1. Let Paribus get you gift cards every time a package arrives late.

In the past, if your Prime package wasn’t delivered by the date promised at checkout, you just had to contact Amazon and let them know and they’d give you a free month of Prime.

But now you can sign up for Paribus and let them be the go-between so you don’t even have to deal with Amazon! Paribus will notify Amazon when your shipment is late and handle the negotiating process. You can set it and forget it.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


2. Everyone gets a free month of Prime.

Don’t have Prime yet? You’re missing out. Seriously. Check out all the benefits below then see what all the fuss is about yourself with a 30-day free trial.


3. Members save $12 a year on unlimited photo storage.

ATTENTION PRIME MEMBERS: You must download the free Amazon Photo app on your smartphone. Why? Because you and up to 5 people get free, unlimited photo storage.

When you download the app, you don’t have to worry about using up precious phone storage — all your images go straight to the Prime Vault, allowing you to access them anytime and anywhere.

With Prime Photo, you also get 5 GB of cloud space for videos, music, and other files using Amazon Drive. If you didn’t have Amazon Prime, you’d have to pay $12 per year for this awesome service.


4. Access Lightning Deals before anyone else.

As a Prime member, you get VIP treatment when it comes to deals. Gain access to Lightning Deals (heavily discounted products on sale for a limited time) 30 minutes before everyone else. And since Lightning Deals are only available while supplies last, consider this a huge advantage if you’re looking to save.



5. Earn a 2% reward when you reload a gift card.

The first time you reload a $100 Amazon gift card using your checking account, you get an extra $5 credit. Every reload after that, you’ll earn 2% based on the amount you reload. Keep reloading the same gift card, and use it to make purchases for a continuous discount!


6. Save up to $120 a year with Amazon Music.

Ad-free, on-demand music is all yours when you have a Prime account. You can also skip as many songs as you’d like, play music offline, and create your own playlists. For similar ad-free music service, expect to pay $9.99 a month on Spotify.



7. Buy a CD or vinyl album and get the MP3 version for free.

If you’re a collector of CDs or vinyls, it may be worth purchasing them on Amazon.

When you use your Prime account to buy select physical albums, you get access to AutoRip, an exclusive perk that gives you the MP3 version of the record you just bought. Listen to the MP3 version of your favorite albums via Prime Music — anywhere, anytime.


8. Get boxes filled with the best free samples.

Who doesn’t love free samples?! With Prime, you get access to a variety of Amazon Sample Boxes, like the nutrition box pictured above. You do have to pay an initial fee that ranges from $5 to $15, though — BUT Amazon will then credit your account with the amount you paid that can be used toward a future purchase.


9. Read as many books and magazines as you want for free.

Prime members have access to best-selling publications like People, Time, National Geographic, and Rolling Stone. As a Prime member, you also get to read books like The Lord of the Rings, Life of Pi, Harry Potter, and 1984 all for free.

Best part? You don’t even need a Kindle to take advantage of Prime Reading. Read from any device.


10. Reorder household essentials with literally one click.

The days of forgetting to pick up a household essential at the store may be over, friends.

Amazon created Dash so that all Prime members have to do is press a button to place an order. Dash Buttons are available for a number of things including cleaning supplies, baby and pet products, groceries, and more.

You’ll first have to buy the button for about $5, but with your first press, you’ll receive a discount for the same amount, making the button free with your first order. Like all other Prime orders, you’ll get free 2-day shipping.


11. Receive and return packages from an Amazon Locker.

There are over 1,800 Amazon Lockers in more than 50 cities. So if you have issues receiving packages at your home, consider using a Locker. There’s no additional fee to use it, and they’re open early and late for your convenience.


12. Earn every time you choose no-rush shipping.

Don’t need your order in 2 days? Choose no-rush shipping at checkout and get it in 5 days instead. You’ll be rewarded with a credit ($1-$5) that can be used toward eBooks, digital movies, apps, music, games, and Prime Pantry.

To earn more credits faster, split up an order that has more than one item and choose no-rush shipping for each product.


13. Get a box of groceries shipped to you for one flat fee.

Don’t feel like going to the grocery store this week? Order regular-sized products from Prime Pantry where you only have to pay $7.99 for shipping — no matter how heavy or full your box of groceries is.

Or, Prime members can pay a $4.99 Prime Pantry membership fee per month to get free shipping on all orders over $40.

There are coupons and deals every week to help you save even more.


14. Receive same-day and one-day shipping 7 days a week.

Prime members get same-day and one-day shipping in select areas, which means if you order something in the morning, expect its arrival by 9 PM the same day. Order after noon? Get your package the next day.

See if your area gets this incredible, new perk here.


15. Pay for expedited shipping on one item and it’s likely you’ll receive express delivery on everything else.

Ever notice that multiple items you order from Amazon will ship in the same box — despite ordering them in separate transactions?

If you need an item shipped ASAP, order it with expressed shipping then use your free Prime 2-day shipping on anything else you need. It’s likely that you’ll get one expedited package with not just your priority item, but everything else you ordered with regular Prime shipping.


