Dealing with Amazon returns is not exactly something I look forward to. And even though boxing a thing up isn’t the most difficult or time-consuming activity I could think of, something about it inspires sheer procrastination in me. How does the saying go? I can do hard things but I can’t do easy things. This summarizes my intimate relationship with Amazon returns.

If this is you, I have good news. Amazon has a few tricks up its sleeve for making returns more convenient.

(In all of these cases, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and unless you qualify for free returns, the shipping fee is taken out of your refund amount.)

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1. To make a return, go to the Amazon Return Center or start from your past orders.

Generally, you’ll have 30 days to return your Amazon items. I say “generally” because Amazon plays Santa Claus during the holiday season and gives us all a longer return window. You’ll have from mid-November through the end of January to return any items you buy during that time.

To get started on a return, you’ll have two options that work:

  1. To initiate your return through the Amazon Return Center, just follow the prompts.
  2. To start from your past orders, pull them up in your Amazon account and tap the item you want to return. You’ll see return options available at that point. Speaking of which, here are the options…


2. Drop off your Amazon returns at Kohl’s — you don’t even need a box.

It’s true.

To make an Amazon return at Kohl’s, open the Amazon app and follow this process: My Orders → Return or Replace Items → Reason for Return → Select Kohl’s Dropoff.

Amazon will send a QR code to your email. The QR code is essential for processing your Kohl’s Amazon return — you’ll show it to the Kohl’s associate when you hand over your items, unboxed.



3. Opt for an Amazon Hub Locker return.

To get started with a Hub Locker, select “Amazon Hub Locker” in the Amazon Return Center. You’ll get a code to enter at your nearest Amazon Locker.

Once you reserve it, your locker will be available until the store closes on the following business day. .

Package up your return and attach the return label. Follow the instructions on the Amazon Locker screen to finish.

Learn more about how Amazon Hub Lockers work and search for Amazon returns options near you.


4. Drop off your Amazon return at a UPS location.

The old reliable option. Amazon will provide you with a prepaid shipping label and you box it up and drop it off at a UPS store.

Or if you don’t have a printer,just show the return code from your Amazon order to the UPS associate, and they’ll print out the shipping label for you.



5. Schedule a UPS pickup for your Amazon return.

This is the easiest option if you’re returning something large or really heavy.

Package up your return, attach the prepaid return label, and schedule an Amazon UPS pickup.


6. If you can’t make a return, see if your item qualifies for Amazon Trade-In.

Once your item is past its returnable window, you’re generally out of luck. But certain tech and devices like tablets, Kindles, phones, security equipment, and more may be eligible to trade in. You’ll get Amazon gift cards and a discount offer for a future purchase in return. It’s not going to make you rich, but it’s nice to get something for items you’d otherwise throw out.

Find out all the details about how Amazon Trade-In works.


5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Amazon Returns