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Amazon Warehouse might just be the e-commerce site’s least talked about service, so I decided to try it out — and write this guide to help you make the most of Amazon Warehouse deals, too.

Amazon Warehouse is a virtual warehouse that sells discounted, like-new, open-box, and used items in all categories — from TVs to toiletries and kitchenware to baby stuff — from actual, physical Amazon Warehouses as opposed to third-party sellers. Just like how shopping at a big ugly warehouse isn’t as relaxing as a well-lit retail store with pretty displays, Amazon Warehouse feels messier than the usual Amazon experience. But it’s also where you’ll find some really good deals.

Here is your guide to finding the Amazon Warehouse deals.

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1. Save about 50% on regular prices with Amazon Warehouse.

Products from Amazon Warehouse with an amazon box.

To try out Amazon Warehouse for the first time, I ordered two very different items: a hand lemon squeezer and one small retinol serum for my face.

Here’s how the prices (through Amazon Warehouse vs. regular Amazon) broke down:

One Yellow Manual Juicer Citrus Lemon Squeezer from Y-me:

  • $7.21 from Amazon Warehouse
  • $14.99 brand new from Amazon

One 1-ounce bottle of Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Serum:

  • $8.48 from Amazon Warehouse
  • $15.65 from Amazon

In both cases, the savings were around 50% on the original price. The lemon squeezer came within a couple days, while the Neutrogena Serum was delayed and took a full week. If it wasn’t for the Amazon Warehouse sticker, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between a Warehouse order and a typical Amazon order.


2. Always double-check that you’re still in the Warehouse.

A screenshot of an Amazon echo dot sold on Amazon Warehouse.

When searching for specific items, I found that I repeatedly had to reselect “Amazon Warehouse” from the menu dropdown, because it would default back to regular Amazon items and prices.

You can also find Amazon Warehouse items by selecting that blue “used offers” button/link that’s easy to ignore on the right-hand side of product pages.


3. Act fast on Amazon Warehouse goods, because quantities are limited.

Screenshot of a manual juicer sold on Amazon Warehouse with a red box around the line reading "Only 1 left in stock - order soon

When I first looked at the lemon squeezer on a Monday night, there were two left. The next morning, there was only one, and I snagged it. It’s been unavailable ever since.

That’s because Amazon Warehouse inventory is totally dependent on what is being sent to the warehouse from Amazon sellers.

All that to say: Act fast if you see a great Amazon Warehouse deal that you really want.


4. Watch for 20% off sales around Prime Day, Black Friday and Earth Day.

Just look for “Save 20% at checkout” in green on the product page of qualifying items. The discount will automatically apply at checkout. I see these sales most often around Amazon Prime Day (typically in July), Black Friday (November) and around Earth Day (third week in April).


5. Read the reviews for Amazon Warehouse, the seller, to get the scoop.

A screenshot of amazon warehouse reviews page.


I don’t need to say this to a fellow self-respecting and obsessive user of Amazon, as we always read the product reviews, amiright? But, what’s weird is that it’s almost impossible to tell whether a review is for an Amazon Warehouse product or a “regular” product (i.e. brand new from Amazon) because the reviews are all lumped together. So what do you do?

Read reviews of Amazon Warehouse — as in, Amazon Warehouse the seller. Currently, they have 78% positive reviews over the last 12 months. Not bad. Most common complaints I saw? Receiving broken or, as several reviewers mentioned, receiving a partially used product! Yes, really — take this deodorant for example.

Reading the seller reviews will help you find which products are definitely worth buying through Amazon Warehouse — and which ones aren’t.



6. Proceed with caution when purchasing makeup, skin care, and toiletries, as they could be used.

A woman putting a neutrogena product on her finger.

Despite Amazon’s five conditions rating warehouse items, ordering personal items from Amazon Warehouse can feel a little bit like a gamble.

In the case of the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Serum, I got lucky — it appeared totally brand-new and unused. But I took a risk to see what would happen, because, as I mentioned in my last tip, I read in the reviews that’s not the case with all Amazon Warehouse beauty and personal items.

Sure, ordering beauty items from Amazon Warehouse can certainly save you cash, but do you really want to put on a face cream that was opened and (potentially) had someone else’s fingers in it? Or a deodorant that touched someone else’s armpit? If having untouched merchandise is important to you — maybe you should skip ordering these kinds of products on Amazon Warehouse.


7. Amazon inspects and rates every Warehouse product according to five “conditions.”

A neutrogena product with an "inspected" bag and sticker from Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon Warehouse has five different conditions to rate the shape an item is in listed on the right-hand side of the product page. Here they are:

  • Renewed. The item works and looks like new, and includes any original accessories. Will most likely come in its original packaging.
  • Like New. Item works great, but might not have all of its original protective wrapping or packaging. Comes with all accessories.
  • Very Good. Still in good working condition, but may shows signs of wear — like scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. May come with damaged packaging and could be missing some accessories. Missing accessories are clearly defined for each item.
  • Good. Visible wear, but the product is in good working condition. It could arrive in damaged packaging and have some missing parts, instructions, or accessories.
  • Acceptable. An acceptable Amazon Warehouse item is visibly worn — including scratches, worn corners, or dents — but can still function properly. It may also be missing multiple parts, assembly tools, and/or instruction manuals.


8. Electronics are the best bang for your buck.

An amazon echo from Amazon Warehouse.

If you can get over any fear about having refurbished, used, or open-box electronics, you’ll save big. (See below about the Amazon Warehouse return policy.) Much of Amazon Warehouse’s inventory is made up of unlocked cell phones, TVs, digital cameras, and lots of Amazon devices like Echo Dots, Fire tablets, Alexa accessories, and more. If you want a great deal, this is a way safer place to buy used electronics than your local seller on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Here are some examples of big savings for the same product. Every Amazon Warehouse item below was listed in the condition “Very Good” or higher.

Amazon electronics comparing prices to Amazon Warehouse.


9. Most Amazon Warehouse items qualify for free two-day or no-rush shipping.

Amazon boxes at a front door.

All Amazon Warehouse goods are Prime eligible, so you get free shipping if you’re a member. Non-Prime members only need to spend $20 to get free shipping.

10. You can get 90-day returns with “renewed” condition items…

Amazon’s standard 30-day return policy applies to all Amazon Warehouse purchases — but any product that falls into the “Renewed” condition category — the highest of Amazon Warehouse quality — has a total of 90 days to be returned to Amazon for a full refund. That’s because it falls under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. To return a Renewed item, follow these steps:

  • Talk to an Amazon associate by calling (800)362-5703.
  • Or, on your “My Orders” page, click “Get Product Support” and follow the prompts.

PRO TIP: Unlike regular Amazon purchases, you can’t request a replacement for a broken or unsatisfactory item — only a return and refund.


11. …But you don’t get the manufacturer’s warranty with Amazon Warehouse products.

Amazon graphic showing no warranty for amazon warehouse products.

Amazon Warehouse products don’t come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Womp.

Your Guide to Finding the Best Amazon Warehouse Deals