In 2020, Kohl’s did away with Yes2You Rewards and introduced a new loyalty program: Kohl’s Rewards.

Just like the name implies, the program is a straight-forward, free way for Kohl’s lovers to reap the benefits of being loyal shoppers. From extra Kohl’s Cash to special coupons, here’s what you should know about joining Kohl’s Rewards.

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1. Members of Yes2You Rewards Loyalty program were grandfathered in.

If you were a Yes2You Rewards user — the program has been around since 2014 — you were automatically enrolled in Kohl’s Rewards in fall 2020.

Kohl’s automatically switched all 30 million Yes2You Rewards members to Kohl’s Rewards and converted Yes2You Rewards points into Kohl’s Cash.


2. Kohl’s Rewards members earn 5% Kohl’s Cash back on every purchase.

With Kohl’s Rewards you can earn 5% Kohl’s Cash for every purchase, any day, online and in store, instead of just during certain promo periods. The best part: All shoppers, even Kohl’s Rewards members, will be able to earn $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent during Kohl’s Cash promo events! That’s in addition to the 5% you’re already earning every time you shop!


3. You gotta spend your Kohl’s Cash within 30 days.

On the last day of every month, Kohl’s will send you Kohl’s Cash coupons for every $5 worth of Kohl’s Rewards you have in your Kohl’s Rewards account. The coupons will be digitally issued via email or through the Kohl’s app on the first day of the next month.

So, if you have $50 worth of Kohl’s Rewards on October 31, you’ll receive ten $5 coupons on November 1 that you must use within 30 days or they’ll expire. If you have less than $5 worth of rewards in your account, they’ll roll over and be added to future rewards.




4. Kohl’s Rewards members get special offers and perks.

If you’re not a Kohl’s Rewards member, you’re missing out!

In addition to all the other perks I mentioned, you’ll get extra discounts and coupons just for signing up for Kohl’s Rewards. Personalized offers and perks can include percent-off coupons, dollar-off coupons, a birthday gift, and limited-time promotions. A recent promotion, for example, was 20% off for new Kohl’s Rewards enrollees! Plus, every Kohl’s Rewards member gets a special birthday gift, like a $10 coupon.

Everything You Need to Know About Kohl's Rewards Program