amount of your purchase.

Retailers push gift card sales, even at discounted prices, because they know they’ll make more money in the end. It’s because 65% of gift card users spend more than the value of their gift card.

Ever have like $0.33 left on a gift card that you never use? With CrayPay, you’ll enter your total purchase amount and buy a gift card in the exact amount of your purchase while standing at the register.

CrayPay turns the gift card into a barcode the cashier can scan at the register. You pay 1.5-3% less than retail price of the gift card, instantly.

Plus, you won’t be holding anyone up in line — it’s that quick.


4. Compare prices from 15 discounted gift card websites through Gift Card Granny.

Just like KCL pulls together the hottest money-saving deals for you in one convenient spot, Gift Card Granny (GCG) does the same thing with their selection of discounted gift cards.

They pull deals from 15 other gift card companies out there (including Raise and Cardpool) into one convenient spot, so you don’t have to spend your time searching for the best discounts.

TIP: Check to see if the store you need a gift card for has sister stores (think: West Elm, Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma); buy the card with the biggest savings, and use it at your store.


5. Get $5 for referring friends to Cardpool and Raise.

Refer your friends and make money. Or steal your hubby’s phone and do it for him.

You can earn up to $100 per calendar year.



6. Score an extra 3-5% off when you shop Raise on Fridays.

You’ll get a promo code for an extra 3-5% off emailed to you every Friday when you subscribe to Raise’s weekly newsletter.

TIP: Most folks also purchase their cards right before or during their weekend shopping trips, so if you purchase yours on Friday, you’ll beat the rush and may have more deals available to you.


7. Earn free gift cards when you join Granny Rewards, and get free gift cards with qualifying “Secret Deals.”

Just for joining Granny Rewards, you’ll get 200 points. After that, you’ll receive points every time you purchase a card, refer a friend, sign up for the newsletter, download the app and more.

Once you earn 1,000 points, you’ll get a code for a $5 gift card from a store like Target, Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Sephora and more. You’ll also get insider promo codes, store alerts, and access to giveaways when you join their newsletter.


8. Link your favorite cash-back credit card to CrayPay and get even more cash back.

With CrayPay you can link whatever credit card you’d like to use to the account. I added my Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, so every time I make a purchase through CrayPay I save an extra percentage from Chase on top of what I just saved by using the gift card.


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9. Download the Chrome extension for Gift Card Granny to get alerts for potential savings.

The GCG extension for Chrome searches for discounted gift cards while you shop online. This extension automatically alerts you if there’s an opportunity for savings.


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