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16. Get free 2-hour delivery on pretty much everything with Prime Now.


Prime Now, available in select major US cities, is a 2-hour delivery service available for Prime members. You can pretty much get anything from ice cream and Chinese takeout from a local hotspot, to vacuums delivered to your door for free.

Check out my review, Amazon Prime Now: Get Free 2-Hour Delivery on Pretty Much Everything.



17. Save 15% on groceries and never run out of what you need with Subscribe & Save.

Let Amazon help you remember to buy the things you and your family regularly need with Subscribe & Save.

Automatically save 5% when you subscribe to an item. Even better, when you subscribe to 5 or more products, you’ll get 15% off. Set your own delivery frequency and easily cancel or skip deliveries if you need to (you’ll receive an email reminder before each subscription is sent out). You can even clip instant coupons that can be stacked with the 5% or 15% discount.

Not sure what products to subscribe to? Start with these deals that rival Walmart and Target prices!


18. Save 20% on diapers with Amazon Family.

When you order diapers from Amazon Family (formally Amazon Mom), you’ll save 20% on diaper subscriptions. Diaper subscriptions can be cancelled and returned for free anytime.

Create a profile for your child for even more savings and recommendations.


19. College students get six months of Prime for free.

All you need is a valid .edu email address and proof that you’re taking at least one class to sign up for Prime Student. After your free 6 months, you receive a 50% discount for your membership — so only $49 a year!

And if you go to one of these colleges (more are being added each year), you also get access to an Amazon Pick-Up location — super useful for picking up shipments and ordering stuff you need without the worry of losing a package.


20. Get first dibs on new releases.

No more waiting in long lines on release day. When you pre-order eligible items on Amazon for Release-Day Delivery, you’re guaranteed to receive your game, book, music, or product on the promised date.


21. Know exactly where your package is without going online.

Anxious about receiving an Amazon order? Stop signing in to your account every hour for an update, and opt to receive Amazon text alerts instead. Texts are sent between 7 AM – 8 PM PST.


22. Watch all the best movies and shows — on or offline.

Get select premium-channel TV series as well as award-winning movies all for free with Amazon Video. You can even download select content to your device and watch them on the go without an Internet connection as well as set up parental controls.

AND, if you’re like me and forget to return RedBox movies after a day, consider renting (or buying) new releases through Amazon Video. The cheapest 7-day rentals are only $2!


23. Replace your cable service easily by using a Fire Stick.

I stopped paying for traditional cable years ago. Now I just use my Amazon Fire Stick to access my Netflix account, Prime Video, and HBO Now subscription. With Fire Stick, you can download your favorite news and network apps as well as YouTube, Disney, and thousands of other game and music apps.

Oh, and it’s less than $40!


24. Save 20% on newly released video games.

Gamers, rejoice! You now get 20% off new-release video games during pre-order and through the first two weeks of a game’s release. With Twitch Prime, you get free games; ad-free viewing; and a free, new Twitch channel every 30 days.

Make sure to link your Twitch account with your Prime account to unlock these benefits.



25. Reuse an Amazon box to send donations.

Fill up your old Amazon boxes with items you’d like to donate (no electronics), and go to GiveBackBox.com to print a shipping label. Then just drop your box off at any USPS or UPS location.

Amazon and other retailers have partnered with GiveBackBox.com. Get more details here.


26. Donate to charity without even thinking about it.

If you frequently buy off Amazon, you’ve gotta start using this free service. Instead of heading straight to the normal Amazon homepage, go to Smile.Amazon.com and make your purchase there. Once you select a charity (there are nearly a million to choose from), 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated to that cause.


27. Use Wish List to track prices.

Of course Amazon wants you to buy the items saved to your Wish List. So, to entice you, they’ll monitor the price of any items added and will send you an email if the price drops.


28. Get your own personal price-comparison assistant.

When you install Amazon Assistant in your Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer browser, you get help making smart buying decisions from Amazon.

Amazon Assistant will give you product and price comparisons automatically as well as order updates and more. Plus, it’s completely free — for both Prime and regular Amazon customers.


29. Save $60 on a subscription to The Washington Post.

Since Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, also owns The Washington Post, all Prime members get a free 6-month digital subscription. Non-members must pay $9.99 a month for the same access.


30. Save at least $180 a year on audio books.

Audiobook subscriptions can be pricey, ranging from $14.95 per month (Amazon Audible) to $22 a month (AudioQueue). But since you have Prime, you get free Audible Channels, giving you unlimited listening pleasure to a selection of about 50 rotating books, news, comedy shows, talks, and more.

Download the free Audible app to start listening.


31. Get 5% off every. single. purchase. with the Amazon credit card.

There’s no annual fee, you get 5% back on Amazon purchases; 2% back on restaurant, gas, and drugstore purchases; and 1% back on everything else when you use the new Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.

Another awesome perk? A $70 Amazon gift card as soon as you’re approved.


Ready to join Prime? Get started here!


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