If you need an Amazon baby registry, it must mean you’ve got a baby on the way. Congratulations! If this is your first one, you’ll find out real fast that babies are freaking expensive. One of the biggest expenses is diapers: the budget vampire you have to feed for two to three years.

I’m going to show you how to get a nice little discount on diapers for the first year, along with instructions for getting a box of baby freebies, and also tips to navigate Amazon’s baby registry, which isn’t totally user-friendly. Plus more!

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1. Amazon Prime members get $35 worth of baby freebies upon completing a registry and making a $10 purchase.

Anyone expecting or not can create an Amazon Baby Registry, but only Prime members get access to all the baby freebies.

Here’s a step-by-step process to doing this:

  • Join Amazon Prime if you haven’t already.
  • Create a baby registry on Amazon.
  • Complete 60% of your registry checklist by adding products from each category to your registry.
  • Purchase $10 worth of product from your registry (either by you or your gifters).
  • Once you’re eligible, you’ll see a “Redeem Now” button on the Welcome Box page (you’ll also receive an email). Click the button to add the Welcome Box to your cart. Then follow the instructions to redeem the offer.


2. Your $10 purchase technically doesn’t have to be a registry item.

Technically, your $10 purchase will be a registry item, but only because you’ll add it to your registry. But, Amazon doesn’t care if it’s a baby item. I added dog food to my registry because we happened to be out of it and then when I bought it, I unlocked my Welcome Box offer. Two birds, one stone — you know the drill.


3. …But buying a $10 Amazon gift card won’t get you the Welcome Box.

I know you’re thinking it — so was I! The only thing better than buying something you already need in order to get that Welcome Box is buying an Amazon gift card and waiting for a sweet deal to use it on, right?!

But, no. Amazon is on to us and they’ve made it so we actually have to buy a product to trigger the Welcome Box offer. Of course, you can always buy yourself a baby item from your registry, too.


4. What comes in an Amazon baby registry Welcome Box?

What you get may be different from this, as welcome box freebies change from time to time. Here’s what I got:

  • Three-piece hat, glove, and sock set
  • Philips Avent baby bottle
  • Nonobebe pacifier
  • Diapers and wipes from brands like Huggies, Pampers, WaterWipes, and The Honest Company
  • Laundry detergent samples from brands like Dreft and Seventh Generation
  • Baby wash and lotion from brands like Aveeno, Cetaphil, Baby Bum, and Baby Dove
  • Coupons


5. Register at least 74 days before your due date for a 15% discount.

Prime members get 15% off select items starting 60 days before the baby’s due date, and it’s good for 60 days after that date, too. This is a total of 120 days of 15%-off discounted baby shopping. (Non-Prime members get a 10% discount.)

Your registry needs to be active for 14 days in order to qualify for the completion discount. To get the full 120 days of baby deals, make sure you register at least 14 days before the 60-day countdown to your due date starts (so, 74 days before your due date).



6. You get an entire year to make an Amazon baby registry return.

Sure, it won’t take you that long to decide if you like what you registered for, but what if you’re expecting a seven-pound baby and she shows up weighing ten pounds? Or what if your baby grows at a different rate than you expected and you end up with a bunch of summer outfits he’s too big to wear six months after he’s born?

Or, real talk: What if you’re just too tired and busy to mess with returns for the first 10 –11 months of your child’s life? A longer return period lets you put it off and deal with it once you have a rested brain again.


7. If you do a Babylist.com registry, items ship from Amazon, but you won’t get the 365-day return period.

Amazon and Babylist.com both offer a universal registry where you can add items from other websites to your registry. Your Amazon baby registry, like Babylist.com, allows you to register for a crib from IKEA.com or bedding from PotteryBarnKids.com, for example.

One thing to be aware of is that if you register through Babylist.com, your friends and family could be redirected to make a purchase from Amazon. But when they do this, you won’t get the 365-day return period that Amazon offers if you register directly through them. Fair warning.



8. Get 20% off diapers for a year if you get $500 worth of products from your Amazon registry.

Sure, you can’t control how much money other people want to spend on you and your baby. But, you can direct your own baby spending toward your registry as a strategy for items you didn’t receive. Put anything you want to buy on your registry (baby and non-baby items) and then purchase through the registry in order to reach that $500+ threshold. (And why wouldn’t you? You get 15% off select items!)

If you do this, Amazon will automatically apply a 20% discount to all your diaper orders for the first year (or until you spend $300 in diapers, whichever comes first).

Keep these things in mind:

  • Be aware that returns might make your total dip below the $500 threshold and you’ll lose your diaper discount.
  • If you’re just barely over $500, wait until you’ve used up your diaper discount to make returns. Shout out to that 365-day return period!
  • Again, you can buy more items through your registry to restore the discount if you want to. And remember you can add non-baby items to your registry to meet the threshold, too.
  • Amazon gift cards count toward this $500 threshold! So, if you’re not quite there but you can’t justify spending money on baby items you don’t feel you need, buy yourself Amazon gift cards. You know you’ll spend them on household items and groceries.


9. Stack your 20% diaper discount with a 20% Amazon Family discount for a whopping 40% off diapers.

You can absolutely get almost-half-off diapers doing this little trick!

Just make sure all of your Amazon diaper purchases are done through Amazon Family (Subscribe & Save for baby stuff). When you check out, you’ll get the 20% Amazon Family discount, plus Amazon will still automatically apply the 20% diaper discount you earned from your registry for a grand total of 40% off diapers. That’s just crazy.



10. How do I search by the parent’s name to find a baby registry on Amazon?

If a registry is set to “Private,” you won’t be able to see it. Registries need to be public in order for them to show up while searching this way:

  1. Go to Baby Registry Search.
  2. Enter the registry owner’s information in the search box. Any of these work: Parents’ names, city, state, due date.
  3. Select the registry owner’s name once it populates.

If you have an Amazon baby registry of your own, tap “Other Registries” in the upper right-hand corner to get off the page with your own information and search.

Ready, set, go and register! And if you want to, tell me what you love or hate about Amazon’s baby registry in the comments.

10 Amazon Baby Registry Tips to Get 40% off Diapers for a Year (and More!)