The Amazon Shopper Panel is a voluntary program the company says will “help brands offer better products and make ads more relevant on Amazon.”

Basically, Amazon is realllllly interested in what you’re buying from other retailers, so they’re willing to pay you for your receipts.

Want to make a little bank? Here’s what you need to know:


Shoppers earn $10 per month by submitting 10 receipts.

Using the Amazon Shopper Panel app (iOS / Android), you’ll need to submit at least 10 receipts for purchases you’ve made within the past 30 days.

In return, Amazon credits your account with $10 each month.

You can submit receipts by taking photos of them using the app, or by forwarding email receipts to



Just about any non-Amazon receipt works.

For real. Valid receipts include purchases from grocery stores, drugstores, department stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and theme parks.

Receipts from outside the U.S. and from Whole Foods Market, AmazonGo, Amazon Four Star, and Amazon Books aren’t eligible.


Earn additional credits by filling out Amazon’s surveys.

Each month, Amazon will give you the opportunity to answer questions about various brands, products, or ads. In return, you can earn additional Amazon credits.

Surveys are totally optional, and as a participant, you can see how much each survey earns you.



The Amazon Shopper Panel is invite-only, but you can easily join the waitlist.

If you’ve been invited to the Amazon Shopper Panel, you would have received an email.

But even if you didn’t get the official invite, you can sign up for the waitlist by downloading the Amazon Shopper Panel app and logging in with your Amazon account info.

And if you want to leave the Panel, just stop using the app. Learn more at

Amazon Shopper Panel Wants to Give You an Extra $10 per Month